Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Episode 4 Translation

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=============Opening 4======= Akutare's Secret Plan

ADEL: Shit....! How could I be defeated by such a woman....!

PAPA: ....There weren't too many wounds, that's good. You have got to respect an ashura who releases everyone safetly at least.

ADEL: She made me break my promise to protect until the bitter end. She made me a liar. What sympathy.... In me there's no longer power....

TARO: Did big brother lose a fight after all this time? That ashura must be really strong.

HANAKO: Don't stress over it big bro! Next time Hanako will avenge you.

MAMA: There's no need to feel blue. You can just get stronger and prevail next time.

ADEL: But....

MAMA: Adel. Just be honest and be happy that you came back alive. I understand that you are frustrated that you were defeated. Everyone knows how important it is to you since you fight for our family. But, know the most important thing to use is that you return home safely. Please try to understand.

ADEL: .......

MAMA: Just promise me this. No matter what happens, return home alive.

ADEL: W-where'd that come from? Usually you always go on about how I have to beat Zenon as fast as possible....

MAMA: Adel.

ADEL: ....I understand. You have my word as man. I'll obey it absolutely.

ROSALIND: ........

TARO: What's the matter, Princess? Why are you shivering and so quiet? Are you in pain?

ROSALIND: No.... I'm not.

TARO: Princess, you're amazing. You are healing at a much faster rate than everyone else. Just as I expected.

ROSALIND: ........

ROSALIND: Oooh..... Father? Father, is that you....? What's the matter, Father....? What are you doing....!? Please don't punish me, Father....!

ROSALIND: A-a dream....? A terrible dream.... Is it a bad omen....?


ADEL: Well now. From now on how will we do this?

ROSALIND: ....Why aren't you blaming me?

ADEL: Blame you....?

ROSALIND: Stop feigning ignorance! You now know that I haven't met my father! Aren't you secretely angry with me!? Don't you doubt if I am truly his daughter!? Or maybe you pity the stupid, helpless daughter? Don't patronize me! For as long as I can remember I have lived in the mansion Father built for me along with Tink and my servants....!

Still, even if I have never met him, Father has treated me with the greatest of care! I'm living proof....!! I am.....! I am Overlord Zenon's daughter, Rosalind!!

TINK: Mr. Adel, the princess is telling the truth. I was once Lord Zenon's subordinant. MY reputation should be enough to validate that the princess is indeed his daughter. Therefore, please believe her.

ADEL: ....I'm not particularly angry. Even now I still believe that you are Overlord Zenon's daughter.

ROSALIND: Y-you lie!!

ADEL: I'm not lying. I don't know who my real parents are.

ROSALIND: Eh.....?

ADEL: Therefore I can sympathize, I know what it's like to be in that position.

ROSALIND: ....You don't know your parents? You lie! You are part of a proper family.....

PAPA: It's terrible. Taro and Hanako were kidnapped.

ADEL: .....!!

ROSALIND: WHAT!? Taro and Hanako!?

MAMA: That idiot boy in the flowing white coat ran off with Taro and Hanako. We could buy them back, but do you think we have the money?

ADEL: The idiot in the white coat.... ....I know that guy. I'm 120% certain.

PAPA: You will have to head to the "Danos River" for this! Before you go, won't you tell us what kind of person is he?

ADEL: He's a total airhead! That bastard....! Is he doing this for revenge!? I hadn't thought he was such a terrible person, but to drag Taro and Hanako into this... it's unforgivable!!


ADEL: Why are you coming along? If you don't know Zenon's whereabout, then I've got no need for you...

ROSALIND: The fool speaks. I was bound to you. Have you already forgotten? (ki-sama) For the contract to be broken mid-way, the life of the contractor must be lost. Are you saying you intend to die?

ADEL: Um, er, well....

ROSALIND: Who was it that promised to escort me back to my father?

ADEL: Uwaa...., I uh....

ROSALIND: Hmph. So, you made a promise to protect me; to guide me back to Father.

ADEL: How am I supposed to guide you!?

TINK: Ahahahahaha. The tables have turned, Mr. Adel. Your plan for a guide has backfired.

ADEL: ....This is the worst. [My head aches....]

ROSALIND: Quit complaining. Taro and Hanako need rescuing.

4-1 ed----------------

ADEL: Taro! Hanako! Shit! Where on earth did he take them?

ROSALIND: You're even hastier than usual.

ADEL: It's only natural! Did you forget my little brother and sister were kidnapped!?

ROSALIND: Hmph, as I thought.... that was a lie back there.

ADEL: ....? What was?

ROSALIND: That you said you understood my feelings? In spite of having a lovely family, you lied and said you never knew your real parents!

ADEL: ....Oh that. That's true. I'm not related by blood to the parents you've met. Taro and Hanako are not my actual siblings. I was abandoned by my parents when I was a child. It's true, I never got to know them.

ROSALIND: Why, if you are not related by blood then are you willing to protect this family with your life? How can you believe that? (Not kisama)

ADEL: Being connected by blood doesn't matter, but rather being connected by heart.

ROSALIND: .....!!

ADEL: My heart tells me that they are my true family, that is why I'm willing to risk my life in a fight to protect them. Is that so strange?

TINK: Now is not the time to argue if you don't want to see those kids go the way of the thylacine. Right, Princess?

ROSALIND: ........

TINK: Giving in? Princess?

ROSALIND: What matters is being connected at the heart.... That is what you said! It was a good answer! I commend you on your speech!

ADEL: Y-yeah, thanks.

ROSALIND: It's not that I'm connected by blood to Father, but by heart. This is what makes a true family. All right, let us search for Taro and Hanako. There isn't any treasure in the world that can replace family.

ADEL: I can't believe that just came out of the mouth of a demon.... You're a strange one.


ADEL: Not here either....!

ROSALIND: ........

TINK: Whawhawhat is it, Princess?

ROSALIND: (I want you to ask Adel about his real parents.)

TINK: (What reason do you have to give me such a dangerous duty? Please ask for yourself, Princess.)

ROSALIND: (Are you hard of hearing? Adel said he was abandoned by his birth parents.)

TINK: (I, I hear no reason to push the topic of those two hated people!)

ROSALIND: (It's an order. Did you not hear my order?)

TINK: (....Yes, yes, I understand. You should have heard me, but I hear you.) Mr. A~del<3 Mr. Adel, won't you tell me every gritty detail about those brutes who brought you into this world only to chuck you in the trash?

ROSALIND: (Tink.... I'm going to kill you.)

ADEL: W-what all of a sudden!?

TINK: Oh that, don't worry about it, just teach me all about it.

ADEL: I don't know.... it's not a big deal. That's my judgment and I'm sticking by it. I was only two years old when they left me in the care of their two best friends... my current parents, I don't know there whereabouts or what became of them. Their partings words were "We'll be back when our mission is carried out," but they never sent so much as a letter.... Even so I believed them and have waited for their return since I was a child. However, it looks like that promise won't be kept. My parents are the most unforgivable liars. That's why I unconditionally keep my word, I'll never tell a lie.

TINK: Hey, so that's how Adel got the backbone to keep his promise to protect even given the unfavorable circumstances.

ROSALIND: ........ (Parents who abandon their child.... Did they really abandon him?)

4-2 ed----------------

ROSALIND: Um, Adel, about your real parents... By any chance, if you break Father's curse, do you think they will return home?

ADEL: ......

TINK: It makes sense since the curse stole their consciences and memories, unless they had another reason for abandoning Mr. Adel.

ADEL: They abandoned me just before Zenon's curse set in. Their duty was more important than me. That is the reason I was cast aside. The curse my have been starting, but it wasn't strong enough to excuse them abandoning me.

ROSALIND: ....A duty so important they abandoned their child. Just what could it have been?

ADEL: Dunno, my current parents can't remember. ....Enough of that, I'm done with the story. We need to devote ourselves to rescuing Taro and Hanako.


HANAKO: Ney-Ney, Stupid guy. More candy?

TARO: You should be grateful that you can still lure away today's children with candy.

AKUTARE: Guh.... You damn kids are such brats. Are you supposed to be crying? I, Dark Hero Akutare will be starring in a new program soon, you can be happy for that.

HANAKO: I'm not happy at all! You kidnapped us so you could lure out big brother Adel!

TARO: I think all you're gonna do is get brother angry.

AKUTARE: Hmhmhmm. Even if I'm defeated, I've still got my "secret plan."

HANAKO: In any case, you must've burned out every braincell you had thinking up a secret plan, Stupid guy.

AKUTARE: Noisy little brats! I'll punish you harshly! Aren't you afraid of angering the Dark Hero? I'm like a hurricane at ping-pong dash and can prank call for days without sleeping!

HANAKO: Humph! You're the one who should be scared. My brother is so strong you should be worrying about dying! My brother is gonna defeat Overlord Zenon and become a hero.

AKUTARE: Huh? That guy's trying to take down Overlord Zenon? Crazy daredevil.

TARO: Nee. Even I'm important. The only daughter of Overlord Zenon has designated me her servant.

HANAKO: Taro, are serious about being Rosalin's servant? No joke?

TARO: I'm not joking around. The princess is awesome. It's so cool.

AKUTARE: Break it up, break it up. If I was a referee of sibling quarrels, I'd be in heaven.

DIRECTOR: Akutare-babe, sorry to keep you waiting. I bought the candy.

HANAKO: Aaah! Taro, that raw meat chocolate bar is my favorite food! Give it to me!

TARO: Never, Never! It's my favorite too you know.

AKUTARE: Children, children! If you want something, take it by force! If your aren't that strong, use your head, that's what demons do!

HANAKO: Yeah, what do you say, Taro? Want to end our quarrel?

TARO: S-stop. I can't win a quarrel or against Hanako! Yeah, here's your raw meat chocolate bar. The world of demons is so harsh.....

HANAKO: Hoheh. Thank you, Taro<3

AKUTARE: Wahah, and that's that. Ah sibling love, it's just like a drama from long ago. Hmhmhmhmm.

ROSALIND: ....No sign of them here either. That Akutare is the biggest idiot I have ever seen. It is inexcusable to kidnap young children. This act will not be forgiven.

ADEL: You have strange opinions for a demon. Aren't demons typically indifferent to child abduction?

TINK: The Princess has lead an ultra-sheltered life. It's not surprising her attitude wasn't impacted by the coarseness of the run of the mill demons.

ROSALIND: I'll tell you why. Taro and Hanako are my servants. I do not need a reason to rescue my servants.

ADEL: You arbitrarily declared my siblings were your servants.... ....Mah, I would certainly like to see just how different from other demons she is. All demons are the same, but I want to see why you think differently.


AKUTARE: ....Ah, hello? I'm okay, how's everyone doing? Just a minute, I want to hear everyone's voices. Have I gotten kind of lonely? Aah, well I'm trying (to send it?), but I don't know if the circumstances will allow. I'm really sorry.... ....Eh? It's me, Akutare. Don't you recognize my voice? ....Hah!? Akutare died? That's not true! It's a conspiracy of the TV station!! Even you, Mom! You don't believe me!? ....I know. I'm still alive, just keep watching for an update broadcast, okay? Have faith and wait, Mom! I'll make my big return soon!!


ADEL: Taro! Hanako!

HANAKO: Ah! Big bro! Yoohoo!

TARO: Ah, Princess. You came to help me.

AKUTARE: Hahahaa! Welcome to my show! You walked right into my trap, dumbass, but I gotta admit you've got guts. If you want the kids back safely, just calmly handing over the princess will do it! Oh, and let me hit you a few times!

ADEL: What are you scheming....?

AKUTARE: You're the one with the scheme! You took the Princess hostage and plotted to take out Overlord Zenon, no wonder you see conspiracies everywhere! I'm ending your treachery! I'll rescue Overlord Zenon's princess from you and then be the biggest celebrity of them all!! My heroic figure will be broadcasted all over the netherworlds, it will be openning night for my grand revival! Now, fair and square let's have a grand match!! However! Unless you make it a one-sided fight, there's no telling what'll happen to the kids!!

ADEL: ....And how is that fair and square?

TINK: If abide by the rules? When we shame in front of all of the netherworlds your grand revival will be complete?

AKUTARE: No need to worry! I've got a "secret plan!" The latest technology makes it possible to edit as much as as I want! How miserable you look in defeat, how pathetically you beg for your life, my glorious victory will have it all! Hmhmhmm! Speechless? My cunning trap has ensnared you! Now speak up in your lowly voice!!

ADEL: .....No, it was merely sprung.

ROSALIND: You.... I won't forgive! That you wish to be in the public eye does not excuse the crime you have commited by kidnapping these kids!! You'll pay back your nefarious act 10,000 times over!! Prepare yourself! I will personally punish you!!

AKUTARE: Huh? What are you getting angry about? Don't you want to be rescued?

ROSALIND: Idiot! I do not need your help! I have acted of my own free will! I am not a hostage!

AKUTARE: R-ridiculous!! Isn't the princess supposed to wait for the prince on a white horse to rescue her from the villain!?

ROSALIND: Airhead! That is only your selfish delusion!

AKUTARE: W-well, what'll become of my program!?

TINK: The program's subject just needs modification. "Final Act! Akutare Dies in Screaming Agony!" What do you think? Ahahaha!

AKUTARE: I hate last act titles....! I want a happy ending...!!

ADEL: That's a shame! The bad ending suits you!! Let me demonstrate my gratitude for the care you've taken of Taro and Hanako!!


AKUTARE: A-ah, I get it now.....! The princess has been completely remodled by an enigmatic secret society....! Your memory has been stolen and you've been turned into a woman warrior, so why can't I rescue the princess as usual...!?

ADEL: Still carrying on with this nonsense....? Grow up and collect your reality check.

AKUTARE: Hmmhmhmmm, my eyes don't lie...! What else but modifications by super secret technology from the future could explain this....? [kyatoru myutiresion.]

HANAKO: Shape up, dummy! My brother Adel didn't do that! My brother isn't a wimpy meanie like you! Bleh!

TARO: Watch out, Hanako! It would be terrible if you slipped into the river. oops!? Waaaaaaaaah....!

ADEL: Oh my god!!

AKUTARE: H-how awful. (W-what?)


MR BUNNY: It is time for the news. Once again the hot topic of the day comes from the distant world of Veldheim. It is full of many lush, natural environments. Today we bring you footage from amongst one of its many grand rivers, the "Dakos River." Now to our correspondant, Shark, in Veldheim.


SHARK: Yes, this is Shark in Veldheim. At first glance this may appear to be an idyllic river, but it flows fast, fast enough to wrench away a child. Furthermore it flows straight into the "Maw of the Demon," a fearsome cavern from which no one has ever return alive. While some people may drown, as long you don't know them and are careful, you might be amused.

TARO: Waaaaaaaah....!

SHARK: This has been Shark from Veldheim.

MR BUNNY: Thank you, Mr. Shark. Oddly enough in this frame you can see a man who bears a striking resembalance to Mr. Akutare, who was said to be murdered by the Demon Hunter.... Well, I guess it's my imagination. Hahahaha.

PLENAIR: ..........

MR BUNNY: Taking the CM popularity rankings by storm is Pram's "Headless Fortuneteller." Furthermore, this program will be delayed by forty minutes due the baseball game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

AKUTARE BRO: Wasn't that bro? Bro's alive!

AKUTARE MOM: Nonsense.... Akutare is dead, just as the news report said. That cruel prank phone call awhile back..., a son dying before his mother, as if I am not griefstricken enough...!

AKUTARE BRO: But.... I really think that was bro.