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Episode 2


Rosaly: What's this place?

Rosaly: Is this a battlefield?

Rosaly: What a depressing aura.

Rosaly: That's... father...?

Papa: So, you never did find Zenon then?

Taro: Can we really trust that woman? She isn't tricking you is she, Adel?

Mama: Well you can never trust a demon. That's why we have the contract.

Papa: What do you think, Adel?

Adel: I've made a promise that I'll return her to her father.

Adel: It's not a matter of trust. Once I've made a promise I keep it. That's my style.

Taro: Again with saying things just to sound cool. 熱血もほどほどにしないと痛い目見るよ

Adel: Maybe. But that's how I am. No helping it.

Hanako: The lady woke up.

Adel: Ah! Thanks, Hanako.

Hanako: Adel, I think she's been crying...

Adel: Crying? Are you sure?

Taro: You didn't do something dirty to her did you? Police, police! Call the Harassment Police!

Adel: You know I'm not good with girls. Stop announcing things like that.

Rosaly: Well, that's the first time I've slept in a kennel. Valuable experience indeed.

Adel: That's our house!

Papa: Come on - she's Zenon's precious daughter. She's probably used to a splendid palace, so you have to expect her to react like that.

Mama: Okay, Adel. Make sure you defeat Zenon today.

Mama: If not, who knows whether Mama will become a full monster.

Adel: What kind of person threatens their child like that?

Mama: (laughs) If you were a demon too then you'd be able to do the same to me. If you hate it so much, hurry up and make us all human again.

Hanako: Hey, don't forget to bring back some souvenirs.

Adel: Did I really say I was fighting for my family?

Episode 2: Rosalind the Liar

Leaving Village

Adel: Got it? This time you'll show me the way to Zenon.

Rosaly: Got it. Leave everything to me. My father lives... that way!

Adel: Thay way? You're just going to point in the general direction?

Rosaly: What do you mean? My father and I have a very deep bond.

Rosaly: No matter where we both might be, if we still our hearts we will know where to go.

Adel: Still your hearts, eh?

Adel: Alright then. I'll trust you.

Rosaly: You... really mean to depend on me then?

Rosaly: Me, the daughter of Zenon? A demon who is naturally opposed to you humans?

Rosaly: Have you lost your mind? You mean to trust me so easily? Are you mocking me?

Adel: That's not what I mean! It's just that I wanted to trust you so I trust you is all.

Rosaly: You do change your mind a lot. Most humans would never trust a demon.

Rosaly: Humans like you were mentioned in a text book I once read.

Before 2:1 - At the Banquet

Rosaly: Wow! A palace in a place like this!

Adel: You showed us here didn't you? Why so surprised?

Rosaly: Ah, yeah. This is the palace of my father.

Adel: It does seem you pointed us in exactly the right direction.

Adel: Although is this tired old palace really Overlord Zenon's?

Rosaly: What? You're doubting me again? So you weren't being straigjht when you said you trusted me.

Adel: Don't be silly. I'm not a liar. If I say I trust you, the I do trust you.

Rosaly: Okay then. What a wonderful word trust is.

Rosaly: (laughs) What a fool. How can he trust an enemy so easily? I'll show him.

After 2:1 - At the Banquet

Mama: Are you alright, Adel?

Papa: First you threaten him, now you worry. What a changeable mood.

Mama: That's... Zenon's curse sapping my sense of conscience...

Mama: It's just to weaken her feelings - I don't say it very often do I?

Papa: Anyway, does she... remember...?

Mama: Not at all. No clue at all.

Papa: As well as conscience, even memories of the past are disappearing. Zenon's curse is so sly.

Mama: I know. I can't remember things from my childhood at all.

Before 2:2 - Punishment Beating

Tink: (screams) Zenon's palace has been wrecked!

Tink: With our sudden death move "Death Break" we barely escaped alive... Zenon is sure to kill us for this mess!

Tink: Ahh! Princess! It is you! What a pleasant surprise! Come to me now and hug me tonight!

Rosaly: Who's this?

Tink: It's Tink, Tink! You're very own cute and charming little angelic devil, Tink!

Rosaly: Tink? This my childhood friend? Don't lie to me. Tink isn't some dirty little frog like you.

Tink: I got transformed, didn't I. By the fiend that assaulted this palace! I was so terrified!

Tink: That guy was so strong! Proud soldiers attacked me all at once, but I saw them off single handed.

Adel: You chatter away a lot, don't you? Is this your childhood friend then?

Tink: (screams) What was that you just said? When you ask the Princess a question you show more respect!

Tink: Being so over-familiar with the Princess - I, Tink has the patent on that! Don't take liberties!!

Rosaly: Hmm... speaking so fast and slurring his words... his annoying personality certainly is similar to the Tink I knew.

Rosaly: Which means... hmm, well this is my father's palace.

Rosaly: How about that? So there is a strong bond between my father and I.

Adel: Okay. Can you explain who this guy is - I can't stand his noise any more.

Rosaly: That's true. This is Tink. Listen to this because really it's such and such and so and so...

Tink: Oh, I see - that story... what are you talking about?

Adel: Has... this thing eaten something bad or something?

Rosaly: This is his normal mode. To get him to shut up...

Tink: You scum! You're still being too familiar with the Princess!

Tink: Basically this is just a strategy to get the Princess for yourself. You letch!

Tink: Don't you even think about that. Over my dead body!

After 2:2 - Punishment Beating

Rosaly: Calm down, Tink! Drak Tink Mahalark!

Tink: W-w-what happened to me...?

Adel: What did you do?

Rosaly: Tink has a dual personality. If you don't seal his bad side with that spell he'll just run wild.

Adel: Ahh... how demonic. What a burden.

Rosaly: I wouldn't say that. He's annoying but we get on quite well.

Adel: Wha... you... get on 'well'.

Rosaly: It's no problem. Whenever his bad side comes out just recite the spell.

Rosaly befriends "Tink"

Tink: Hello. I'm Tink. Pleased to meet you.

Adel: Aw man... another freak in the party.

Rosaly: (laughs) Now it's two against one. His end draws closer.