Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Episode 11 Translation

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=============Opening 11=======Awakening

YUKIMARU: D-Dear Brotheeer!!!!

ETNA: T-that guy....! I thought I beat you to death!?

ZENON: Hmph....!! The departed souls of 15 years ago remain here!

FUBUKI: Th-this wicked surge....! It was you...., that time......!?

ZENON: Fwahahahahah! Indeed!!! It was I who destroyed your entire Snow Clan!

FUBUKI: Kuh.....!! How fortunate that you would appear before me.....!! This body, will soon rot away.... But first I will destroy you....!! Now then! Enemy of our clan! Secret dicipline! Chaotic Snowstorm Danceeee!!

YUKIMARU: Easy now, dear Brother!!

MAMA: His condition is not good. In this state, he does not have even an hour.

ADEL: I see.... What can we do?

ROSALIND: ......... ....Tink. Open Fubuki's mouth.

TINK: Yes, Princess.

ADEL: H-hey, what's up?

ROSALIND: I am using the "panacea" we obtained after the battle in the coliseum. I will just place it in like this and wait to see if its a success. Even if I say so myself it was a brilliant stroke of insight.

YUKIMARU: Lady Rosalind....! You help dear Brother even though he is trying to take your life....

ROSALIND: Say no more, Yukimaru. Don't we still wonder if we hail from the same town?

YUKIMARU: Lady Rosalind....

ADEL: Ah, don't worry about it. It's only proper to help the family of an ally.

YUKIMARU: Sir Adel.... I'm in your debt.


YUKIMARU: Sir Adel, Lady Rosary. My dear brother escaped death because of you. For the rest of my life I shall be in your debt....

ADEL: However, he's in no condition for us to be taking it easy just yet. Somehow we have to do more....


 Maybe we should try going to the home of the old man who gave us the panacea?

I remember the old man saying something about the panacea being a treasured possession in the tower where he lives.

ADEL: Aaah. Oh yeah, what did he say it was, the "Divine Spiral Tower?"

ETNA: The legendary panacea!? Do you think if I drank some my level would return!?

TARO: Even if they have legendary panacea, do you think we'll get lucky if we go there?

ADEL: The Divine Spiral Tower..... We'll likely have to prove our worth.


TINK: It's tall! Such a tall tower.... What were the people who built it thinking?

HANAKO: Well, I read in Papa's books that the "Divine Spiral Tower" was built by the people of Aruke City in order to meet God. However, even though they went through great trouble to build the tower to meet God, it proved terribly hard to climb and everyone gave up. Stupid, huh?

ROSALIND: Hanako is so well educated. In the future you will make a splendid demon.

GEO GRAMPS: Hii.... hii....!! H-help me23:38, 15 August 2006 (EDT)e!!

ADEL: What's the matter, Gramps!?

GEO GRAMPS: OOh!? You from the tournament....!? Listen! After 10,000 years in our possession, the legendary panacea has been stolen from this tower!

ROSALIND: What!? Is this true!?

ADEL: It can't be....! Is this the work of that fake Zenon....!?

ETNA: This is dangerous! We must hurry and take it back! Then I can be given some of the legendary panacea!

GEO GRAMPS: Please take care.... I have gone through great effort to lay geopanel traps throughout this tower.....


YUKIMARU: Dear brother.... This Yukimaru, shall certainly obtain the legendary panacea.... Once you are fully recovered we can go after the enemy of our clan together.....

HANAKO: That reminds me. How was it your clan was destroyed?

TARO: Aah. I'm concerned about that. What happened?

ADEL: Hey, you guys. Don't ask about that so carelessly.

YUKIMARU: .....No. You are all like family to me know, it's fine. It's a good opportunity. I will tell you everything.

YUKIMARU: My older brother and I lived with our whole clan in a small village called "Yukishirabe Village" in northern Veldheim. Although the land was harshly cold, everyone's hearts were warm. Each day we sent out our information files..... However, I was five at the time.... It has been about 15 years since then. The villiage was attacked and someone massacred our clan, my brother and I barely escaped with our lives along with our elder, and then we ran away..... My dear brother's loss of light is a scar left from that experience.....

YUKIMARU: In order to take vengeance against the enemy of our clan, we began training intensely under the elder, gradually improving our skills as ninja.... 15 years passed by, just before taking his last breath the elder gave us siblings our orders. Battle Overlord Zenon, the enemy of our clan, and destroy him. And so, my brother and I heeded the last words of our elder and started on our journey to kill Overlord Zenon.

ADEL: That's the reason you entered the tournament and wound up meeting us....

ROSALIND: So that's it. Because of that Father's life....

ADEL: ....However, wasn't the slaughter of your clan the doing of the false Zenon?

YUKIMARU: It seems that it is something like that.....

ADEL: What reason would the false Zenon have for wanting to destroy Yukimaru's Snow clan?

YUKIMARU: As for that, even I am puzzled. It is a question for that imposter....

ADEL: It seems like it won't be long before we end up fighting that fake Zenon. Perhaps, he's the true ringleader......


ZENON: Haaa......! Haaa......!! Y-y-you....!! This Overlord Zenon almost died because of your negligence....! Again you've wasted excessive energy for a revival....! However, the survivor of the Snow Clan had such power..... Nonetheless it seems taking the opportunity to slaughter the Snow Clan 15 years ago was the right move....

MASKED MAN: ....Lord Zenon. Forcing the curse beyond this point will be dangerous....

ZENON: I understand.... However, how do you expect me to recover from the damage I have suffered...?

MASKED WOMAN: ....If we go beyond this, we will steal the human's consciences and the balance will be shattered, they will become true demons and the humans will rebel....

ZENON: I understand that.... Therefore, I will end the curse shortly. If I can recover my original power, then I will have no reason to steal the consciences of the humans.... I will return to the castle.... While I am recovering my demonic powers, I will hide myself....


MAMA: This feeling.... Overlord Zenon's curse isn't strengthening again, is it?

PAPA AS BOIL: Hahaha. Some how or other, that's how it seems.

MAMA: P-Papa.....?

PAPA AS BOIL: Sorry, Mama. The real me has traded places with that.....

PAPA3: I love titties!!

PAPA AS BOIL: Look, in this prison. I am the real Papa.

MAMA: Ah, I see. It's good that your personality wasn't lost. However, Overlord Zenon's curse has constantly grown stronger lately, I wonder why that is?

PAPA AS BOIL: Overlord Zenon's curse....

MAMA: Eh? What's the matter, Papa?

PAPA AS BOIL: Well, I think Adel's parents have a connection to Overlord Zenon's curse....

MAMA: What what? This is very important. Has it come back little by little since last time? Speak quickly.

PAPA AS BOIL: W-well you see....!!

PAPA3: Long live the tittle empire!!

MAMA: ....Papa?

PAPA AS BOIL: H-huh....? Sorry. I have forgotten what I wanted to say. Hahahaha.....

PAPA3: Long live! Long live!!


YUKIMARU: W-what's that!? I feel a dreadful power!

ADEL: The false Zenon....!?

LAHARL: Haaahhahhahhahhah!!

ETNA: This stupid roaring laugh...., it can't be!?

LAHARL: Haaahhahhahhahhah!! I've finally found you, Etna!!

ETNA: Prince Laharl....!!

LAHARL: I will not accept you doing whatever you please! Aren't you still my vassal!?

HANAKO: Could this be the guy you spoke of before who you'd beat to death but beating to death wouldn't be enough?

ETNA: Yep! The airhead overlord I originally worked for, Prince Laharl....!

ADEL: And again, another complication arises....

LAHARL: Etna! Aren't you my servant!? You can't just run off because you feel like it!! Who's supposed to do the cleaning, laundry and make the food!? Do you have any idea the mess our castle has fallen into because you took the prinnies with you!?

In spite of that, it's outrageous that you're out here playing with these guys!! You don't have permission!

ETNA: I am no longer your servant, Prince. I'm an overlord now and independant.

LAHARL: What a willful resolution to make without permission! I will never accept it!!

ETNA: By the way, Prince. Was it you who swiped the legendary panacea? Please return it quickly.

LAHARL: What? Legendary Panacea you say~? ....Aaah, that thing.

ETNA: You have it? Well, please return it. Here, to me.

LAHARL: I already ate it. I was hungry.

ETNA: You ATE IIIIIIT!!? If I can't have panacea, my level will never return to where it was~....!! How drastically my life has gone off the rails because of this brat boy....!!

LAHARL: Eh? What's with the sour face, Etna? Are you hungry?

ETNA: I'll get permission!! Our levels are vastly different! However, this day I will strike the decisive blow!!

LAHARL: Hmph! You could never take out the great Laharl in 1,000,000 years!!


ADEL: This guy...., is absurdly strong!!

LAHARL: Haaahhahhahhahhah!! What's wrong, Etna!? It's absurd for you to call yourself an Overlord at that level of power! We'll return to my castle and you'll clean the toilets with the prinnies over and over again!! Haaahhahhahhahhah!!

ETNA: Shit~....! I feel really sick....!! I wouldn't have lost if I was at my original level....!!

LAHARL: Heh!! Return to being my vassal, Etna!!

ROSALIND: Wait! Etna is our companion. I can't allow such selfishness.

ETNA: Y-you....

LAHARL: W-what? Impertinent woman. You dare to defy the great Overlord Laharl?

ROSALIND: I am Overlord Zenon's only daughter, Rosalind! You should be afraid!!

LAHARL: Whaat~? You're Overlord Zenon's daughter~? ....Eh? What's this strange medal? Some kind of seal? What happens if I break it?

ROSALIND: Uunn.... Uuuh.....!!

ADEL: Hey, are you all right!?

YUKIMARU: Lady Rosary....!?

ROSALIND?: .....Who was it that awakened me?

LAHARL: W-what is this magic power....!?

ROSALIND?: You, inexperienced one....? The reparations for disturbing my sleep is high.....

LAHARL: I-impertinent wretch....!! You're about to enter a world of pain!!

ADEL: W-wait! Stop!!

LAHARL: Eat this!! Overlord's Wraaattthhh!!

ROSALIND?: You are my enemy....?

LAHARL: Whaaaat!? My Overlord's Wrath had no effect!?

ROSALIND?: Why are you challenging me to a fight....? It is now my desire to fight.... I am alone.... If you come near me, the gates of the dead shall open....


LAHARL: R-r-ridiculous!! How could the great Laharl be defeated....!? Y-you~!! This person has so much magic power!! Don't forget, Etna! No matter what you say, you are still my vassal! I'll leave you at large for now, but next time I'm dragging you back to the castle!! Until then, enjoy yourself! Haaahhahhahhahhah!!

ETNA: Rosalin! You're awesome! Shows that airhead overlord. Your hidden magic power was able to defeat the Prince.

TINK: Princess. Perhaps the blood you received from your father has been awakened?

ROSALIND?: Are you all our enemies....?

ETNA: W-watch out....! What are you doing!?

ROSALIND?: I am alone.... I am fated to gather the souls of the foolish (useless)....

ADEL: ........

HANAKO: Eeh? Rosalin, what is the matter with you?

TARO: B-brother. This Princess is scary.

ROSALIND?: I am alone.... Eternal nothingness to you who loiter.....

YUKIMARU: L-lord Adel!?

ADEL: You've lost your senses. Get a grip.

ROSALIND?: ........

ADEL: Wake up. ....Rosary. Aren't you Overlord Zenon's only daughter, Rosalind?

ROSALIND: ....A, Adel....?

ADEL: Oh. Your true self returned.

ROSALIND: I, what on earth.......?

ADEL: H-hey, are you all right? Where you going to make minced meat out of us a minute ago....?

ROSALIND: You jerk....meh.....

TARO: P-princeeessssss!!

ZENON: I almost had it, but somehow the seal has returned to its origin..... However....., finally what I have dreaded has occurred.....


AKUTARE: Yeah! It's news time.

PLENAIR: ..........

AKUTARE: It seems that in Veldheim Overlord Zenon has revived. What a surprise. If you want to go to Zenon's castle, take spacial gateway "AX666." He's becoming a matter of concern.

Unless I'm mistaken here, in Veldheim Overlord Zenon and the overlord of another netherworld had some kind of battle. However, that has nothing to do with me.... So, onto the next story. At last the wait is over for the special report. My great galatic concert's design....

AKUTARE'S BROTHER: Bro is an idiot!!

AKUTARE: T-this is....? What's the meaning of this?

AKUTARE'S BROTHER: 'Cuz Bro doesn't come home or even think to call!!

AKUTARE: W-what do you want me to say? Don't question why Bro can't return yet. Look, how can I with all these TV appearances?

AKUTARE'S BROTHER: You're different!! Now Bro, isn't Bro! The Dark Hero Bro I admired is gone!

AKUTARE: ........

DIRECTOR: It's as your little brother said. You currently don't shine with your former glory. The black flame of the Dark hero's soul no longer burns. With the manners you have taken on, Akutare-Babe, you are now simply a hero. The Dark Hero is the Preacher of Wickness. Everyone's worst nightmare.

AKUTARE: Director..... Hmhmmhmm..... I understand.... That's why I haven't feel successful at heart. Why I've felt a terrible emptiness..... It's just, I've stopped living the hero's dream and just been putting on a show....

DIRECTOR: Akutare-babe.....

AKUTARE: Let's meet up in Veldheim! Director!! The only one who can film a glorious revival for this Dark Hero is you!!

DIRECTOR: Leave it to me! Until this life burns out!!

AKUTARE'S BROTHER: Go for it, Bro! Mom and us are cheering for you!!

AKUTARE: Yeah! We'll show the true spirit of the Dark Hero to all the folks at home throughout the netherworlds!!