Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Episode 13 Translation

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=============Opening 13=======Truth

ROSALIND: At last.....

ADEL: Aaah..... At last indeed. There's no need to be confused. We know now that the fake Zenon is the ringleader of this whole mess. Fair and square with all my strength I'll beat him down!!

ROSALIND: (..........) (There is no backing out from this fight. As Adel said, we must fight until all of our power is exhausted....) (My only concern is what lives inside of me, waiting to break free and rage....) (That time it seemed such an incredible power..... That power is dangerous....)


ADEL: That fake bastard came out forward....!!

YUKIMARU: Enemy of my clan...! Your time is now!!

ZENON: *Huffhuff*.....! You all have come! What a day today has been....!!

HANAKO: What, you're all worn out. Is this our last boss?

ETNA: It's the result of the attack of the overlords from other netherworlds. He's seems extremely tired, great chance.

ROSALIND: Imposter! How dare you besmearch Father's name! In Father's place, I shall exterminate you!

ZENON: Imposter....? In father's place? I see. You still have not realized it.... Princess.... I am your father. Since you were little, I am the father who has watched over you.

ROSALIND: You still say that!? Shameless person....!

ZENON: You have turned away from the truth, Princess....! Have you forgotten how deeply we love you....? The princess I built a beautiful mansion for. The princess I made many pieces of furniture for. The princess I hired many servants to work for. And the gifts and bouquets I send to you every day. I unquestionably love the Princess.

ROSALIND: W-why do you know that....!? I thought you were an imposter....!?

ZENON: Nooo! I am definitely your father! I am definitely Overlord Zenon!!

ADEL: Hmph.... That kind of love makes me laugh.

ZENON: What's that, youngster....!?

ADEL: You say you are her real father, but that's just words unless you show your love with your heart.

ZENON: You....? Are you the youngster who filled the Princess's head with such notions? If you had not taken her into the outside world, the Princess would still be pure, and well in my hand.... The Princess is mine.... I cannot allow you to interfere any longer....

ADEL: W-wait....!!


ADEL: Th-that guy....!!

TINK(R): The monsters from the cavern....!! Aahyaaaaaaaa!!? Big pinch!!

ETNA: ...Picking the lame horse from the gate. Isn't this just splendidly terrible?

ROSALIND: If we still had the magic flute from that time, we could drive these guys off....

ADEL: This flute music......, it can't be!!?

TARO: Ah, over there!!

ADEL: Akutare!!

AKUTARE: Hmhmhmm.....! A hero never forgets to show up around this time! But why!? Because that's cool!!

ADEL: Well, it's all fine and good to say that, but.... Why are you here!?

AKUTARE: Because I am the Dark Hero! Also, I want to grace this last inning with my presense and be reborn again like a phoenix!!

ADEL: .....S-so stubborn, you joining us?

AKUTARE: Leave me here!! You go on ahead!!

ADEL: I understand! We'll leave you behind!!

HANAKO: See ya<3 Keep at it.

YUKIMARU: Your death will not be in vain!

AKUTARE: W-what unaffected guys. So easily leaving.... It's all good! This is the climatic crisis for the Dark Hero! The true terror of the Dark Hero is about to be revealed!! Be prepared!!

AKUTARE BRO: Excellent! Bro!! Go for it, go for it! Bro! Go for it, go for it! Bro!


AKUTARE: Hmhmhmm....! It seems that the information I released got this get together on!! That's TV for yoU!! It's almost frightenning!!

However, late breaking circumstances make it that you have to leave! You see, this is my climatic scene!! I can count on the reputation of Dark Hero Akutare to make you bums clear out!! Burn on, Dark Hero soul! I'll show my true power!! I'll leave them with you guys!! The next crisis waits for me!!

DIRECTOR: As I'd expect, Akutare-chan. You do not fight yourself, but leave it to others..... This is how a Dark Hero fights. Fantastic. You have definitely returned to your former self.....


YUKIMARU: Dear Brother!! You are safe!!

FUBUKI: Yukimaru.....! Why have you come here?

YUKIMARU: Dear brother your health what it is don't do this! Do you intend to commit suicide!?

FUBUKI: ....If I cannot carry out my mission my life holds no value. I will be fine with dying like this.

YUKIMARU: Dear Brother! On the other hand, losing your life while attack our Clan's enemy would not make our dead clanmates happy!!

FUBUKI: Yukimaru...., what are you saying? To carry out our mission even at the cost of our lives is the way of the shinobi. Wasn't that what we were taught....?

YUKIMARU: We were certainly taught that..... However, isn't the mission of living the true purpose of a shinobi!?

FUBUKI: Mission of living....? Yukimaru. Just where did you get that?

ADEL: Won't you give it a rest already? Will that accomplish your mission? If it's an important mission, don't abandon it. Even if the path is rocky only through living will your succeed.

YUKIMARU: .....Dear brother has just given up!! As for me, I'll never give up again! My mission is to live and succeed, then revive Yukishibe Village!!

FUBUKI: Yukimaru......

YUKIMARU: Moreover...., moreover dear Brother is the only family I have.... If dear Brother were to cease to be I.....

FUBUKI: ..........

YUKIMARU: Dear Brother! Let's fight together! Then, we can live together!

FUBUKI: You have grown, Yukimaru..... Please pardon my many transgressions. Yukimaru seems to owe you a great deal.

ROSALIND: It's in the past, there's no need to worry about it.

ADEL: I don't remember us doing anything. Yukimaru grew up on her own.

TINK: This is all very good, but I would be delighted if you could find the time to return me to my original form.....

FUBUKI: Yukimaru. The secret technique, Chaotic Snowstorm Dance..... Now you can likely use it as well.

YUKIMARU: W-well, but...., I am still a novice....

FUBUKI: You are an adult shinobi. Do not be afraid. You certainly can. Now then! Let's go, Yukimaru!! Come syncronize your breathing with me!!

YUKIMARU: Y-yes!! I'll go!!

FUBUKI&YUKIMARU: Secret technique! Chaotic Snowstorm Daaaaanceeee!!

(Yukimaru acquired "Chaotic Snowstorm Dance!!)


FUBUKI: Splendid, Yukimaru.....

YUKIMARU: Dear Brother....

FUBUKI: I can't even move..... The rest I entrust to you.

YUKIMARU: I accept...! This Yukimaru shall fullfill her mission at any cost!

FUBUKI: Don't die, Yukimaru.....

YUKIMARU: Of course! I will most assuredly live and return home. Dear Brother, please try to relax for awhile. I will return soon.

FUBUKI: Yukimaru.... You brought light to a heart which had been blackened by vengeance..... Live, Yukimaru.... Living only to avenge our clan is not a path I want to travel down....


AKUTARE: (Hmhmhmm.... Watch, little brother, the others and all of the Akutare fans throughout the netherworlds) (An army of overlords from other netherworlds, all together 10,000,000 armadas! I've got no shortage of companions....!) (opponents?) (I am Dark Hero Akutare!! Already, I have crushed all their spirits!!) (?) (I'm off!! That guy is my last aaaaccccttt!!!)

AKUTARE: I'm the right arm of the much talked about Overlord Zenon, the legendary Dark Hero Akutare! Before you so rashly oppose Overlord Zenon you guys need information about Zenon's Castle, and therefore must pay the fee before going on!! However, I'll be sure to accompany you to the location of Overlord Zenon! This I promise!! Along the way, I'll show you the many wonderful sights of Veldheim at no extra charge! That's my service!!

AKUTARE: (Hmhmhmm.....! I took on those guys!!) (I've even managed to make a lovely profit in the process, and you guys will do what you'll do. Next my eternal rival....!!)