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=============Opening 3======= Truce with the Ashura

ROSALIND: ----Good, you listening? From now on I want you to call me "Princess." Got it?

HANAKO: Eeeh, why? Rosalin. I'll call you Rosalin.

ROSALIND: That won't do. As you are part demon, you need to learn how to pay proper respects to an overlord's daughter. Don't you think it is appropriate?

HANAKO: Eeh, but big brother might still prevent that.

TARO: I-I'll call you that. Princess has a nice ring to it.

ADEL: Oh wonderful. Now she is brainwashing my little siblings.

ROSALIND: Idiot. This is not brainwashing. I am just educating them so that in the future they will make decent servants.

TINK: Well, Mrs. Mama, that is quite the splendid summoning technique you possess. I am awed with admiration. If you'll teach me, I'd love to show you the many uses for my tail away from prying eyes. Uwheehehhehe!!

MAMA: So naughty! You tease this old lady so.

TINK: What do you say, Madamoselle?! Even the purest of maidens must become tainted, like a soft breeze turning into a gust....

PAPA: Hahaha.... It's impossible to sway her heart right before my eyes, you know.

ADEL: Doraaku Tink Maharaaku!!

TINK: Huh? What did I just do....?

ADEL: You keep becoming the jerkoff. Today is the day you lead me to Zenon.

ROSALIND: All right, all right, Mr. Impatient. Are you really that eager to die....?

MAMA: .....All set to go. Please be sure to return safely today.

PAPA: Every day we see our son off for another heart-breaking workday of battling....

MAMA: But, that boy has such lovely companions in tow.

PAPA: Seeing how much stronger that boy is growing during this adventure, that it for the best. Loneliness, they say, makes the heart grow wild.

TARO: We could fight together.

HANAKO: Big bro is not alone! He has Hanako!

PAPA: I hear that, but we allowed that child to go because we believe he can return. That child cannot be sheltered.

TARO: So, he is a victim?

HANAKO: Muu. Hanako is left waiting, it's not fair.


ADEL: So, where are you leading me to this time?

ROSALIND: Hum. Let's see....

ADEL: ....Do you really have to think about it? One way or another we are going to get this done before Zenon's curse grows any stronger. I thought you would like to return to your father's place as soon as possible? No more playing around.

TINK: Mr. Adel, isn't it a bit unreasonable of you after accidentally summon the princess to so curtly order her to guide you?

ADEL: Guh.... Don't agrue, demon....

TINK: If you would really like to meet Lord Zenon, I will guide you. I wonder if they will tell stories of the daring young man who went to fight Lord Zenon? Would your reputation survive if you backed out?

ADEL: HMPH! I will never give up! I will defeat Zenon!!

ROSALIND: (Psst, Tink. Will it be all right to entrust this to you?)

TINK: (It is all right. So, did the princess take me along to expediate Mr. Adel's demise?)

ROSALIND: (Very good. I hope you will be cunning.)

TINK: (Leave it up to Tink. I expect you'll enjoy th show.)


TINK: Hey, hey, Mr. Adel. If Mrs. Mama cannot return to human, she will become my summoning teacher.

ROSALIND: Mhmm. I was surprised. I hadn't expected to find a summoning teacher amongst the humans.

ADEL: I'll have you known she was a famous summoner even when since she was young. She would boast about it, the people of the village tell stories, and the nobles of olden days would request her services.

ROSALIND: Hmm.... Is her summoning technique self taught?

ADEL: No, she was taught by a close friend of hers. However, Zenon's curse has caused her to lose those memories, so I don't have many details....

ROSALIND: I see. You take a lot of pride in your mother. However, to have taught such a summoning technique, your mother's friend must be very skilled.


ADEL: Now that this place is cleared out, let's stop for lunch. Hanako made us some rice balls today. Would you like to eat?

ROSALIND: Y-you curr! How can you invite me to a mean in a place like this!?

TINK: Honestly, Mr. Adel. Do you honestly think the princess should be soiled eating in a place like this?

ADEL: So, are you going to eat?

ROSALIND: ....Yes, I will.

TINK: You're going to eat, Princess!?

ROSALIND: How could I let the meal that Hanako made go to waste? Besides, my stomach is growling.

ADEL: Heh.... here.

ROSALIND: Mh... was is this "nigirimeshi" dish? This is the first time I have seen it. (...Hey, Tink)

TINK: (What is it, Princess? Is this nigirimeshi not to your liking?)

ROSALIND: (No, it's fine. Are you sure I should entrust this mission to you?)

TINK: (What a strange thing to say. I'm hurt. Do you not trust poor Tink?)

ROSALIND: (To be frank, I trust you completely.)

TINK: (You said that without hesitation, but I don't follow then.) (This section of swamp is a notoriously dangerous place. Many different dreadful species of demon live here.) (A warrior would have to be at least level 100 before they could make it through. Some say there's a mysterious UFO behind it.) (The plan is to let the demons here make a quick snack of Adel. Naturally we will slip away in the ruckus.)

ROSALIND: (So I see.... that is very evil.)

TINK: (You said it, Princess.... Ahahahahaha!)

ROSALIND: (This place will be the death of the one who revolts against Father....) (All your dreams of fighting your great enemy will are for naught. You will perish meaninglessly.) (...But if that happens, Taro and Hanako will be grief ridden.)


ADEL: You know I've been wondering. Why hasn't Zenon come to rescue you? I understand that he doesn't know your whereabouts, but shouldn't he be looking for you? Why in spite of the ruckus we've been causing over the world, no one's come seeking you?

ROSALIND: Wretch!! Are you mocking me!? Are you implying that I am not the daughter of Overlord Zenon!?

ADEL: Wh-why do you say that....?

ROSALIND: My father treats me with the greatest of care! He built a beautiful mansion just for me! He purchased the finest furnitures and good just for me! He hired scores of servants to work just for me! Every day he sends me bouquets and gifts! He gives me everything I could ever want! This you see, is how I know he is a caring person! Eh!? That's what I'm saying!

ADEL: Wh-what offended you? I never said so much as a word against you being his daughter. Histronic girl...

ROSALIND: ....Hmph. By even inquiring about that you were being an unforgivable jerk.


ADEL: Would you hear me out?

ROSALIND: ...........

ADEL: Wh-what? So you're still mad about that.

ROSALIND: ....Are you going to ask about your bad manners?

ADEL: Think what you want. This is what I think of Overlord Zenon. I've only heard the legends of Zenon, I've never met him in person. I can only guess at his character.

ROSALIND: By the way.... Father is...., kind. He is always protecting me with his great power. He is a splendid man.

ADEL: Huh.... Tink, your thoughts?

TINK: I have never met him directly, but he does seem to be quite a fearsome person. Anyone who opposes him and those who fail in their orders are swifty executed. He is inhumanely cruel and never offers pardons.... He is an Overlord.

ADEL: So we've got two vastly contrasting opinions.... The dreaded Overlord God and the Zenon who pampers his daughter.... Hmph.... surprise that Zenon's a doting parent.

ROSALIND: Wretch! Why won't you admit to me you are ridiculing father!?

ADEL: You still think that? I'm just surprised that even in a demon like Zenon there is such a strong parent-child bond. I guess even demons value their families.....

ROSALIND: Oh? Is that how you think?

ADEL: Wh-what? Stay back.

ROSALIND: It's like you said. I love my father. I have a special bond with him. There are few loves greater than the one between fathers and daughters.

ADEL: Well, well, according to you demons understand love..... (However, I must defeat this loving father.) (Cch.... After hearing that story, it's going to be harder to take out that bastard....)


TINK: Isn't this strange? It's getting late. The monster should have appeared by now.

ROSALIND: (Hey, I heard that. ....Just what kind of monster is this?) (Could that marsh monster you were talking about have already been exterminated? Mmh?)

TINK: (No, I hear it approaching. The sloshing in the water. Don't worry yourself.) Ah, I remember! I thought I felt a storm approaching.

Ahyaaaaaaaaaa! There it iiiisss!! Wretched fool!!

ADEL: A new species of monster!?

TINK: Kaa! Run away, Princess! Go as fast as you can! Leave only a memory behind!

ROSALIND: ......... If he is killed by Father... Overlord Zenon, then he would die as a legend. However, if he is killed by some nameless monster, he will be but a fleeting memory, forgotten by the world. If he dies here, Taro and Hanako will surely be grief stricken.

TINK: Look on the bright side, Princess! You are a demon! Moreover, aren't you Lord Zenon's daughter!? The weak die meaningless deaths! Princess, don't you remember only this morning he made you lunch on bread on the ground!?

ROSALIND: Bread? It had my favorite meat in it....

TINK: Chaggrgh! Can't you see to survive in this world something must always be sacrificed?! It's unavoidable! The princess of all demons should not be bound to this guy! Don't be troubled, and just go back to your sugar preserves and whisky bonbons!!

ROSALIND: Listen, Tink. Even though I may be his hostage, he promised to escort me to my Father's place. Futhermore, he has mysteriously continued to protect me, even as I have betrayed him. He made a deal with his enemy, an enemy he couldn't trust.... I don't understand it myself. I would like to personally ascertain what his true motives are.

TINK: My Princess!! Be reasonable....!! What are you aiming for!? Who!? Why are you so reckless with your firing!? You blind foxfire eating fool!! [I'll turn you into 2000 eel skin wallets!!]

3-3 ed----------------

ROSALIND: Hmm, how dangerous... Even though you ran into danger, you once again cheated death.

ADEL: Do you know what species that was?

ROSALIND: W-well. All I know is common knowledge. They say those who pass it go on to reach level 100.

ADEL: Level 100.... The next time I see it I'll have to ask about that.

TINK: Princess. Nex time for sure will send Adel to Hell, right? Sounds good, doesn't it? That was after all, your intention from the start, wasn't it?

ROSALIND: ....Yes, but my enemy has remained true to his word and protected me. I still do not fully understand myself. For this reason I'm going to continue to see how deep this truth runs with my own eyes.

TINK: Princess, did you hit your head? This is the first time you have ever concerned yourself with the outside world. Why are you acting so strangely?

ROSALIND: ....So I am. Perhaps bewilderment is just the mood of the times. Pardon me, Tink, but will will remain associates for awhile longer.

MASKED WOMAN: ....Overlord Zenon....

ZENON: Has the princess been found?

MASKED WOMAN: ....No.....

ZENON: You fool.... Why have you returned?

MASKED MAN: ....In the middle of our search for the princess, we have come across some disturbing information....

ZENON: What...? Tell me.

MASKED MAN: ....Yes. The palace in Porulto Town was destroyed in an attack by an unknown assailant.

ZENON: Is this the work of an Ashura....?

MASKED WOMAN: ....That is more than likely.....

ZENON: Hmmhmmm.... This ashura must not know of the consequences of forgetting your place. This will be good.... Lure the ashura to me....

MASKED WOMAN: ....Your Grace....

MASKED MAN: ...As Lord Zenon orders...

ADEL: Eh? What happened? I was forced to return to the village.

MABEL: I'm very sorry. A map for "The Beautiful town of Tragedy" came for you, to get there you'll have to use the other transit.

ROSALIND: Letter transit?

MABEL: Yes, whenever a person is declared a criminal, they can't go on until the collect it.

ADEL: A criminal....

MABEL: So it is. Someone among you must have had prior criminal offenses.

ADEL: ....Seriously. You're kidding, right?

MABEL: {You can pick up the letter over there.}

SHAWN: Hi, I have a summons addressed to Mr. Tink.

TINK: What!? Wh-what did I do?

SHAWN: The charge is.... "The Crime of Existance at All."

TINK: I'm very sorry that I was born! I couldn't help it!!

ADEL: So with this he's now an ex-con?

SHAWN: Nope. You'll need to go to the "Item World Keeper" for that. Take the summons to the Item World Keeper and enter its Item World. It is in "the Courthouse" within where you will be judged and receive the ex-con status.

ADEL: Thanks, should we go give it a try?

ROSALIND: This is simple for typical bureaucratic redtape....

ITEM GIRL: Welcome. This is the information desk for the world inside the items, "Item World." This time you are going to enter the "Summons" for the purpose of visiting the "courthouse," aren't you?

ADEL: Aah, seems so.

ITEM GIRL: Just select "Go to the item world" and then enter that of the Summons. This is the item world of the summons. Whether it's a sword or a piece of gum, the item world is pretty much the same. For every floor in the item you go down, the level of the item will increase by one. Therefore, the main reason to enter an item is to strengthen it.

ADEL: In that case whenever I want to strengthen an item I'll be sure to go to the deepest floor.

ITEM GIRL: But, your purpose this time is to go to the "Courthouse" to get the "ex-con" status, isn't it? The courthouse in this item is on level 4. Did you see the status of the item said "Courthouse 4"? This is the shorthand that lets you know the courthouse is on floor 4. When you enter the courthouse gate on the 4th Floor you will be judged and recieve the status "ex-con." This time it is Mr. Tink who must go through the courthouse gate to be judged.

TINK: Eh? Isn't it possible for Mr.Adel to be tried instead?

ITEM GIRL: Listen to what I say. You won't be able to return to the village until you have cleared the 10th floor of the Summons.

ROSALIND: Wh-what!? You should have said that before!

ITEM GIRL: If you want to leave early you will have to use the "Door" item. If you use the Door to escape, you will be able to start from the floor you left off on later. Good luck!

ADEL: Finally the 4th floor... That gate should be around here somewhere.

ROSALIND: Perhaps only the person facing trial can pass through the gate.

PRINNY: Order, Order!! Be quiet, dood!! A crime has been commited, Your Demonic Honor! We ask that justice be done in the tradition of the Netherworld!! The Netherworld Court is in session over "Crime of Just Existing." We the Honorable Court deem the one called "Tink" guilty of one offense! Convict status is granted to the demon! Continue your work towards being an atrocious person, dood! The case is settled, dood! Court ajoined, dood!

ROSALIND: Have we successfully cleared the offense?

ADEL: Yes, but I don't think that's such a good thing....

TINK: Since our original goal has been completed should we go down to the tenth floor? Should we escape via the "door"?

ADEL: We got the conviction. Can we go to the map now?

MABEL: Thank you very much. You most certainly have a previous conviction on your record now. With this you may continue on to "Beautiful Town of Tragedy." However, please take care. This is a very dangerous place not visited by ordinary demons. Depending on the situation demons of ashura class... will cut you down on sight.<3

TINK: Ah-a-a-ashura!? You mean Ashura Etna....


ETNA: Aagh, I'm dying of boredom squashing nothing but these tadpoles. Is Overlord Zenon really in this world? I haven't seen a trace of him.

PRINNY 1: Maybe he's in hiding somewhere, dood? Maybe he saw the report about him being in Veldheim yesterday too, dood.

PRINNY 2: Hey, dood! Unless I'm mistake, I saw Overlord Zenon's daughter, dood!

ETNA: But you didn't bother capturing her? Next time you're in that predicament, kill anyone who gets in the way.

PRINNY 2: Uuh..... This time we'll capture her, dood. A suspicious toad sold us some racy photos, dood. Cost a mint, dood. If it's the real deal it'll make our search for the daughter a cinch, dood!

ROSALIND: .....Tink. I see you have a very impressive business sense.

TINK: Y-you misunderstand, Princess. This is a cunning trap set in motion to distrupt the bonds of trust in our group. Don't pay any attention to it.

PRINNY 2: AAah! The toad, dood! The toad and Overlord Zenon's daughter, dood!!

ETNA: You serious!? Waltzing in here just moments after we got done talking about her, can you believe the luck?

PRINNY 2: You said it, dood. There's justice in the world after all, dood!

ADEL: Toad one of these days.... If I'm not mistaken, you're the underling of the ashura that's opposing Overlord Zenon.

ROSALIND: Surely this person isn't ashura Etna's....? I will exterminate her.

TINK P-please stop, Princess. Princess what will you have this frog do?

ROSALIND: If we can defeat Etna, maybe you will return to your original form. Hey, you there. Who amongst you is ashura Etna? Step foward. My name is Rosalind. I am Overlord Zenon's only daughter. Now then, let's make with the standard bout.

ADEL: H-hey! Don't go rushing things (Don't commodere the story!). I thought you were supposed to take this gradually....

ETNA: Hey, so you're Zenon's only daughter? That hurt.

ROSALIND: Women and children should draw stay back. Where is ashura Etna?

ETNA: I am Etna.

TINK: Kiii! Liar!? The one who changed me into this form looked nothing like this gal, YO!!

ROSALIND: WHAT!? Who then attacked Father's palace and turned Tink into a frog if not ashura Etna!?

ADEL: Are you absolutely positive that it was ashura Etna that did those things? Why so?

TINK: R-ridiculous! Only ashura Etna would be powerful enough to do such damge to Lord Zenon! Harumph! Try thinking! Draagh!!

ADEL: ....You gave us bogus information. Filthy Red personality.

ROSALIND: There is a reason why Tink has said this. Are you really indeed ashura Etna? It is very hard to believe. You're such a flat chested little girl....

ETNA: ....Believe it now?

TINK: So she is! This lady is Super Girl!! I would be honored to be your faithful servant!

ADEL: You wasted no time turning coat! Have you no pride?

ETNA: Was that enough for you to establish I'm the real thing? So are you Overlord Zenon's daughter?

ROSALIND: Indeed. I am the genuine article, Overlord Zenon's only daughter.

ETNA: Ah, really. So, how about guiding me to your old man? Right now.

ROSALIND: .....Why for?

ETNA: It's settled. I'm going to kill him of course, and become the Overlord. Tell me quickly. I can't stand people who keep me waiting. So are you going to talk, or will I have to beat you to death one by one?

TINK: MaaaaaAaaaghraaagh!? Can you actually guide here there!? I-I'm! Gonna blow!!

ROSALIND: ....W-watch your mouth. This Rosalind does not submit to threats.

ETNA: Trying to protect your father? What a touching scene. So you saying you want me to kill you?

ROSALIND: ....Silence!! I won't give one syllable of information to a concave chested little girl like you!

ETNA: You.... You really wanna die?

ROSALIND: Y-you.....!! (Not Ki-sama!)

ADEL: It's good to be prepared! I may dislike demons and woman, but being prepared to protect my family, that I do like!!

ETNA: Who're you? Do you intend to butt in?

ADEL: I've sworn to escort her back to her father's place! So, you won't be killing her! I will protect her!!

ROSALIND: Wh-what a foolish thing to say! She's only after me! Why don't you run away!?

ADEL: I gave my word as a man! I will keep it even if it kills me!!

ROSALIND: You.... are truly prepared to do that? You actually intended to keep your promise to protect me, the daughter of Overlord Zenon...?

ADEL: What? You didn't believe me? How rude of you.

ROSALIND: Idiot! Do you want to get killed!? Don't you care how much Taro and Hanako will grieve if you die selfishly!?

ADEL: ....You're worried. I'm not going to die. I have too much left to do. Until Overlord Zenon is defeated, I won't die!!

ROSALIND: I don't understand....! How am I supposed to understand your behavior!?

ADEL: There's nothing to understand, I'm just being spontaneous. I simply live by my own style!

ETNA: You.... So you want a little taste of perfection? I appreciate your nerve, but I hope seeing me gouge your eyes out loosens your partner's tounge...!!

3-4 ed----------------

ROSALIND: W-what strength...! Is this the power of an ashura....!?

ETNA: You're joking. It's impressive that you're still able to speak. However, you must understand the power discrepancy now, right?

ROSALIND: ........

ETNA: So you'd better guid me to Overlord Zenon's place.

ADEL: Wait.... ....Spare me the victory talk. Aren't you rushing the call?

ROSALIND: A-Adel....? You....!

ADEL: We've got a battle to wage! It's not over yet, I've still got my trump card...!

ETNA: Obstinant little bastard, you've got guts! Going through all the trouble of reviving yourself... so are you some kind of masochist?

ADEL: At any cost my promise to protect.....! I'll bring you to your father's place without fail......!!

ROSALIND: Why? I am Overlord Zenon's daughter. Am I not your enemy? Why got that far....?

ADEL: It's liars that I hate the most.... nothing more than that.

ETNA: Haa.... Such a hot blooded character; I can't stand that. You really want to be murdered, guy?

ROSALIND: W-wait....!

ETNA: So, ready to talk. Where is Overlord Zenon?

ROSALIND: By the way.....

ETNA: Not? Want to be killed?

ROSALIND: ......I cannot say.

ETNA: Aaah. Cold hearted woman. Pathetic, your girlfriend abandoned you.

ADEL: There is no relationship.... This swayed me....! I merely carry out my own code.....!!

ETNA: Ah. Oh well, then you won't be missed.

ROSALIND: W-wait! I honestly can't say that....!!

ETNA: You can't say? It's not just that you choose not to?

ROSALIND: ....It is not. I truly cannot. I.... I don't know my father's address! Furthermore, I have only met him one time!!

3 NEWS----------------

MR BUNNY: It is time for the News. First is this week's pickup. The distant world of Veldheim where Overlord Zenon's existance was confirmed is now booming!

(This Week's Pick-up: Veldheim is Booming!!)

MR BUNNY: The topic we've been watching closely is Veldheim's rise to notority! Will the 10,000,000 year mystery of Zenon finally be solved? Who will be the one to take out the strongest devil of legend? Will it be one of the Ashura or Overlords showing up for the legendary challenge?

AKUTARE: What's the meaning of this!!? I struggled to get my information in their hands and my name isn't dropped even one!? What'll become of my grand revival act!? What happened to the movement I stirred up!? Didn't I start the Veldheim boom!? Why do I keep getting ignored!!?

DIRECTOR: We were only sent by the TV Station.... Accepting the contract doesn't guarantee getting on. You could call in and claim you didn't know.

AKUTARE: L-like that... Well then, are you saying this star doomed to fade out in obscurity? The Dark Hero Akutare....

DIRECTOR: It sort of seems that way. Unless the TV Company sends someone for us, we've got no means of going home....

AKUTARE: ......No, I won't give up! I am Dark Hero Akutare!! I will return with just my own two hands!!

DIRECTOR: Akutare-babe....

AKUTARE: I have reasons why I must return! There is a place I've got to get back to!!