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Adell (アデル): The main character of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. Adell is the only human left on Veldime, and has been training for years to defeat Zenon and lift the curse. However, at certain points throughout the game it is hinted that Adell was unaffected by the curse because he is a demon himself, such as his parents being demons themselves and the prism ranger's demon detector picks him up as a demon. Courageous and determined, Adell dislikes women, demons and lies, and will never back down from any challenge or resort to dirty tactics as it is not his style. His love for challenging fights is taken to the extreme at times, earning him the name battle maniac from Rozalin. He is nice to those he cares about and will never ever break a promise, as it is once again not his style

Rozalin (ロザリンド): The only daughter of Overlord Zenon. Rozalin was summoned during a failed attempt by Adell's mother to summon Zenon. Due to the summoning contract placed on her, she is unable to leave Adell and must help him find Zenon. Incredibly snobby, Rozalin is unaware of the world around her due to her pampered life, with her books being her sole source of information. Because of this, she has no battle experience and tries (and fails) to get Adell killed indirectly on several occasions. In addition, Adell's strong vow to bring her back to her father begins to make her think differently.

Taro (タロー): Adell's eleven-year old brother. He and his younger sister Hanako are demons, having been born after their parents were cursed. He has a set of horns, as well as clothing that looks cow-like. He starts to admire Rozalin soon after meeting her, and refers to her as Princess. He is a little timid but also a little sarcastic. He is not as confident as the other characters, but he tries to help as much as he can. He is also commonly referred to as Tardo (Taro-chan in the Japanese version) by his sister, Hanako.

Hanako (ハナコ): Adell and Taro's younger sister. She is bothersome and is very cocky, constantly wishing that Adell would take her with him when he goes out to fight. She has great culinary skill as her cooking tops even the greatest of chefs. She also uses her cooking pot as a weapon. She adores Etna and wants to be a Demon Lord like her one day, but also wants to be sexier than Etna.

Tink (ティンク): A servant of Overlord Zenon and a childhood friend of Rozalin. After a mysterious person attacked Zenon's Castle, he was transformed into a frog. Tink has two forms. In his normal blue form, he is usually very polite, yet very cowardly. On occasion, he will transform into his red form. In this form, he is lecherous and rude, known for causing trouble wherever he goes. In order for him to revert to his blue form, one must chant the words Drak-Tink-Mahalak.

Yukimaru (雪丸): One of the surviving members of the Snow Clan. Yukimaru is a skilled ninja, at the age of twenty, looking to defeat Zenon and avenge the destruction of her clan. While she is skilled, she has little confidence in herself, and may try to commit suicide if she is unable to complete her mission. Yukimaru ends her sentences with the word zam (de gozaru in the Japanese version) as a way of storing ki.

Etna (エトナ): The devious vassal from the first Disgaea. After a fight with Laharl, Etna resigned from her position as vassal and became a Demon Lord. She is now in Veldime alongside her infamous Prinny Squad in order to defeat Zenon and obtain the title of Overlord. Even now, she is as devious as ever, using Adell and Rozalin to get to Zenon before any other Overlord does. However, she cannot stand being called flat-chested.

Axel (アクターレ): A demon who prides himself over once being popular. Axel was once a famous demon action hero and rock star known by many as the Dark Hero, a mastermind of evil. Unfortunately, he is now a reporter for a travel show called Tripping with Axel. Despite this new role, Axel will occasionally try to add action scenes to the show, much to the director's dismay. In the Japanese version, Axel's name was originally Akutare (sometimes romanized as Octalley). In the North American version, Axel's band is actually named Akutare. He never had a band in the Japanese version.

Fubuki (斧雪): Yukimaru's brother. A mysterious ninja bent on defeating Zenon in order to avenge the Snow Clan. A skilled ninja in his own right, Fubuki is cold hearted and will do anything to destroy Zenon.

Mom & Dad (ママ, and パパ): Adell, Taro, and Hanako's parents. Zenon's curse branded Mom with a third eye on her forehead, as well as a purple tail. Dad gained some sort of creature on his chest referred to as a "pimple", as well as gray skin, a horn on his head and longer than average arms. Mom is caring, although at the same time demented due to Zenon's curse affecting her mind. She is very skilled at summoning, though her recent attempt at a summoning failed to summon Zenon. She is very talented summoner but because of Zenon's curse, no one knows why she has this ability. Dad is more pitiful in his new condition, but still very friendly and worries about everyone despite knowing that everyone but Adell is a demon.

Zenon (ゼノン): Feared as the God of All Overlords (魔王神), who single-handedly defeated 99 rival Overlords in a single day and has been known to have killed over 1000 all together. Due to the numerous enemies looking to kill him, Zenon constantly hides himself. An Overlord known for his cruelty, Zenon is responsible for the curse on Veldime that turned its inhabitants into demons and the destruction of the Snow Clan. Rozalin, his daughter, is constantly spoiled by him as he showers her with gifts.

Masked Man & Masked Woman (仮面の男 and 仮面の女): Zenon's servants. Nothing is known about them except that they are obedient to Zenon. After hearing that Rozalin disappeared, Zenon sends them out to find her and eliminate those who caused her disappearance.

Laharl (ラハール): The main character of the first Disgaea and current Overlord of his Netherworld. Etna once served under Laharl until a fight forced Etna to leave. Laharl is not pleased to find his vassal leaving him and taking the Prinny Squad along with her. Not only that, but he is also upset that he's no longer the main character, only having the status of a cameo.A very selfish and egoistically "I-am-the-ruler-of-everything" kind of person. Laharl travels to Veldime to drag Etna and the Prinnies back to the castle and become the main character of Disgaea once again.

Flonne (フロン): The third main character from the first Disgaea. After the events in Celestia, Flonne became a fallen angel and continued to work under Laharl, although still considered a Love Freak despite her change in appearance. Even after Etna leaves, Flonne stays and continues to aid Laharl. She travels to Veldime hoping to end the fight between Laharl and Etna and, like Laharl, wants to be a main character again

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