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=============Opening 10=======Ninja Pair

ETNA: You guys. What's up with suddenly summoning a person out of the blue?

ADEL: A mistake. We wanted to summon someone else....

ETNA: ....Are you mocking me!?

ADEL: W-we didn't want this to happen! Honestly, we meant no malice!

ETNA: Well then, since you didn't want to summon me will you break the contract so I can go home now!?

You loaned me once. You'd better make up for this in full.

TINK: We are never going to be able to pay off that debt.

ADEL: Though the ritual itself was a success, why was Etna summoned?

ROSALIND: Although I doubt it, perhaps the strongest person in the world is not Father, but Etna.....

YUKIMARU: So our efforts to limit the ritual to Overlord Zenon were in vain....?

ETNA: Just a minute, just a minute! You guys! What did you doooo!!?

ADEL: W-what has gotten you so upset?

ETNA: My level has dropped ridiculously! Your actions did this!!

ADEL: Huh? Do you remember what went wrong?

MAMA: Don't you think it's strange? As long as the ingredients are correct, a summoning accident shouldn't occur. Just a moment, Adel. Are you sure that the "Ashura Fingernails" you gave me were the genuine article?

ADEL: Aah, I don't see why not. I got them from Ashura Etna.

ETNA: I feel sick.... ...Eh? Lie. Those "Ashura fingernails" were used as an ingredient for the summoning ritual?

ADEL: Indeed.

ROSALIND: By any chance, were those fakes?

ETNA: (This.... Did my fakes cause it? Could it be that I've reaped what I sowwed?) (.........) (Seriously---!? Why did this happen----!?) (Aaah, again! Yet another mistake on my part----!!) (Argh, can't let it end this way....!!) Don't even joke about that! They were the real deal, they're mine!! However, it's no joke when my level drops in a summoning accident! Am I not an ashura!? Therefore it must be the fault of all you people here!! You've gotta take responsibility for it!!

ADEL: T-take responsibility you say.....

ETNA: My crushing Overlord Zenon was broadcast all over TV, and since no one realizes it was a doppleganger, overlords are going to set their sights on me!! At my original level I could easily have kicked them about, but at this level, an overlord would slaughter me!! Until I can get back to my original level, I am going to stick with you guys, so just deal with it!!

("Ashura Etna" has clung to Adel!!)

ADEL: Seriously....

ROSALIND: We intended to summon Father, but we ended up falling into this nonsense.


PRINNY 2: Aah! I see Mistress Etna, dood!

ETNA: You guys were looking for me?

PRINNY 1: Of course, dood. Mistress Etna is our one and only master, dood.

YUKIMARU: Sniff. What gallant spirits your retainers have.

TINK: I would imagine their loyalty will run out when they realize their master's level has dropped, oh how troubling.

PRINNY 2: Eh....? Mistress Etna's level has gone down, dood....?

ETNA: Afraid so. My level dropped drastically as a consequence of these guys summoning me....

PRINNY 1: Level dropped drastically....?

PRINNY 2: ....We've been indebted to you for a super long time, dood. Today we resign as your servants, dood.

ETNA: Just a, just a minute you guys!?

PRINNY 1: From now on we'll have a kinder master who will actually pay us, dood.

ETNA: Do you really think it's a good idea to cop such an attitude? Aren't you scared?


 Since your level has dropped, Mistress Etna, we are no longer afraid of you, dood.

PRINNY 1: Yeah!! With chipper spirits we say adieu, dood!

ADEL: As was to be expected, you were exposed.....

ROSALIND: Completely....

ETNA: You guys, why aren't you concerned!? We've got to chase them down and punish them!

ADEL: Huh!? Why do we have to do it!?

ETNA: My becoming like this was all your fault! So quit complaining and get on with the chase!!


ETNA: Aaaaah! Damn it!!

ADEL: W-what's with the shouting all of a sudden?

ETNA: Ever since meeting you guys the plan hasn't been going well!! I'm pissed off! What beef do you have with me!?

ROSALIND: ....So you are the type of person prone to outbursts of anger.

TINK: How extreme for someone with no power. Rather pathetic of a former ashura.

ETNA: For that I'm making you the 42nd person on my hit list. Be prepared once my level returns to its original state.

TINK: Aye? A-about that. My naughty mouth just has a way of speaking on its own accord.

TARO: Tink will be the 42nd to be killed. So, who is number one?

ETNA: I'd beat him to death, but beating him to death isn't enough. Overlord Zenon was jut a stepping stone. I must see to it I truly defeat him....

YUKIMARU: Hmmm. What a circumstance you have found yourself in.

HANAKO: ....Etna you're so cool. You give off demon career woman vibes.


HANAKO: Hey, Hey Etna! Please continue your story, I want to know more. Who is it that you really want to defeat?

ETNA: You're interested in me?

HANAKO: Uhuh. Oh Etna, you're so cool.

ETNA: R-really? You you so very hopeful. Okay, I'll go on especially for you. Originally I worked for an idiot overlord, however a short while ago we had a quarrel and I stormed out of the castle. I would like to triumph over that idiot overlord. The God of overlords is something to be feared, that's why I wanted to defeat Overlord Zenon and gain that title.

HANAKO: Hey, when I'm an adult I want to be an ashura like Etna.

ETNA: Ahahaha, what an amusing girl. You can do it, I'm sure.

ADEL: (Her becoming, that's troubling.... I'd hate to have an ashura for a little sister....)


ETNA: Ah! There! You guys will be punished! Prepare yourselves!

PRINNY1: Heheheh.... punished? Such threats don't work anymore, dood.

ROSALIND: Mm? This fellow is certainly full of himself. Just, what exactly is going on?

PRINNY1: I'll tell you, dood! We've got a reliable Big Brother, dood!!

PRINNY2: Big brother's state of the art equipment and detailed advice gave us the confidence of the big dog in the pack, dood!! (eel in the carp streamer?)

PRINNY3: Our lives will surely be changed, dood! Now I even feel like it may be possible for us to unite into the legendary Pringer X!!

ADEL: It's nice that you have such fantastic self confidence.....

ETNA: Well then this Big Brother person is a point of concern. So, which one is he?

TARO: It appears that they're all together.

HANAKO: For the time being, why not beat them up until they say?

TINK: That sounds like a good idea. So, shall we carve up and murder them?


PAPA: Aaah, what to do? I want this boil on my chest removed.

MAMA: It must be a consquence of Overlord Zenon's curse strengthening, it seems we have come a step closer to becoming genuine demons.

PAPA BOIL: What, you are so prejudiced. I for one, am not so fond of how things have turned out either. I would have been much happier on the chest of a pin-up girl than this old man. I took a hit being placed here, try to understand.

PAPA: Ha, Haa....., excuse me......

MAMA: You have nothing to apologize for. It is good that your personality remains strong.

PAPA: I-Is that so?

MAMA: However, it's clear that Overlord Zenon's curse is growing stronger.... Things are dangerous enough for Adel and company without having to make them rush....


PRINNY 1: Mistress Etna is coming, dood! Everyone, assume ambush positions, dood!!

YUKIMARU: Neverthless, I am surprised that these beings you call prinnies so quickly betrayed you.

ETNA: ....What? Why are you saying that?

YUKIMARU: Well, your treatment of them I imagine must have been quite terrible..., or else they wouldn't so desperately oppose you. Otherwise, I cannot stand for the lack of loyalty shown in the attitude here, fshaw.

ETNA: How rude. Do I treat them out of the ordinary? They do 20 hours of manual labor a day with no days off for free. They get nothing like Netherworld Insurance or welfare programs, stuff like that. Twice a year they get a special bonus of a single sardine. Eh? See, ordinary?

ADEL: Are you an ogre...?

ROSALIND: I think I want to lobby for prinny welfare....


ROSALIND: Hmph. With the assistance of Big Brother, the power of the prinnies has risen significantly.

ETNA: Hmmmm. You know for a civilian girl of high birth, I think you're pretty good. Looking again.

ROSALIND: Naturally. Aren't I after all, a person possessing Overlord Zenon's blood?

ADEL: Heh...., so you say. Before all this happened you didn't know how to fight.

ROSALIND: I heard that, Adel! While I may not have known how to fight at first, isn't it talent that I picked it up so quickly!?

ADEL: That's what you say. You'd be helpless without my protection.

ROSALIND: Hmph! I never asked anyone to do that! You were the one who said he'd do anything to protect me, there was nothing I could do!


 Hey.  Are you two in a relationship? 

ADEL: W-what do you mean by "a relationship?"

ETNA: The shotgun wedding kind<3

ADEL: R-ridiculous! It's not like that!!

ROSALIND: I-indeed! It's all a big misunderstanding!! I'm annoyed!

ETNA: Well, well you two. You took that too seriously, but you can't deny it looks that way. Such pairings happens sometimes in societies. For example, a human woman marrying an overlord.

ADEL: Hummm. A demon marrying a human. So you say it's happens at times.

ROSALIND: Idiot! You are all wrong! Essentially, my and Adel's relationship is antagonism! It is only in accorandance with the contract that we work together! You have misunderstood entirely! What are you looking at!? Let's go!!


ETNA: We've finally got you cornered. Hmph, hope you prepared yourselves.

PRINNY 1: B-Big Brother! Pinch, dood! Remember us, please, dood!!

ADEL: This guy's Big Brother....?

ETNA: Huh? Who is that guy?

YUKIMARU: Because you called for Big Brother, he took the trouble to appear. Even if he's rough on the outside, he's awfully cute.

BIG BROTHER: Novice. You can't even see through a tranformation technique at your level?

YUKIMARU: Transformation technique....? It can't be....! Dear Brother!!

ADEL: Dear Brother!? Big Brother is yours!?

YUKIMARU: I-indeed. My older brother is called "Fubuki."

FUBUKI: Yukimaru. Still, you are with that wench.... Don't you get it? Isn't that wench the daughter of Overlord Zenon....?

TINK: Awawawawah......!!

TARO: Huh? What's the matter, Tink? You've become abnormally frightened even for you....

TINK: Th-th-this is the person!! He changed me into this form!!

ETNA: Changed you? You weren't originally a frog?

TINK: I was different! Originally I was a pretty boy cupid!

YUKIMARU: In the end it was the work of dear Brother....

ROSALIND: So, then the person who tried to take my life at the colliseum....

FUBUKI: Was me. To come across you while secretly helping Yukimaru, was a surprise.

ADEL: I understand that you and Yukimaru are aiming for Zenon out of revenge, but why would you want to take the life of this chick? Do you really think that just being his daughter is absolute justification for taking her life?

FUBUKI: If I kill this wench, Zenon will appear. Therefore I'll kill her. Is that so wrong?

ADEL: Is that so wrong....!? I am also searching for Overlord Zenon, but I would never even consider commiting such a dastardly act!!

FUBUKI: How soft.... In order to carry out my mission, I will employ all tactics of a shinobi.

YUKIMARU: Stop, dear Brother!! Rosalind is certainly Overlord Zenon's daughter! However, she wasn't the one who destroyed our village.....!

FUBUKI: There is no point in arguing about it! In order to get revenge on the enemy of our clan! Daughter of the Overlord! I will claim your life!!


FUBUKI: .....Tch! How is it you have improved so greatly from the other day!? It seems I won't be able to carry out my mission in this manner....!

YUKIMARU: Please, I beg of you to stop, dear Brother! Lady Rosary has commited no crime!!

FUBUKI: Get off, Yukimaru! Why are you hindering me!?

YUKIMARU: I do not deny that Overlord Zenon is the enemy of our Snow Clan! However why must you drag his daughter into the grudge!? If you do that, dear Brother, you will be the same as Zenon! I cannot approve of that!!

FUBUKI: You speak like a spoiled child! A shinobi's orders are their top priority!! Die!! Daughter of the Overlord!!

ROSALIND: Accck........!!

FUBUKI: Gwhaahhh......!!?

ZENON: HmmHmmHmm..... Watch out in this place, Princess....

FUBUKI: Y-you.....!? Guhh!!

YUKIMARU: D-dear Brotheeeer......!!


AKUTARE: Everyone, hold up! It's time for the news. I hate to trouble you with such a self-centered story, but just for a moment force yourselves. I don't know myself.... (?) Appearing on TV like this I have been able to gain popularity and lead a rich life, but lately something's been different.... During my great adventure in Veldheim my blood boiled and I felt so alive. I bravely fought against 10,000 hero groups! I had one on one battles with a hero of legend, and of course, a sweet romance with a princess....<3 ....No, sorry, sorry. Didn't mean to go off on days gone by. But if you can feel a tiny bit of the hero's spirit at home then it's worth sharing.

PLENAIR: ..........

AKUTARE: With that I guess we should go onto the next story. We'll be showing some pictures from the charity concert I'm sponsoring.

DIRECTOR: Charity Concert is it? The Dark Hero is doing more good, it seems. Akutare-babe has lost the soul of the Dark Hero, he's a different man than the one I was charmed by..... I must make Akutare-babe wake up, but that already seems unlikely.....