Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Episode 12 Translation

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=============Opening 12=======Raid on Zenon's Castle

TINK: Mr. Fubuki continues in his state, and now the princess has collapsed, how dreadful.

TARO: Is the Princess all right....?

ETNA: She looked full of energy while she was driving away the Prince, why wouldn't she be okay?

HANAKO: But, the Rosalin of that time..... wasn't our Rosalin.

YUKIMARU: Umm..... What is our plan now? Was it having her life in peril that awoke Overlord Zenon's blood inside of her?

TINK: However, if it was just having her life in peril, you would have thought it to happen several times before.

ETNA: The Prince said something about about a seal, could that be the source of it?

ADEL: .....Don't bother. There's not use in discussing all this. She is who she is. So far I don't see what's changed.

MAMA: Just terrible. Fubuki is gone.

YUKIMARU: H-how!? Is that really so!?

HANAKO: His wound hasn't fully healed yet, has it? Where did he go?

ADEL: It's settled. He's gone after that false Zenon. Why wouldn't that guy go after the enemy of your whole clan? It's the only thing that makes sense.

YUKIMARU: Mmm. It's as Lord Adel says. I would expect that's what dear brother would do.

ETNA: So are we going after the enemy of their clan this time? You enthusiastic guy.

ADEL: That guy.... Why should he have to shoulder it all on his own?

YUKIMARU: Dear brother.....

ROSALIND: Well then quickly, quickly! We pursue!!

ADEL: I-it's too dangerous! ....Are you sure you're all right after what happened?

ROSALIND: Of course. Just who do you think I am? No more excuses, we can't leave Fubuki going alone like this, can we? Quickly we must make chase!


ADEL: Hey. It's all good that we're following Fubuki, but where do we go.....? Do we even know where the fake Zenon is?

HANAKO: Ah, it's okay. Taro and I have a memo that answers it.

ROSALIND: A memo....?

TARO: It was mentioned yesterday on TV. The gateway code we got for Zenon's castle is "AX666."

ADEL: ....Where was that on the TV?

HANAKO: Umm. On Akutare's news program. ....It's cool, I think.

ROSALIND: That guy can be useful.... what a shocking discovery.


ADEL: That's the castle of the fake Zenon.... ........

ETNA: Huh? What's the matter with you? Perhaps, feeling small?

ADEL: It's not that. I was just thinking a little. What if it was really that Fake Zenon that destroyed Yukimaru's clan and not the real Overlord Zenon?

YUKIMARU: That's right. It seems that fake Zenon is the true enemy of our whole clan.

ADEL: ....Don't you think it's possible that the curse could be the work of that fake Zenon?

ROSALIND: Are you saying it is not the work of Father?

ADEL: It's definitely possible. When exactly was your clan attacked, Yukimaru?

YUKIMARU: 15 years ago.

ADEL: It was also exactly 15 years ago that the curse of Zenon began to spread. Could that really just be a coincidence?

ROSALIND: Uhuh. What you said it certainly compelling....

ADEL: In any case, it's clear that we have to do everything we can to beat down that damned fake Zenon.

ROSALIND: Hmph..... So all that was just your way of saying you wanted to fight him.

ADEL: N-nonsense! I......

HANAKO: Don't you think you've gone on too long? Let's hurry up and go.


ADEL: (.........) (Everything is the work of the fake Zenon.... It's really starting to seem that way, but...) (I keep saying that but, it's just my wish. It's a wish made for my own convenience....) (Me and the real Overlord Zenon..... I'm afraid of having to fight her father) (I hate this.... I swore I would defeat Overlord Zenon who turned this world into a netherworld....) (Shit.... I have become such an indecisive man. I'm really losing it....) (With such half settled feelings, how will I ever fulfill my promises to protect....?)


ROSALIND: (.........) (....The burning sensation in my body hasn't settled. It feels like there is a black fire buring in my chest) (Something is rousing inside of my body..... I should ask everyone to tell me exactly what happened at the "Divine Spiral Tower" incident.....) (What was it that happened that time....? My mind honestly faded, but I know something inside of me began to rage.) (Just what was that....?) (Before everyone, I maintain this bluff, but is it possible to keep going on this way?) (Father.... Please instruct me. What is it I should do?)


TINK: (........) (If Mr. Fubuki dies, what will become of my body....?) (When Mr. Fubuki dies will his technique be undone and will I return to my original form?) (Or when he dies will his technique become permanent and I'll never return....?) (Aah....., this is a very big problem for me) (....Well, for now it's best to help. If Mr. Fubuki dies he can't undo the technique, and if he won't I can kill him later....) (?) Miss Yukimaru. Do your best, we will rescue Mr. Fubuki.

YUKIMARU: Ooh, Lord Tink. I appreciate your kind words.

TINK: No, it's nothing really. Even demons can occassionally commit acts of mercy. Please entrust it to me.


YUKIMARU: (........) (Dear Brother..... we are honestly making haste.....) (Dear Brother if there's any chance something has happened, I....)

(Because of the intense training dear Brother has received, he should be able to endure....) (If dear brother ceased to exist, my weak heart couldn't take it and I'd kill myself.) (You may be the quiet type, but you were always a kind brother.... I love you dearly, Brother....)

(This time is is my turn to help dear Brother! The cowardly Yukimaru shall graduate!!) (I will not forget the spirit Sir Adel taught me! I will never give up!) (Attacking our enemy together, we shall live! Dear Brother....!!)


MAMA: The children, do you think they're okay?

PAPA AS BOIL: .........Aah!!

MAMA: Eh? What's the matter, Papa?

PAPA AS BOIL: This time I've remembered things about both of Adel's parents.

MAMA: Eh? Really? What kind of people are they?

PAPA AS BOIL: As for that....


ETNA: (........) (However, it's very troubling that the Prince would hunt me down to a place as remote as this) (Meh, if he gets down on his hands and knees and apogolizes, I'd go back to being his servant....) (But, that's impossible. Until my level is back to a statisfactory state, that guy will haunt me.....) (Pride won't permit me to return to being the Prince's servant before I have proven my own worth) (At the very least beating to death that false Zenon will level me up. Heheheh.....)


ZENON: These.....! Overlord from other netherworlds....!?

DRAGO: I am Demon Dragon King Drago....! I am the overlord of the evil dragon graveyard....!

HILDA: Overlord Princess Hilda. I am the woman overlord who controls vampires.

JEDA: Dark man Jeda. It is my destiny to slit the throats of Overlords.

ZENON: Hmph....! So it is that I meet some fools grabbing for the title of God of Overlords....!! I am Overlord Zenon! I will slaughter all of you!!


TARO: Things are getting kinda serious. Beyond a doubt we're getting close to the end.

HANAKO: Yeah. Everyone's really overdoing it.

TARO: However for the time being, should we cooperate? It is kinda a serious thing. (No matter what I will help the princess, it's the duty of a servant to serve!) ....Apparently.

HANAKO: Hanako will do too! (Once the fake Zenon is defeated, I will definitely join the demon ranks!) (Then I'll be as cool as Etna, but an even sexier ashura than Etna!) ....This feeling?

TARO: Uhuh, seriousness.

ADEL: Taro! Hanako! Why are you playing? It's careless!



ROSALIND: ..........

ADEL: ....Hey, are you all right? In spite of it, why push so hard?

ROSALIND: .....There is no need to fret excessively. I feel perfectly lively.

ADEL: ....I see. Don't overstrain yourself.

ROSALIND: Adel.... Are you afraid of me?

ADEL: Huh? Afraid?

ROSALIND: The events of that time.... I can only remember them vaguely..... Something that dwells inside of me had begun to rage.... Imagine what would have happened if I hadn't heard your voice.....

ADEL: .........

ROSALIND: Also just suppose it happens again, and next time you are unable to stop me.... If I were to injure Taro or Hanako during an episode, I..... Adel. I can't allow myself to become like that.... if it happens again.... kill me.

ADEL: ....Fool. You can't seriously mean what you're saying. I promised I would protect you. Have you forgotten?

ROSALIND: Adel.....

ADEL: Don't worry. I promise to protect you. No matter what.

ROSALIND: Hm-hmph! You're not that appealing! I can protect myself with my own body! I said it capriciously! Just forget it!!


ADEL: Here's where that Zenon imposter is....!

YUKIMARU: And dear Brother....!

ADEL: ........!!

MASKED WOMAN: ....As I thought, you have come here. If it had been possible, we did not want to fight you, but it is fated (useless)......

ADEL: Must we do this? I don't want to fight you....

MASKED MAN: ....There is no need to hesitate. We aid the ringleader of your torment.... ....Kill us. If you do not, we will likely be stuck aiding Lord Zenon in his wrongdoings for all eternity....

ADEL: What!? What are you saying?

ROSALIND: You two.... It is not by your choice that you serve him....?

MASKED WOMAN: Indeed.... Our memories and wills have been sealed by Lord Zenon.... Now, Lord Zenon is engaged in a violent battle with overlords from other netherworlds and should be exhausted..... The fact that our seal has grown weak supports this..... If you want to defeat Lord Zenon, now is the time....

MASKED MAN: Well, we must be freed of our corpses.... Though the seal may have weakened, we cannot defy Lord Zenon's orders....

MASKED WOMAN: Yes, kill us now....! We have commited scores of crimes....! This shall be our atonement....!

ADEL: Kuh.....! You....!

MASKED MAN: There is no time to hesitate.... This is likely our fate.....

ADEL: I-I.....!!

MASKED MAN: Don't you intend to defeat Overlord Zenon....? Aren't there those you wish to protect....? If so, don't hesitate....! Fight....!!

ADEL: Kuh.....!! No matter what, what choice do I have!? (?)

MASKED WOMAN: Yes.....! Finally it is the end....!


MASKED MAN: Uh, uuuh..... This is really....?

MASKED WOMAN: The seal that controlls us was.... broken....?

MASKED MAN: Before death we are miraculously awakenned....? Can we confess our crimes...?

ADEL: Confess you crimes? What do you mean by that?

MASKED WOMAN: With the evil curse broken, it seems the memories of our former times have slightly revived....

MASKED MAN: We would like you to listen..... To escape a power struggle, we, demons from another netherworld, fled to this world....

ROSALIND: So then you didn't become human because you are pureblooded demons....

MASKED WOMAN: Even though we are demons, we were warmly received by the humans in Veldheim..... As we grew to know the people, we vowed to protect all of the humans living in Veldheim....

MASKED MAN: However, 15 years ago.... Overlord Zenon appeared in Veldheim.... Knowing it was our duty to protect the people we loved, we set off to battle Overlord Zenon after our dear friends were turned into demons....(?)

MASKED WOMAN: The dark powers of Overlord Zenon were incredibly strong.... We should have been killed at that time, but he sealed our memories and wills....

ADEL: Is that so....

MASKED WOMAN: After that we became the primary force bringing chaos to Veldheim. It was our handiwork that turned this world into a Netherworld....

MASKED MAN: The fact that people became demons, was largely due to us ampliflying the dark power.... To the bes t of my guess the humans should be all right once the dark power has been exhausted....

ETNA: I see. So, once we beat him to death everyone's lives will be restored.

HANAKO: It's good the puzzle was unraveled, Etna.

TARO: Well, it isn't all good. Isn't that guy invincible?

MASKED WOMAN: No.... His magic power has just about run out. It was the human conscience that was the source of his power.....

ADEL: That guy devours human consciences. You're joking....!!

YUKIMARU: However, if it is about to run out does that mean that humans are only one step away from becoming genuine demons....!?

MASKED MAN: ....That is what we mean. You must prevent Veldheim from becoming a true Netherworld.... We ask you. We can no longer carry our our purpose. However, you can do so in our place....

ADEL: ....I understand. I promise you guys we'll defeat him.

MASKED MAN: ....Thank you. For doing as we asked....

MASKED WOMAN: ....With this we can finally rest in peace.... Thank you, Adel....

PAPA: Shura.... Serion..... We had forgotten the important thing you entrusted to us....

MAMA: However, we did raise Adel well. In your place we have continued to watch over that child..... That is our duty....

PLENAIR: ........... ..........