Madou King Granzort

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Madou King Granzort
Other Names
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 41
Original Airing Date/Release April 7, 1989 – March 2, 1990
First Appearance Super Robot Wars DD


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Magic from the Face of the Moon
2 Who Will Pull this Bow?
3 Gus Rides the Wind!
4 Whoever Can Spin the Top Will be the Third Person!
5 Thief Against Thief!?
6 One Shot Match! The Top Spins Upon the Water
7 Mirror, Mirror, Which One is Fastest?
8 Go For It, Old Man Tornado!
9 Nice to Meet You, Rabiluna!
10 What is the Forest's Secret!?
11 A Strong Test of Courage!
12 This is the Legendary Magical Snail?
13 The World Tree is Crying?
14 Laugh, World Tree!
15 Turtle Island's Big Sports Match
16 Riding the Passing Tidal Wave
17 Crisis in the Whirlpool!
18 Let's All Climb the Waterfall Together!
19 Diving into Soap Bubbles!
20 The Great Old Whale's Tide
21 We've Gone to the Past
22 The Dinosaur is Our Ally
23 The Sun has Disappeared
24 Return to the Beginning!?
25 Looking for the Princess!
26 Super Strength!
27 I'm Home, Rabiluna!
28 Playing with Fire is Taboo!
29 Let's Sing with Stuffed Animals!
30 A Wind Blows from the Smoking Mountain
31 The Great Transformation of Dragon Parent & Child
32 t's Too Cold for Shaved Ice!
33 This Flower is an Olenda!
34 If you Slip, You're an Adult!
35 Go, Mysterious Combo
36 The Handmade Airplane Flies!
37 Solving the Mystery of the Unmelting Ice
38 Luna is Heavy!!
39 Awake! Dark Evil God
40 Nice to Meet You, Mother
41 I'm Home, Mother

Super Robot Wars Appearances

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BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
光の戦士たち Hikari no Senshi-tachi Soldiers of Light Games