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=============Opening 6=======Coliseum

TARO: Mama.

HANAKO: I'm home, Papa.

PAPA: Welcome home, Taro, Hanako. I'm glad you are safe.... Thank you, Adel. We owe you one.

ADEL: It wasn't just me. Everyone's power made it possible.

MAMA: Aye? Everyone's power is it..... It is nice to see you have such good companions.

ADEL: So-so they are!

TINK: No need to be shy.(?) Are my heart and body finally one?

MAMA: Hohohoho. I am just glad that our food won't be wasted.

HANAKO: Hey, Big Bro. Hanako will make you something to say thanks.

TARO: I-I'll make something for the princess.

ROSALIND: Mmm. I would enjoy that. My stomach is rumbling.

PAPA: .....Miss Rosalind. Thank you for helping the children. My heart is full of gratitude I can't put into words.

ROSALIND: U, Umm, there's no need to worry. I simply did the right thing.

MAMA: Today, please take it easy. Think of this as your home.

ROSALIND: I, I understand. Family is.... such a warm feeling.


ADEL: Well.... How are we going to go about searching for Zenon's address?

HANAKO: Go on TV and make an appeal? "Papa, where are you?" like that.

ROSALIND: Not that. That is the medium that idiot is using to try and server my relationship to Father. Father is worried about my well-being, he wants to know I still exist in this world.

TARO: Oh? Princess, no Tink?

HANAKO: Is he still sleeping? That Frog always enters hibernation after a battle.

???: Err, hi.

ADEL: Eh? W-who are you?

YUKIMARU: I am called "Yukimaru" Pardon my bad manners, but would you happen to know how to get to the Coliseum?

ADEL: Coliseum....? I've haven't heard of it.

HANAKO: Hey, Taro. Isn't the Coliseum that thing they were building over there?

TARO: Uh, I think so. It has to be that thing.

YUKIMARU: OOoh, do you really know where that place is, child? I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

HANAKO: Sure. I think the code for it at the gateway is "GZ256."

YUKIMARU: Mhmm Mhmm. Gate Number GZ256. ....I'll remember that. Wow, you have saved me. I will never forget this honorable favor for as long as I shall live.

ADEL: Hey? I'd like to know what the important matter is.

YUKIMARU: Of course. At this time the Fighting club that Overlord Zenon sponsors is meeting.

ADEL: Zenon is sponsoring a tournament!?

YUKIMARU: That's right. H-h-h-h-how I'd like to be the victor of the first tournament!! The prize is an audience with Overlord Zenon.

ADEL: An audience with Zenon!!?

ROSALIND: Is this true!?

YUKIMARU: The strongest in the cosmos are looking for the legendary Overlord Zenon who is rumored to be nearby, it's a rare opportunity.

ADEL: ...This is the opportunity I've been waiting for, coming out of the blue like this don't you think it's too good to be true?

HANAKO: Do you have to be a member? I want to get this ball rolling.

ROSALIND: So, will you be participating in the fighting tournament?

YUKIMARU: Of course. I am fighting as a ninja in order to carry out my mission.

HANAKO: So "To Be/Gozaru" what is your ninja mission?

YUKIMARU: It is the most important matter in the heart of a ninja. Especially such a luke warm ninja like me, who normally takes her dedication as the highest priority. Therefore, it is what it is.

TARO: That is how I heard ninja were. Maybe I can someday gain a better understanding through.

YUKIMARU: Yes? You....

ROSALIND: W-what? Is it something about my face?

YUKIMARU: Your pupils glow with the light of the snow.... Surely you are related to the snow people....? No, however, as for survivors of the snow people....

ROSALIND: What is that? Should I know of the group you are speaking about?

YUKIMARU: Hummmm, is that so? The sparkling of that pupil could only have come from the snow people....

ROSALIND: Perhaps my mother could be a member of this ethnic group.

YUKIMARU: So she must be. Now we may share the deep bond that can only exist between members of the same clan. When I successfully complete my mission I would like to talk all night to you about it. At any rate, this is it for me. Farewell!!

ADEL: ....She's different.

TARO: Hey, Brother? What should we do now?

ADEL: ....We are going to fight in the Tournament!!

ROSALIND: What good judgment. This is the only way we know of that we can meet Father, it is not an opportunity we should pass up.

TINK: Excuse me for being late, I was doing my morning shampoo.

HANAKO: Morning shampoo... You mean washing your head?

TINK: No, it's just a habit I haven't lost from my former days. Ahaha.


TARO: Oh? What happened? The last time I came here it looked entirely different.

ROSALIND: It is father's magic which also built his castle in only one night. There is no cause to be surprised.

ADEL: However, there must be some reason why he's running this tournament.... It's kind of weird.

ROSALIND: The motives of an overlord are beyond the understanding of an ordinary person. Thinking about it is useless.

HANAKO: Or in other words, he was just being capricious.

ETNA: Hey, so you guys are participating too.

ADEL: Y-you...! Ashura Etna!!

TARO: This person is Ashura Etna? Really?

HANAKO: It's a lie. Big Bro, this is the person who beat you up?

ETNA: Didn't expect to meet here. Strange little twist of fate, wouldn't you say?

ROSALIND: Heh. It is more than fate. I have yet to forget the events of that day.

ETNA: Eh, seriously? You are the type to hold a magnificent grudge? That time was that time. Since the reason why we fought was settled, let's let it be water under the bridge. (Cut Salary bit)

ADEL: Selfish chick. ....So, are you entering? There isn't any way you're really going to be fighting in the tournament, is there?

ETNA: Ahahahaa. You joke. I just showed up to find out what was really going on down here, then heard about the tournament.

ADEL: Well then, are you entering?

ETNA: The prinnies are participating in the championship. Then when we make Zenon's acquaintance, I'll kill him. Isn't it the perfect plan?

PRINNY SQUAD: Best regards, dood. First of all, make sure to do your best, dood.

ADEL: That's some plan you got there.... That guy doesn't seem very reliable.

ETNA: Think what you want. Wasn't this one of the guys who kicked your butt before?

ROSALIND: A-airhead! Do you think you can defeat me when I know your intentions are to hurt Father!?

ETNA: Well, well, it's all a matter of give and take, yes?

ADEL: "Yes?" Wicked mind....

ETNA: It is. I got it, see ya around.

ADEL: ....Let's get in line.

ROSALIND: I suddenly got an unsettling premonition....

AKUTARE: Welcome to the Coliseum!!

ADEL: Akutare!? What are you up to?

AKUTARE: Hmhmm. I'm the master of ceremonies and referee of this tournament! In other words, I'm the god of this coliseum!!

ROSALIND: Wh-what!?

AKUTARE: Overlord Zenon personally insisted that the super famous Dark Hero Akutare be the master of ceremonies. Ah, the pains of being popular.

ADEL: Overlord Zenon personally asked? ....You big liar.

DIRECTOR: He truly did hire him! Of course, he had to prostrate himself and beg for the job to one of Overlord Zenon's subordinants. Ever since the rumor of his death was broadcast, he's been desperate to appear on television.

AKUTARE: Daaaaargh! Y-you blabbed, Director! Now it's out for the rest of the world to see, how could you shatter the dreams of the children!?

ADEL: No, no one held that dream but you...

AKUTARE: What!? Do you think you can talk trash about me in this Coliseum and still stand a chance!? If that's the case, let's get this started! Round One Starts now!!

ADEL: Wh-what!? There's no point in debating about round 1 starting now!?

AKUTARE: Hahahahaa! You said it! In this Coliseum I am GOD!

TARO: I-it can't be helped, Brother?

ADEL: Hmph...., there are too many formalities for my tastes! Unless someone says otherwises, I'm banking on my power for victory!!

ROSALIND: You must be happy, right? After all, you are such a battle junkie.

ADEL: R-ridiculous! It's all because of my promise to protect you!

ROSALIND: Meh, that's what your mouth says. I expect to see you prove your promise beautifully.

HANAKO: Big bro. I see our opponents for round 1.

AKUTARE: Allow me to introduce your opponents for round 1! They call themselves the "Invincible Hero Party!"

HANAKO: Hey, invisible. Smells like a lie.

TINK: Are these brave heroes from another world who have come to defeat Lord Zenon?

MUTEKI: Exactly! We, the Invincible Hero Party have come to reduce the influence of Overlord Zenon!! Look! My invincible equipment makes me perfect!! Invincible sword, invicible armor, invincible shoes! How can I not be invincible!?

ADEL: Well, if you say so....

TINK: They are very powerful opponents. Mr. Adel, do you intend to fight them?

ADEL: Maybe he is invincible, maybe he is a hero, but it's no matter. Fair and square, I'll crush'im.

TARO: Brother, you didn't tell us your strategy.

ADEL: A frontal assault is a nice strategy. Don't worry. Leave it to me.

ROSALIND: Hmph, Battle junkie. I would like to see the look on your parents' faces.


ADEL: Seeing as you profess yourselves to be the Invincible Hero Group, I was expecting more from you....

ROSALIND: Indeed. Your invincible equipment did not serve its purpose.

MUTEKI: Hehehe....! Somehow or another you have misunderstood me?

ADEL: How so....!?

MUTEKI: To tell you the truth the fight with you was the debut battle of the Invincible Hero Squad!!

ADEL: Huh!?

ROSALIND: ....That explains it. Having never fought a match before, it makes it an empty invincibility.

ADEL: How lame.... It was simply a bluff.

MUTEKI: We won't forget you! You will go down in history as the only people to ever defeat the Invincible Hero Group!

ADEL: Stop. You are annoying. Never could I have imagined that the tournament would have people like that in it. What's up with that?

MASKED MAN: ....Lord Zenon. The first tournament at the Coliseum is being held without delay....

ZENON: Mhmm....

MASKED MAN: ....The personnel of the ashura have won the first match they participated in....

ZENON: I see...

MASKED MAN: ...Moreover Lord Zenon's life is the aim of another disturbing clique.

ZENON: I am fond of that..... Those guys are destined to die.

MASKED MAN: ....As Lord Zenon orders....

ZENON: Hmmhmmhmm....! Fwahahahahahahaa!!

AKUTARE: Here is the waiting room for the tournament participants. Because you can't go home until the tournament is over, make yourself cozy!! Don't worry about it, we've got a hospital, store and entrance into the Dark A ssembly! When you are ready to fight, talk to the gatekeeper! Well, that's it!


AKUTARE: Hmhmhmm, come! It seems like you'll be at a disadvantage this round as I give you a battle of wits!! Dedicating 10,000 years to the study of geopanels, I give you Geo Gramps!!

GEO GRANDPA: Foofoofoo.... Well, young man. Do you think you can clear this difficult geopanel map skillfully?

TARO: Uwaah. Is it that hard?

TINK: So it seems you figured out Mr. Adel is weak in brainteasers.

HANAKO: I hate puzzles. How are we supposed to clear it?

GEO GRANDPA: Foofoofoo..... I spent 10,000 years mastering geopanel techniques in the "Divine Spiral Tower." Is this a bit too hard for you whippersnappers?

ADEL: Hmph.... It looks easy enough. Just destroying that red geo symbol over there will cause a chain reaction.. The chain reaction shouldn't make it too hard to clear the board.

GEO GRANDPA: Whaaaat!? You think you see through it already!? Just try it....!

ROSALIND: Hohou....? I am surprised that you aren't just foolhardily rushing in given your battle mania, Adel.

ADEL: You misundertand. I just dislike tricks and mean old men. I feel compelled to solve them quickly. Let's see who's weak at brainteasers.

5-2 ed----------------

ADEL: How was that? We cleared it, Gramps.

GEO GRANDPA: Foofoofoo..... Marvelous, whippersnapper. You cleared the geopanels I laid out elegantly..... You are as talented as that youngerster, Fubuki, who freeloads in the Heavenly Spiral Tower.

ADEL: Fubuki....? Who is that?

GEO GRANDPA: Um! Seeing how you fight has given me an idea. As an expression of gratitude, take this.

(Obtained the item "Panecea"!!)

ADEL: What's this...?

GEO GRANDPA: This medicine is made from a dilluted version of the Divine Spiral Tower's treasured panacea. It's very effective.

ROSALIND: Hoho, panacea. I should hold on it for a critical moment.

ADEL: Wh-why should you keep it?

ROSALIND: Given that you suffer from Battle Mania, you would likely just end up squandering it.

ADEL: Hmph.... selfish girl. What makes you think you won't waste it?

GEO GRANDPA: Young man, it was fun. Someday you will likely rival me for intellect.... If I live to see that day. Foofoofoo.....

YUKIMARU: Oh my, you already....

TARO: Ah, it's the ninja person. Gozaru girl.

YUKIMARU: I am Yukimaru. Does this me thou are competing in the tournament as well?

ADEL: Aah, yep. Exactly, we have already won two rounds.

YUKIMARU: In that case, congratulations. Does this mean that the children fought as well?

HANAKO: Sure did, Gozaru. Isn't it awesome?

YUKIMARU: It is awesome. I passed rounds 1 and 2 because my opponents were already wounded. I won without having to fight.

ROSALIND: Victory without fighting? It seems you are quite fortunate.

YUKIMARU: Yes, I am very lucky. I do so hate unnecessary battling.

TINK: Ah, ah, Aaaaaahh......!

YUKIMARU: ....Hmm? What has frightened this strange little creature?

TINK: P-princess! This Gozaru Girl! The one who attacked the palace said Gozaru!!

ROSALIND: Watch your tounge.

TINK: I am not making it up! I am in this terrible form because of that girl!!

ADEL: You think? Last time you were absolutely positive it could only have been the work of Ashura Etna, and you were still mistaken.

TINK: Be the bigger man and stop dredging up my past mistakes!! ...Well I'm certain that the clothing is similar, but the face is entirely different! Tehe<3

ADEL: So therefore, it's a different person! Pesky troublemaker!

YUKIMARU: That frog was turned into this form by someone...?

ROSALIND: Hmm. You were transformed by someone dressed like this girl...

YUKIMARU: You were transformed by the technique of a person who resembles me.... it couldn't be...

ADEL: What's the matter? Do you know something?

YUKIMARU: N-no. It is nothing of importance. ....Forgive my rudeness, but my next battle is at hand.


AKUTARE: HmHmhmm! Incorrigible as ever you appear! What kind of terrible opponent awaits that fool, Adel? You're about to find out!!

ADEL: ....Hmph. No matter who my opponent is, I won't run nor hide.

AKUTARE: Is that so!? My investigation into your weaknesses is complete! Prepare for round 3, a match made in Hell!!

ELENOR: Hmhmm... Found you at last, Adel.

ADEL: ELENOR....!? Why are you here!?

ELENOR: Stupid child. Did you think you could escape me?

ROSALIND: Adel, you are acquainted with this woman?

ADEL: ..........

HANAKO: I have never heard the name Elenor before. Who is she, Big Bro?

TARO: She's an old girlfriend.

TINK: Hohou. Mr. Adel, you sly dog you.

ADEL: I-idiot! It's not like that! This chick made me into a misogynist!!

ELENOR: Ara, what harsh remarks. I seem to remember you being the one wooing me.

ADEL: You misunderstood what I said! I couldn't stand it...!

ROSALIND: Just what is your relationship? For some reason you have a bond.

ADEL: ....Our relationship is a private matter!

ROSALIND: Wh-what an attitude! Jerk!!

ELENOR: Today you will not escape, Adel. In accordance with the contract, I'll take your soul.

ADEL: On the contrary! I think I'll end it this time!! I'll pay you back for these scars on my face!!

5-3 ed----------------

ELENOR: Ack....! You've gotten strong, Adel.

ADEL: I've changed from then! As you see, even you can't beat me!!

ELENOR: So I see... But, what do you intend to do about the contract? Do you know what you want to occur? You sold your soul to me, I can explain what that means...

ADEL: ....Okay, I'd really like to know where you got that idea. Selling my soul to a demon is against my style.

ELENOR: ....Hmph, it's not use. But, when you are ready to know, come visit Elenor. Until then the contract will be put on hold indefinitely.....

ROSALIND: Adel.... Don't you want to know the terms of the contract?

ADEL: ...I said don't speak of our relationship.

ROSALIND: Muh, guh.....! You selfish jerk! I don't know you anymore!!

ADEL: ....After all this time, they should know how I am....


ADEL: So our opponents for the 4th round are you guys....

ROSALIND: I can't see Ashura Etna, but I'm sure she is watching you guys.

PRINNY 1: Quiet, dood. Mistress Etna would like to keep her presense on the down low, dood. She's a silent sponsor, dood. If they found out we cheated, our victory might be cancelled, dood.

ROSALIND: Cheating? What did you do?

ADEL: I refuse to lose, what does it matter?

PRINNY 1: Whaaaaaaat, dood!? That story is different, dood!!

ROSALIND: You are all idiots for thinking that I would sit back and do nothing as you plot to oppose Father.

ADEL: First, real men don't cheat. A fair and square bout, that's my style.

PRINNY 1: E-extremely fair, dood.... If we don't win the championship, Mistress Etna will punish us, dood. Yes! We'll just have to win by merit, dood!! Everyone! Now let's use the formation we've been practicing in secret, dood! Yes! Bowling match, dood!!

ADEL: Bowling.... I see I can defeat you by throwing you into the gutter.

PRINNY: Huh!? Are you serious!?

ROSALIND: Your foolishness runs deep. You pathetic creatures.... At least you will find relief in death.... prepare yourselves!!

6-4 ed----------------

PRINNY: H-horrible, dood! Mistress Etna'll punish us, dood! We'll go hide ourselves in the secret base, dood! You guys better go hide yourselves too before Etna comes and punishes you, dood!!

AKUTARE: Tch.... You remain undefeated. You're one stubborn guy.

ADEL: Heh.... I'm not going to lose to make you happy. Winning is just in my nature.

AKUTARE: Hmm, today's competition ends with this, but tomorrow even more fearsome competitors await. They'll leave you an unslightly mass hunched over in tears. You should run back home now and spare yourself.

ADEL: Excessive worrying is pointless. We're winning the championship!!

TINK: Well now. It was good that we were able to win our victory safely. It came as a relief to me.

TARO: If we keep it up, we'll easily win the championship, Princess.

HANAKO: I can see Akutare crying in frustration now.

YUKIMARU: .............

ADEL: Oh? How was yours? Another win by default?

YUKIMARU: Um.... An acquaintance?

HANAKO: What's wrong with your voice? Why is it so cold, Gozaru?

YUKIMARU: ....You will withdraw from the battle.

ADEL: Wh-what!?

YUKIMARU: We have our mission. You and the others cannot be allowed to interfere.

TINK: What are you saying? It is still early, you must be half asleep.

YUKIMARU: You there.... Aren't you disgusted with that form?

ROSALIND: What do you mean? What about what you said some time ago?

YUKIMARU: T-this....!? The surge of evil that struck 15 years ago.....!!

ROSALIND: Eh? I beg your pardon? (?)

YUKIMARU: You....!? That hated Overlord's....!?

ADEL: Why are you saying all this? If you're trying to start a quarrel, it's working.

YUKIMARU: .....An unforeseen circumstance. It is here that I shall retreat for now....

ADEL: What came over her....?

6 NEWS----------------

MR BUNNY: It is time for the news.

TINK: JUMP ATTACK IIIIIS!! The Puzzle of the Coliseum Arc deepens!! Get ready for a quiz about New Character Yukimaru!! Usually it's all "Gozaru Gozaru" from polite Yukimaru! However, now it is the daring Yukimaru who appears before Adel and company! What I ask, is that about!?

HANAKO: Yukimaru is really a pair of twins!!

TINK: Bzzzt, too bad! Even though twins would be the bomb, it's something else!!

TARO: Yukimaru has a split personality?

TINK: Bzzzt, incorrect! In a sexy mother in law or a younger non-blood sister we'd welcome a split personality, but it's something different!! As for the answer, please tune in next time! It won't be an answer you'll see coming!

ROSALIND: Dorak Tink Maharak!! Uuugh. You can stop looking at this now. Sorry for the bother.....

PLENAIR: ........

MR BUNNY: ....Eh, ah, are we back? Ah, excuse me. We had a large scale broadcasting accident. We apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the ugly sights and sounds, you, the people at home just witnessed.