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Bill list

Bill Mana Bill Translation Requirements
議員一覧を見る --- View Senator List Pass a bill (attempting to pass one might be enough, though).
新しいキャラクターを作る --- Make a new Character ---
キャラクターを削除する --- Delete a Character ---
名前を変えたい --- Rename this Character ---
転生する 100 Transmigrate ---
プリニー転生して罪を償う Varies Transmigrate to Prinny for pardon Character must have committed a felony.
お店にもっと高い物が欲しい 10+ More Expensive Shop Items ---
お店にもっと安い物が欲しい 10 Cheaper Shop Items ---
敵をもっと強くしてほしい 100+ Stronger Enemies ---
敵をもっと弱くしてほしい 10 Weaker Enemies ---
メガネも買いたい 30 Eyewear Inventory ---
ベルトも買いたい 30 Belt Inventory ---
靴も買いたい 30 Shoe Inventory ---
ギブスも買いたい 50 Cape Inventory ---
反撃回数を増やす 300 Improve Counterattack ?
移動力を増やす 500 Improve Movement ?
名前に漢字を使いたい 500 Use Kanji in Name Not available in American edition
タフガイを作りたい 10 I want a tough guy (Heavy Knight) Level 3 spear mastery
悪人を作りたい 10 I want a bad guy (Criminal) Someone becomes a criminal
怪しいジジイを作りたい 10 I want a weird old man (Sage) 500+ geo panel combo chain
調教師を作りたい 10 I want an animal hunter (Beast Trainer) Capture a demon
グラマー美女を作りたい 10 I want a busty beauty (Magic Knight) Level 3 sword and staff mastery
忍者を作りたいでございる 20 I want a ninja (Male Ninja) Level 5 fist and sword mastery
くの一を作りたいでございる 20 I want a kunoichi (Female Ninja) Level 5 fist and staff mastery
夕日が似合う男を作りたい 20 I want a man to match the sunset (Gunner) Level 5 gun mastery
東洋の剣士を作りたい 20 I want an Eastern swordman (Samurai) Level 5 sword mastery
愛の狩人を作りたい 20 I want a hunter of love (Archer) Level 5 bow mastery
究極の戦士を作りたい 500 I want an ultimate warrior (Chaos Soldier) Beat the game once
経験値を3倍もらう 50 Triple Experience ---
ボーナスゲージUP 50 Bonus Gage Boost ---
プリニーデー 50 Prinny Day ---
軍資金が欲しい 10 Raise Military Funds ---
練武の洞窟へのゲートを開く 700 Open gate to Cave of Ordeal Possess required mana
エンディングが見たい! 400 I want to the see the ending! 20+ hours of game play, before Chapter 9
議員になりたい… 200 Become a member of the Senate Possess required mana
別魔界の魔王と戦いたい! 600 I want to fight the Overlord of another Netherworld ! 40 hours of playtime or after Episode 12
ニジレンジャー再び! 200 Prism Ranger once more! After the Arena is cleared
100 I want to fight the hero from another game! Beat game once, have 33+ felonies
200 Rescue the Earth Hero!! (EDF) Use three cell phones in battle to summon Kurtis
-- Rescue the Earth Hero again!! (EDF) Complete previous misson, use three more cell phones in battle to summon Kurtis


-More Expensive Shop Items-
Can be passed 12 times. Mana cost increases by 10 each time it is passed.

-Stronger Enemies-
Can be passed 20 times. Mana cost increases by 50 each time it is passed. Increases enemy level by ~20%, although this percentage is not consistent with all monsters. For example, the moths in black sun 1-1 gain 18lvls per bill (18/80=22.5%), whereas the monsters in CoO4 gain 52lvls per bill (52/250=20.8%), and the boss zombie in CoO5 gains 202lvls per bill (202/1000=20.2%). Note that rounding/flooring does not explain these differences.
In the original Disgaea, the Stronger Enemies bill increased enemies' levels by 20%+2. The numbers provided above seem to suggest the same rule applies here.<soran>

-Reincarnate as a Prinny-
It should be noted that this process varies slightly from normal Reincarnation. It costs 400 (I've seen 200) Mana just to reincarnate, and typically 5000 to become a Genius Prinny. While a Prinny you do not (mercifully) lose your weapon mastery, but you can only wield monster weapons until you revert, and all excess mana is lost. It costs just as much to reincarnate out of being a Prinny, so Mana Potions are strongly advised.Tyhm 19:51, 20 September 2006 (EDT)Tyhm

Bribing Chart

  • Item interest is still dependent upon an item's rarity.
  • Sleep status effect causes Senate member not to vote or accept bribes.
  • Forget status has a random effect on bribing (Senator is described as being drunk)
  • Special voting sessions in the Item world can have Geo symbols and panels laying around, so watch out if you try to force a vote.

Bribing Interest Trans
すごく欲しそう Must Have!
わりと欲しそう Interested
ちょっと欲しそう Slightly Interested
あまり欲しなさそう Not Very Interested
絶対にいらない Does Not Want!

Attitude Chart

Attitude Trans
愛すら感じる♥ Love♥
非常に好意的 Total Support
かなり好意的 Strongly For
好意的 In Favour Of
やや好意的 Leaning Yes
どちらでもいい Either Way
やや杏定的 Leaning No
杏定的 Against
かなり否定的 Strongly Against
非常に杏定的 Total Opposition
殺意を感じる… Loathe

Special Items

These are special items bought in the Item World from the Item Store in the green portals. These items have only one purpose, and that is to be used in the Dark Assembly to help pass your vote.

Item Translation Effect
? Angel Cake ?
? Medicine ?
金の延べ棒 Gold bars Increases sensitivity
クロロフォルム Chloroform Makes the senator not participate in vote
爆弾 Bomb Snaps senators out of sleep or confusion, but lowers their opinion
お酒 Sake Gets senator drunk, turning the usual bad impression to a good one

Legendary Senators

Name Translation Race Notes
爆山先生 Ares Heavy Knight At the end of the voting session, he will turn either left or right and knock the entire row in front of him into the sky, canceling their votes.
愛子先生 Aiko-sensei (Venus) Archer At the end of the voting session, she persuades adjacent senators to her point of view. Convincing her will help persuade others.
夢枕先生 Morpheus Mage At the end of the voting session, he uses magic to put a particular race to sleep, most often one against his view. Useful if the race was against you.
天願先生 Tengan Druid Demands for a certain item before the voting session. If you give him the item he wanted, you have a sure vote (500 Yay increase) from him. Without the item, he will vote against you (500 Nay increase).

Special Bribing Interests
まったく興味なし - Has no interest
お目当のアイテムです - Item is on the mark. (Instantly changes attitude to Love♥)

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