Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Episode 5 Translation

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=============Opening 5=======An Awkward Promise

TARO: Waaaaaaaah....!!


AKUTARE: H-how awful...

HANAKO: It's super bad. Straight ahead is "The Demon's Maw." If it swallows up Taro, he's finished. One way or another we've gotta do something.

TINK: Taro was a gentle boy, harmless to man and beast alike. Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen....

ROSALIND: Airhead! Taro is my servant! I will not let him die in such a manner!

ADEL: Whether or not he's your servant, now's the time to act! Let's go!

HANAKO: Wait, Big bro! Hanako is coming!

ADEL: No way! You wait here! There's a chance we might have to go inside the grotto!

HANAKO: Well, all the more reason I should go! Hanako could show how useful she is!

ROSALIND: Hey, Adel! Now is not the time to be arguing! Shouldn't we be acting!?

ADEL: ....I, I know! However, you'll do exactly what I tell you, right, Hanako?

HANAKO: Yes <3

(Hanako joined the party through coersion!)

HANAKO: (Teeheehee. I owe Taro one for drowning, now I've joined Big Bro's party.) (I'm gonna be spending a lot of time with Big Bro<3 I hope you appreciate this, Taro.)

ADEL: What's keeping you, Hanako!?

AKUTARE: I, I didn't want this to happen.... I just....

PAPA: God.... please protect Taro and Hanako.

MAMA: How strange, a demon praying to God. They'll be all right, Adel will protect them.

PAPA: Uh, so it is. Adel will certainly protect them.

MAMA: By the way, have you remembered anything of Adel's birth parents?

PAPA: Uuum. Nope, can't remember a single thing.

MAMA: Is that so. I can remember their faces, but nothing more.....


MASKED MAN: ....Lord Zenon. We are innitating our plans to ambush the ashura mentioned before without delay....

ZENON: Mhmm.... In that case I leave it to you.... The princess has not been found yet...?

MASKED MAN: .....Correct. The Hayami(Scrying eye?) ceremony has been invoked and we are in the midst of searching.... ...However, covert operations are sluggish and we are unable to use our subordinate....

ZENON: Pointless excuses. Quickly you must find the princess.... The flower shines most beautifully in the greenhouse. It should not be subjected to the field....

MASKED MAN: ....As Lord Zenon orders....

ROSALIND: So this is the "Maw of the Demon....." The rumors I heard did no justice to its gorgeous view.

ADEL: Taro is here somewhere.....

TINK: I have a wretched stomach ache, could I go back home? Surely you'd be better off without this incontinent frog tagging along.

HANAKO: Hey, Hey, we should go in quickly. Even if Taro was lucky enough not to drown, he'll probably get eaten by monsters.

ADEL: R-right! Let's head in!!

5-1 ed---------------

ADEL: As was to be expected the Maw of the Demon is a place to be feared. Also the mobs of monsters here are stronger than usual.

ROSALIND: Aren't you delighted? I thought you were the belligerant type, a battle junkie.

ADEL: W-who me!? I only fight for my family!

TINK: Well then, you're a family maniac. With you it is always family this and family that.

HANAKO: Of course. Big brother wants to fight the Overlord so he can return us to humans. Usually he wouldn't do this.

ROSALIND: Hmhmhm. For this reason Hanako is proud of her older brother. (Family.... Are Father and I truly family? I hope so.) (I should be punished for thinking such things! I have been raised with great care up unto this point, and it was under Father's direction!) (To think I doubted him...! Father.... please forgive me....)


DIRECTOR: Let's go, Akutare-babe. We've got to go edit the latest recording disaster. We have to go about showing all the Netherworlds that you have lived. Don't give up and do your best.

AKUTARE: ....... ...What should I do? What would the Dark Hero do?

DIRECTOR: Akutare-babe.

AKUTARE: A cowardly staged fight was my intention.... That was how I was going to appeal to the audience at home that I lived. But I never intended to hurt that little kid....!

DIRECTOR: So you are saying that you didn't take them hostage.

AKUTARE: It's not like that at all! In any case, I'm going!!

DIRECTOR: G-going? Why are you going there?

AKUTARE: Because I am me! If I don't go, I wouldn't be!! Hey, Taxi!!

ADEL: Umm....!?

HANAKO: What is it, big bro?

ADEL: I just suddenly had a strange chill run down my spine. Like a bad omen....

5-2 ed----------------

MASKED WOMAN: ..........

ADEL: W-who are you...? The enemies' reenforcement!?

MASKED WOMAN: ....There is no need to be afraid....

ADEL: What do you mean....!?

MASKED WOMAN: .....Princess. We were searching for you.....

ROSALIND: Mmm? Are you one of Father's subordinants?

MASKED WOMAN: .....Lord Zenon's orders. Please return to the mansion....

ROSALIND: If I knew where the mansion was, I would have returned there long ago. However, now I have no intention of returning to the mansion. You may guide me to Father, though.

MASKED WOMAN: ....That is impossible. Lord Zenon has ordered that we bring the princess back to the mansion....

ROSALIND: Wha....? What's that....!? What are you saying now!? Father does not want to meet me!? This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!! Father loves me! You are lying...!

MASKED WOMAN: .........

ROSALIND: Father has.... Father has no desire to meet with me?

MASKED WOMAN: ....If he had the desire to meet you, then he would have done so in the past....

ROSALIND: Why....? Why doesn't Father want to meet with me....?

ADEL: Hmph.... And you're stuck depending on such a person. He can't even face a meeting, after you take the trouble to seek him out.

ROSALIND: Adel....

ADEL: Didn't I promise to escort you back to your Father's place?

ROSALIND: Back up your resolve, Fool! It is bad enough that it has taken you this long already!!

ADEL: W-what are you getting angry about?

MASKED WOMAN: ...Is this the human who has summoned the princess? Why continue to be a hindrance when all that comes of it is harm?

ADEL: Hey... you said it. You are causing a huge disturbance. I've got to go save the life of my little brother. Until my little brother is found, nothing you say could make me turn back.

MASKED WOMAN: ....Even if it costs you your life....?

ADEL: Even if it costs me my life!!

MASKED WOMAN: ...The recklessness of youth.... ....Nevertheless, it has been a long time since this soul has been touched by human emotions.... ....I hope it turns out well. I will overlook you in this place, but I do hope you and the princess are prepared for what lay ahead.

ROSALIND: F-for real...? You aren't going to return me to the mansion?

MASKED WOMAN: ...I did not meet anyone. There isn't anything more to say....

ROSALIND: I'm not done yet. I have to save the life of a very important person. Pardon me.

MASKED WOMAN: ....Princess, an atrocious monster live here.... ...If you run across it, I hope this will help you on your errand....

ADEL: A flute....?

MASKED WOMAN: ....It is a demon flute used by summoners. It works on demons of low intelligence.....

ADEL: You're a follower of Zenon? Why are you helping us....?

MASKED WOMAN: ....I do not understand myself. Simply just that I should....

ROSALIND: Father is searching for me.... However, he doesn't want to meet me. Is there a reason...?

ADEL: So... if it's true what that lady said, did you give up the chance to meet your father? For Taro's sake.....

ROSALIND: W-what are you saying! Right now Taro is the most serious matter!! He takes precendent over all other things!! Wait for me, Taro! I will surely rescue you!!

TINK: Aah, Aah. Don't overdo it. That would be a terrible shock, I expect.

HANAKO: Rosalin is an obstinant person. How cute<3

ADEL: That girl......


AKUTARE: Eeeh.... That was dangerous, Kid. By the time I spotted you from the taxi you were almost a goner.

TARO: Uh, uuuh.....

AKUTARE: Hey, wake up. If you fall asleep the monster will eat you.

TARO: H-help.....

AKUTARE: ...That was bad, kid, causing such a frightenning scene back there. Look. Here's the taxi bill. When you go home to your parents, remember me.

MONSTER: Gurururuu.....

AKUTARE: W-what was that sound....? Isn't that grumbling a promise of destruction? If I turn around I'm not going to like what I see, am I? Ha, ha, like that.... Waaaaaaaaargggh!? I'm in a big pinch!

TINK: Ahyaaaaaa!! Monsters!!

ADEL: Akutare? What are you doing here?

AKUTARE: I-I'm just passing through! I just so happened to run into these monsters!! Would you believe it, they're my fans! They were uh... very eager to get my autograph!

ROSALIND: In addition to being rabid fans, the look ready to eat you.

HANAKO: Hey, Hey. Didn't you see Taro?

AKUTARE: The kid escaped deeper in! For the time being, he's not dead!!

ADEL: Akutare. You, perhaps....

TINK: Hey, Adel!! Don't you think these are the monsters the woman in the mask spoke of, how will you protect this frog and the others!? Quickly, play the flute, the flute!!

ADEL: G, got'cha!! ....How do you blow into this? I've never played a flute before.

TINK: Bleeech! If that's the case, now's not the time to pretend!! Lend it to the Princess!! Right, Princess!!

ROSALIND: Uh, um. I have never played a flute before, but it's a common instrument and I'm ready to try. One way or another, leave it up to me.

HANAKO: W-whats the matter, Rosalin?

ROSALIND: I-is it proper to use this flute after Adel had his mouth to it....?

HANAKO: Ah, so that's it. Indirect kiss.

ROSALIND: Y-you blow this cursed thing!!


AKUTARE: HmHmhmmm....! You saw the fight where I did splendidly! Such a shame that there weren't any cameras to capture it....

ADEL: ....For some reason the Masked woman said that this would be good against the monsters, I would like to have seen how. However, we got this uneasy partnership.

ROSALIND: I do not think it wise for us to be careless yet. Hesitating is no good for me. It does not rescue Taro.

ADEL: You're extremely enthusiastic.

ROSALIND: Naturally. It is a foolish master who overlooks the crisis of a servant.

AKUTARE: H-hey, Princess? Is that what led you to act on your own free will?

ROSALIND: Eh? Hadn't I just said that a little while ago? Unless you still believe that I'm am a hostage that has been modified.

AKUTARE: However, your companion is plotting to defeat Overlord Zenon, according to the kid, right!? Well, how can you be together then!?

ROSALIND: Ah, As for that....

AKUTARE: Impossible! Could it be you're revolting against your father!? Overlord Zenon's only daughter revolting against her old man! Blood fighting blood, children fighting their parents, oh the humanity!! When you can bring such a thing to the living room, it causes a outrageous uproar!! If I break this story over Netherworld Network, I'll secure my place! Lucky.

ROSALIND: Re-rebellion? Me against Father...? Like that! I-It's different...!!

TINK: No. But, Princess. You see how easily it is for others to take it that way. It is to be expected after you became the companion of one who wants to defeat Overlord Zenon.

ROSALIND: Tink....? Have you felt this way since the beginning?

TINK: That? Perhaps the princess did not realize it? It's rather careless of you.

ROSALIND: You fool! You are supposed to advise your master as part of your servant duties!!

HANAKO: Hey, hey! Have you forgotten about Taro? He's probably already been eaten by those monsters.

ROSALIND: S-so we have! We must focus our attentions on rescuing Taro!

ADEL: If such a thing is true... it's the consequence of my summoning you.

ROSALIND: Say no more! Don't make me think of such things! All that matters now is that we rescue your little brother before he is harmed!

ADEL: I.... I understand!!

AKUTARE: Uuugh...! It troubles me! I can either go on fighting as the Dark Hero, or deliver this story in time for the evening news, which is a fight in and of itself!! Nyaaaaarrrrggghhhh.....!! The Dark Sun with your wisdom, enlighten me! What should I doooooooo!?


TARO: B-brother! Help!

ADEL: Okay! Help is on the way!

TARO: Quickly, Quickly! They're gonna eat me!

ROSALIND: Don't panic, Taro. I have come to rescue you. Won't this make a man out of your Taro? When you have grown up you will make a splendid servant, but you don't think it's appropriate for you to be so frightened, do you?

TARO: Y-yes! Princess!

HANAKO: ....Taro's already converted to a splendid manservant for Rosalin it seems.

TINK: Kyaaaaaaargho!! Is this powerful beast our real opponent!?

ADEL: So this gigas the monster the masked person spoke of. ....It certainly looks tough.

TINK: A monster would be a cute substitute! This one is surely an ashura class!! Now is the time to blow the flute, the flute!! Are we counting on Adel or the Princess or are we leaving it up to Hanako!?

HANAKO: That's impossible! What about you?

TINK: I'll have you know I like to stealthily steal into classrooms and blow the flutes of the young girls!! Is that so wrong!!?

HANAKO: ....You're a sight.

TINK: I can! Anyone can play the flute, but unless the lips of a girl have touched it previously, then I've got no interest!!

ADEL: It looks like we're not gonna be able to use the flute as planned! Ashura class or not, fair and square, I will defeat it!!

ROSALIND: Hmph.... When the chance to fight comes up, you dive right in. To that extent, you must enjoy fighting, correct?

ADEL: S-such a wicked mind....!!

ROSALIND: Flute music....?

HANAKO: Hey? Who's playing it?

TARO: Th-there!!

ADEL: Akutare!?

AKUTARE: Hmhmhmmm.... Surprised? While I'm playing the flute you can talk.

ADEL: No, not surprised, just puzzled. Why are you....?

AKUTARE: Heh.... For the commemoration photo afterwards. I did what I could here. You'll get by somehow. The people at home are waiting for me. Hey Frog, thanks for lending this to me. Someday I'll pay you back 100 times over.

ADEL: That guy, just what are his intentions....?

ROSALIND: Hhmmm. The harder you try to understand, the less you know.

ADEL: ....Whatever. Very cunning of that guy to run off with our flute.

TARO: Hey guys, have you forgotten about my problem? I'd kinda like to be rescued soon....

ADEL: ....So we did! Hold on, Taro!!


TARO: Brother!! Even though you seemed happy to keep me waiting, thanks, brother.

ADEL: Aaah, your safety is top priority. It was bad to keep you wating.

TARO: .......

ROSALIND: Wh-what? What's wrong, Taro?

TARO: Thank you for helping me, Princess. I pledge my life to serving you.

ROSALIND: Taro, you.....

TARO: I'm so excited. The Princess herself really came to help me. I.... I'm.... So happy to be your servant, Princess! I will do my best!

ROSALIND: .....You'll do fine. Taro, I formally recognize you as my servant.

TARO: Th-thank you so much, Princess!

(Taro gained the title of "Rosary's Servant!" "Rosary's Servant "Taro" joined the party!)

HANAKO: Brother, is it okay that Taro became the servant of a demon?

ADEL: ....With that this boy's become a man. When a man makes up a mind other people should think twice before meddling in the decision. Besides, even if she is a demon, I have a hunch that the path of her servant is not an easy one.

HANAKO: Huumm. Big Bro is starting to acknowedge Rosalin. I thought you didn't like demons and women?

ADEL: However, she's a bit different from the other demons I've seen. ....My little brother was rescued safely with your help. ....Thanks for lending me your strength.

ROSALIND: It was my choice. I do not need your gratitude. However, that troublesome Akutare is another matter. I cannot allow him to report that mistaken assertation that I am revolting against Father. I wouldn't want it to actually happen....

ADEL: Sorry, that's my fault. You were summoned in my name, Akutare is aquainted with me and all that other crap.... It's heartbreaking that anyone could think you would revolt against the father your yearn for so deeply....

ROSALIND: Adel... ....H-hold up your head, Adel. I haven't been formally declared a traitor yet. As for matter of Akutare, at any rate, he'll probably ask for an exorbant fee from the TV Station.

ADEL: You... But, I'm not satisfied.

ROSALIND: You promised to return me to my Father's place. If you do this, then there is no problem. So? Can you make that promise?

ADEL: O-of course! I promise at any cost to return you to your Father's place and then set you free!

ROSALIND: Umhmmm. That oath, I've heard you deliver it. If you were to accept the world in its current state and the demons within without a fight, I'm sure father would accept you into the fold. Would you really want to die and leave your family behind? It might not be bad if you tried to become a demon.

ADEL: ....My purpose is to defeat Zenon. However, if you get Zenon to break the curse and restore all the humans of this world, I'd be willing to pardon him.

ROSALIND: Hmph.....

ADEL: Heheh.... It's a promise.

ROSALIND: Indeed. It's a promise. Have you forgotten? You and I are are after all, mutual enemies. We can never escape a state of conflict....


MR BUNNY: It's time for the news. Today at noon an interesting piece of news reached us from our correspondant Mr. Shark in the world of Veldheim. It seems that the Veldheim Collesseum has been opened by Overlord Zenon to host a fight club he sponsors. They may perhaps be our best chance to reveal the true face of Overlord Zenon.

(News Quick Cap: Veldheim Battle Club Opening!)

MR BUNNY: Even if Victory will grant glory, or the chance to face Overlord Zenon, who will have the confidence in their skills to participate? With the opening of the Battle Club, Veldheim is becoming an every hotter spot.

PLENAIR: .........

MR BUNNY: Coming up next is Jump Up Quiz Corner. Will there be an upset? I certainly hope so.

AKUTARE: Noooooooooo!!!!! My big story that was supposed to show I'm still alive wasn't played!!

DIRECTOR: The TV Company...., I'd like to know the reason why they keep ignoring us. After all we did to prove you are still alive, I wonder if we should be worried....?

AKUTARE: I'll do whatever it takes to prove that we're alive! Watch out!! This is the Dark Hero's Goregous Revival play!!