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Opening Scene

The Netherworld... A world with influence across the Universe. A land of demons where chaos reigns and evil beings live acording to their instincts. By the hand of powerful beings known as Overlords, the Neverworld, which had expanded to hundreds and thousands of lands, brought about endless chaos in the Universe where reigns, destruction, revival and divisions are repeated over and over. And so, once again, there is a land which looks set to throw the Netherworld into disorder...

Prelude - Horuruto Village

Adel: ----Uh, are you serious? There has to be another way to bring down Overlord Zenon.

Mama: Useless. I've been searching, but this is the only way. Besides, why wait when the preparations for Overlord Zenon's summoning ritual are complete? Dragon's black flame, fairy's oil, sheath(?) of sword, evil dragon's bone..., lots of things like that, all gathered together. If a little bit of life force is sacrificed, then Overlord Zenon can be summoned... I think. So, since you want to defeat Overlord Zenon you should consider summoning him. Right?

Papa: Fwaaaaah!! Mama. Crammed up like this, we're going to die before you take our lifeforce.

Taro: Looks that way. Why take my life force...

Mama: Yes, yes, stop complaining. Overlord Zenon must be summoned at any cost, a little life force is essential. You are all demons, one or two years off your lifespan is trivial. Or else what? You all will never return to human? Mama's 15 years of trouble will have been for nothing?

Hanako: Taro and I were born as demons, so we have no human form to turn back to!

Mama: Hohoho.... Don't worry, little girl! You'll revert to human! Now be an obedient little sacrifice! ((Beats down her family into the pot))

Adel: What kind of mother would do that....? Anyhow, if life force was needed, shouldn't mine have been used?

Mama: Can't do. You are the only human in this world who did not become a demon. Because of that your life force is impossible to use.

Adel: In that case, I object. It's no better to sacrifice demons. Fair and square to the bitter end is how humans fight. That's my style.

Mama: Yes, yes. Because of your opinion I'll perform the ceremony of summoning as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Adel: (;) Listen to yourself.... Demonic.

Mama: Hohoho! Yep, I'm a demon! Those who've fallen under Overlord Zenon's curse lose there conscience you see! ((Plays Flute)) Light and darkness and ancient spirt of the earth I request a contract..... In the name of Adel "Overlord Zenon" shall be summoned! ((Explosion, family goes flying.)) Oh no, did it fail?

((Adel and Mama are shocked as the summons starts to work and Rosalind descends.))

Rosalind: .....Eh? This... what's going on? This place... where am I?

Adel: A... woman!!?

Mama: Crazy. What a lovely overlord.

Adel: .....Y--you're kidding! This is really Overlord Zenon!?

Rosalind: Overlord Zenon? How is it you know Father?

Adel: F-father!? You... no way! You're Zenon's....!?

Rosalind: Indeed! I am Overlord Zenon's only daughter, Rosalind!

Adel: (Shock/horror) .......Seriously.

Chapter One: The Overlord's Only Daughter

Papa: It seems Overlord Zenon has a daughter. I never heard anything about her before...

Hanako: What's our course of action after that revelation?

Taro: But, even though she's a demon, we don't know if she's truly the daughter of the Overlord.

Adel: I hear that. First let's get an answer to the yes or no question. Are you really Overlord Zenon's daughter?

Rosalind: So you have already forgotten what I said when I arrived. If you put more of your energy into listening than running your mouth we would not have this problem. Besides, one as lowly as you should be begging for my forgiveness, having put such a highborn person through such an ordeal.

Adel: Is that it? Go ahead and blame me.

Rosalind: ....Completely ill-mannered. I won't waste much of my vast spirit. This should be more than enough proof. See for yourself, the four leaf clover crest!

Papa: Oooh!? So it is the four leaf clover crest......!!

Mama: Overlord Zenon's brand....!?

Rosalind: Indeed. How is it that you know the crest of Overlord Zenon? The powers of this crest are passed from parent to child. It should be enough to establish my lineage.

Papa: Everyone here knows the four leaf clover is the mark of Overlord Zenon. The three leaf clover of Overlord Zenon was branded on our bodies after receiving the curse. Since the ownership symbol only has three leaves, it's not hard to imagine that the true symbol has four, and one who can make it must be very close to Overlord Zenon..... Hmm, so you must truly be his daughter.

Mama: .....but. This is good, Adel-chan. She makes an excellent hostage. Hohohohohoho.

Adel: ....You're dreaming.

Rosalind: What? Hostage? You jest. I will never be his hostage.

Mama: Useless! We have a contract. "In the name of Adel, Overlord Zenon is summoned," so it was sealed. Until Adel meets Overlord Zenon, you shall continue to be bound by the contract. You can't leave Adel. A demon cannot defy a contract. Right?

Rosalind: (Ack......! Outwitted by a human....!)

["Rosalind" joined in accordance with the contract.]

Rosalind: Due to the contract, there is nothing I can do. As deeply as it displeases me, I must oblige.

Adel: Hey, you're kidding. I have to take her with me to Zenon?

Mama: Don't worry, don't worry. Right, boy? No point. Everything's worked out!

Ally Introduction

Papa: Before you head out, talk to the different demons. They'll offer you information.

Mama: If you want to leave town, try talking to the "Space-Time Traveler". (The Archer.) She will guide you to different places of interest.

Papa: Fiendish demons lurk outside the village. Two people wouldn't be safe alone, so we've hired some help. (-Describe Fighter, Red Skull, and Cleric.))

[Fighter, Red Mage, and Cleric have joined!]

Papa: That's it. Make sure to save before you head out.

Adel: Aaah, got'cha. Don't worry, I'll be all right.

Leaving Village

Rosalind: Fuhmm. The outside world, this is my first time seeing it.

Adel: The outside world..... You, you have lived elsewhere?

Rosalind: Naturally, in a grand mansion in a place far nicer than Velhiem.

Adel: Really? And just where's that?

Rosalind: Um, that came as a surprise to you? This is the first time I have ever left the mansion.

Adel: Wha!? Seriously? What do you do for a living?

Rosalind: Fumm, a peasant could only dream of leading the life of a diva like myself. Perhaps I'll entertain you with the details in a few nights.

Adel: .....No thanks. Pardon me for asking. Let's just forget it and try to cooperate.

Rosalind: Cooperate? That is a strange request to make of your "hostage."

Adel: Ah, about that. It wasn't my intentions to use you as a hostage.

Rosalind: Hmm? What are they then?

Adel: Daughter of Overlord Zenon..... we'll go to your home and then I'll set you free.

Rosalind: What? Do you honestly mean what you say? Have you forgotten that we are enemies? Why ever should I believe a word that you say?

Adel: My goal is a simple one. Defeat Overlord Zeonon. Once I have completed that mission I will have no business with you. However, until then I'd like to ask you to be my guide.

Rosalind: What was that you said? My father you wish to defeat.....?

Adel: Yeah. ....Is that odd?

Rosalind: Hm, hmhm, hmhahahahaa! Are you insane? As a human you should know your place in the grand scheme of things! My father has slaughtered 1000 overlords and is known and feared as the "Overlord God." Do you honestly think you could stand against him?

Adel: Laugh all you want. I *AM* going to defeat Overlord Zenon!

Rosalind: U-undeniably you are self-confident. ....I understand that. Have you taken me hostage to threaten Father?

Adel: I have already told you my intentions with that. Right now I only want us to be partners.

Rosalind: If that is so, then why was it that you summoned me? Why have bothered unless you always intended to make me your hostage?

Adel: T-that was a mistake, we were trying to summon Zenon.... Well, something went wrong. I apologize for the fact that you were summoned. It's a shame.

Rosalind: .........

Adel: W-what is it? I won't get any closer. I'd never take advantage of a woman in distress.

Rosalind: Admitting one's capability..... even if it means lowering yourself to your enemy.

Adel: S-so I did! I promise to protect you. I will take you to your father's home and then release you. You have my word as a man.

Rosalind: So very confident you are. Do you really think you can make it there?

Adel: I'm going to find out. The contract is connected to my life... if I die it will be interrupted.

Rosalind: Your life.... Very well. I shall escort you to Father. You best not be lying to me.

Before 1:1 Beginner's Meadow

Adel: Many demons run wild here. We're bound to run into them.... Is Zenon's curse growing stronger? Not only their consciences, but their memories are going as well, they are truly becoming demons.....

Rosalind: (Fufun, what a fool. Guide you to Father, will I? I can't believe he thinks I would obey him.) (I look foward to watching you die. You shall make a nice snack for a minor demon.) (Then I shall be released from this wretched contract! Fuhahahaha!)

Adel: Oh. Critical Hit.

Rosalind: Wh-wh-what did you do, peasant!? I am the daughter of Overlord Zenon! This outrage shall not be pardoned!

Prinny: We've got no relationship, dood. Overlord Zenon is the target of our master.

Rosalind: What!? A demon god of another world has set their sights on the life of my father!?

Prinny: Bingo, dood! What luck for us to run into Zenon's daughter in a place like this.

Rosalind: ....W, what should we do?

Adel: Naturally, I'm going to kick their asses!

Rosalind: Umu. That is all well and good, but there is one problem.

Adel: What's that?

Rosalind: ....I do not know how to fight.

Adel: ....Are you kidding?

Rosalind: I am serious.

Shop Introduction

Mama: Welcome back, Adel. The store is open, you should go check it out.

Rosalind: The... store....?

Mama: Ara? Rosaly you do not know how to use the store? Don't worry, I'll teach you.

Rosalind: Umu. As I have no choice, please go ahead.

After 1:1 Beginner's Meadow

Adel: There you go.... How is it that Overlord Zenon's daughter is so weak?

Rosalind: L-loudmouth! What did you expect from the daughter of the legendary Zenon? I have never had the need to fight before now! This was my first time! In my beautiful mansion I was attended to by hundreds of servants. I lived a carefree life! Given that is it any wonder that I do not know how to fight? Fighting is the way of the lower class trash! The rich merely enjoy the fruits of their labors!

Adel: .....Overlord Zenon's sheltered daughter. This has gotta be a bad joke. Anyhow, you might be very important to Zenon.

Rosalind: Naturally. Father has always doted upon me. Surely it is the same amongst humans? I have read about it in textbooks. The love between parents and their children, familial love.....

Adel: .......

Rosalind: What's the matter? Is it different?

Adel: .....No, it's just like that. I am myself fighting for the sake of my family.

Rosalind:  ?

Dark Assembly Introduction

Mama: Welcome back, Adel. The Dark Assembly is now in session. You should go take a look.

Rosalind: Dark Assembly....? That name has piqued my interest.

Mama: It is possible to get your requests granted by the Dark Assembly. Of course, you will have to pass them first. I recommend that you go make some new characters first.

Before 1:2 Sparkling Spring

Adel: Hey.... this isn't the palace of Overlord Zenon! What gives?

Rosalind: As you said. If you wish to battle an overlord, you must first overcome an ordeal. Traditions must be upheld, you see. If you were to go fight an overlord without first facing many hardships, it would be without merit.

Adel: I keep it simple. Just fighting the overlord is fine by me.

Rosalind: Despite your uncultured upbringing, there are customs that must be obeyed.... All right? Since ancient times the quest to defeat an overlord has started with the rite of level gaining.

Adel: Hrgh, knowing my own strength would be an important step to victory.

Rosalind: Of course it would. Those who know themselves go far in life.

Adel: As if demons give a shit about self-discovery. A demon is a demon. All are the same....

After 1:2 Sparkling Spring

Masked Man: .....Overlord Zenon. Some time ago word came of an emergency from the princess's room. She disappeared, even though the servants had seen her only moments before.

Zenon: What now....? Is this true?

Masked Woman: .....Someone has summoned her away. It would have taken a very skilled summoner to do so.....

Zenon: Just, who was it....? How did they know of the existance of the princess.....?

Masked Woman: ....We do not know, Lord Zenon, but perhaps it is a person who has defied you before....

Zenon: The princess must be located quickly..... We cannot have her exposed to the filth of the outside world.

Masked Woman: ....As you wish. We shall do our best to assure that the princess is not tainted by the outside world.....

Masked Man: ....As for the people who guarded the mansion, how should they be punished?

Zenon: Kill them.

Masked Woman: ........

Masked Man: .....As Overlord Zenon's orders....

Item World Introduction

Mama: Welcome back, Adel. Preparations for the Item World have been made.

After 1:3 Refuge of an Eccentric

Rosalind: .....Hey You. Where ever did you get the reckless notion that you could defeat Father? Do you honestly believe human stregth is enough to match an overlord? All you will be granted it a terrible death.

Adel: Zenon's curse has changed the humans here into demons, this world has become a netherworld.... Humans who become demons lose first their memories and consciences, finally becoming genuinely demons..... I have watched my relatives lose themselves and become demons bit by bit since childhood. Living with that pain.... what would you do!? Soon my family will truly be demons... I can't allow it to happen!! I must defeat Overlord Zenon!! I would do anything to protect my family!!

Rosalind: Why even try when you have no chance of succeeding? Is that why you stooped to taking a hostage? Hm?

Adel: No, I will be victorious no matter what!

Rosalind: S-so you say, Bub.... Where is your self-confidence coming from? Tell me.

Adel: Look at me. In all of Veldheim I am the only one who hasn't become a demon and lost my memories and conscience. I was not affected by Zenon's curse, I have remained human. There's a reason why I'm different.

Rosalind: S-so.... Is that it?

Adel: Just that.

Rosalind: Eh? Just that? You based your decision to defeat Overlord Zenon on such a trivial detail. Are you insane, bub?

Adel: That's what you think. Do you think strange?

Rosalind: No, not just strange... are you an idiot? why rush to join the ranks of level 100,000,000 heroes with so little experience? Ugh, don't you realize you must become much more formidable before you will stand a chance against such a powerful adversary?

Adel: Hmph! I never asked for your opinion. It's not your place to tell me if I'm strong enough since you're still just a rookie.

Rosalind: Th, that may be the case, but....

Adel: Never give up hope! My spirit will not be broken!! No matter what, even my legs are broken or my arms are torn off, I will fight fight fight to the bitter end! That is my personal style!!

Rosalind: Do you really want to debate issues of spirit? Personally, I put my faith into the tangible and not issues of spirit. Perhaps Father's curse is actually a boon. Your accidental summoning of Rosalind is perhaps the greatest mistake of your life. (Moron... he truly is an air-head. Until he proves himself a competant warrior there is no sense in troubling Father with him.) (It will be my hand guiding you to hell. You best hope you are prepared....)

Before 1:4 Meadow of Dead Wood

Akutare: .....We join our atrocious hero at the boarder of the world of Veilheim.... But lo! Surely some fiendish traps await him therein!! WATCH OUT!! A beam of light appears! The Dark Hero is spotted and attacked! Haiyaaaaaa! Now, watch!! The goregous beam is revealed. Is it true!?

Director: Cuuuuuuut! Akutare-babe! What are you going on about!? This is a travel show!! We have no need for action scenes in a travel show! There aren't any traps or enemies!!

Akutare: Hold up. I put the greatest care into my performance. All my fans watching at home would expect nothing less than excellence from the Dark Hero.

Director: IDIOT! NO ONE IS EXPECTING THAT! Your time as the Dark Hero is long over!

Adel: Eh? Who're they?

Rosalind: There he is. That blonde man is Overlord Zenon. My father.

Adel: Wh-what!? Really!? ......I don't know, he looks awfully young. How can that be possible?

Rosalind: Hmhmm. What's the matter, are you losing your nerve?

Adel: R-ridiculous! Turning tail on my enemy goes against my code! Fair and square we'll have our battle!

Rosalind: Do you think you can win? Are you going to call out the overlord known as the Devil God?

Adel: I won't lose! I will protect my family!!

Rosalind: (This person.... he really values his family.) (Since he values them so deeply he's willing to dive into a rash battle even when it would be wise to lay low.....) (All he shall do is die. What a fool....) (It is the wages of war, how unfortunate....)

Akutare: Look, Director! I have fans even out in the boonies. My fame will last for all eternity! Hey you guys. Want my autograph?

Adel: I don't want your autograph! I want your life!!

Akutare: .....Eh? Should I feel shocked or startled?

After 1:4 Meadow of Dead Wood

Akutare: Wh-why must I suffer....? ........Gakuri.....

Rosalind: (That demon made a passable subsitute for father, even if he was pathetic.) (Besides, this Adel may prove more interesting than I first suspected.) (A human with the skill to defeat demons. What a splendid adversary.) (Heheh..... That is what I expected from a hunter.)

Adel: I did it! Finally I have defeated Overlord Zenon!!

Rosalind: Eh? No, somehow it seems I was mistaken. That was not my father. It was merely some air head.

Adel: Y-you're kidding!!!!

Rosalind: Well, well don't get angry now. Everyone makes mistakes. Pardon me.

Adel: ........

Rosalind: Do you doubt me? Do you think I purposefully made that mistake? But I can only go against the contract over your dead body. You requested thate I guide you to my father, and that is what I have been doing. Your unjust suspicions wound me. Stop.

Adel: ....I know, but you rejoice in my failure.

Rosalind: Hum. I have grown a little tired from that. Isn't there a place we could go to rest?

Adel: So much for my pace.... It can't be helped. We can return to the villiage. I'm getting hungry anyhow.

Rosalind: I doubt that the food of the lower class will please my refined palate. There are few things I ever declare tasty.

Adel: I can't say if it will please your oh so refined tastes, but I'll have you know my little sister Hanako is an excellent cook.

Rosalind: Hmm. Well I hope I enjoy it then. My stomach already aches.

Adel: ....... Meanwhile, Overlord Zenon's curse grows stronger, no matter what I must find him.... I regret having to rely on the help of a demon, but I don't have a choice.....

Makai News 1

Mr Bunny: It is news time. To all Netherworlds in the cosmos we broadcast this program at a gigabillion. Earlier today in the remote world of Veldheim the former star Akutare, made famous for the role of "Dark Hero" was killed.


Mr Bunny: According to reports he was attack by the mysterious Demon Buster while he was filming his low-rated travel program. So far the details are unclear, but an investigation is being conducted by the Makai Police. They believe it to be a homicide. The criminal's motivations are unknown at this time. Mr.Akutare, once a dominant star, suffered a catastrophic decline of popularity. A sorrowful private funeral has already been held. He will be remembered.

Plenair: .........

Mr Bunny: Up next is a special educational presentation.

(Modern Pupils Lack Common sense!)

Mr Bunny: A recent study of pupils has revealed that they lack basic understanding of human soul collecting and torture. The Netherworld Education board will be addressing the crisis.....