Makai Senki Disgaea 2/Bugs

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Warning: while written to avoid spoilers, this page may have some that are unavoidable

Known Bugs

Lifting Bug:
In the following situation there is a bug where an enemy can become stuck in midair: Select a character from the Base Panel -> Move them over to an enemy -> Lift the enemy -> Hit the cancel button to return your character to the Base Panel. If the enemy becomes stuck on story maps, then you have no choice but to give up and start the battle over.

Hospital Bug:
If you never take any of the reward items from the Hospital, then around the time when high level items such as Chaos Orbs and Testaments are to be awarded by the Hospital, the game will freeze when you go to exit the hospital after healing. (Unconfirmed)

Item Collection Record Bug (DLC Related):
If you download the Majin Hanako DLC, the Gig Sword (Gig's Magichanged form) will be added to the Item Collection Record list. Since Gig is not available in the US or EU edition of the game, you cannot gain credit for owning this weapon, thus you can never achieve 100% completion of the list.