Lord of Lords Ryu Knight

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Lord of Lords Ryu Knight
Other Names
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 52
Original Airing Date/Release April 5, 1994 – March 28, 1995
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Neo


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 I`m Adeu! The Chivalry Boy Makes His Appearance
2 Is the Ninja an Ally? Another Ryu Wielder
3 Paffy Saves the Day! A Mage Princess
4 Full Speed with the Chivalry! The Targeted Ryu Users!
5 The First Loss! - The Great Guy within the Forest!
6 Adeu`s Re-Match! - The Opponent is Ryu Chief!
7 The stolen Ryu! - Big Disaster at the Elf Village
8 The Enemy is a Group of Beautiful Girls! - The Blockade Before the River!
9 The Fearsome Dungeon! - Ryu Knight Can`t Move?!
10 Battle at the Underground Palace! - Break Through the Opening!!
11 He's Appeared! It`s the Knight of Darkness! - And his Dark Ryu Knight!
12 Defeat Galden! - Decisive Battle at the Castle of Ice!
13 Lots of Ghosts! The Trump Card is Izumi?
14 Get into Position, Ryu Samurai! Straight Down the Road of Bushido!!
15 We Meet Again, Gratches! - Friendship Bound In Flame!!
16 The Goblins Have Shown Up!! Lying Katze`s Huge Profit!
17 The Stolen Kingdom! Paffy`s Disheartening Return Home!
18 Recapture Phahuricia Castle! - Get Angry, Magic Sword of Hatred
19 The Door in the Uncharted! Battle in the Sea of Clouds!
20 Save Paffy! Idoro`s Dark Grasp over Magic!
21 Trap at the Oasis! Showdown Time!! The Desert Machine Fortress!
22 Appearance of the Mysterious Beautiful Swordsman! Just Who is He-Hug!?
23 The Voyage that Calls Forth Death. Adeu`s Reunion With his Father!
24 The Helldragon Tribe Has Landed!! The Fearsome Invaders.
25 I can see it! The Temple of Time and The Path of a Paladin!
26 Steru`s Fierce Attack!! The Cornered Ryus!
27 I've Done it! A Perfect Sword Technique, the Explosive Meteor Zapper!!
28 A New Ally. The Entrance of the Mysterious Gunman!!
29 The Trap that Invites Ryus! The Counterattack of a Thousand Years!
30 Get Back the Spirit Sword. The Sword Master VS Gesshin!!
31 Fight on, Sarutobi! The Rebirth of the Yamikaze Legend!
32 Burn up, Sarutobi! Bakuretsumaru, Full Power!!
33 Paffy, Shocked! Re-awaken, Ryu Rider!
34 You`re Up, Katze! The Kiddy Treasure Hunt!
35 A Challenge for the Brave! Izumi Faces Off With His Master!?
36 Tragic Galden! The Revealed Past of the Black Knight!
37 Horribly Frightening! A New Enemy! The Heartless Doom Soldier!
38 Malevolent Galden! Idoro`s Final Onslaught!
39 The Two Knights! Adeu VS Galden!!
40 Gather, Ryu Riders! The Unveiled Mysteries of Earth Tear!!
41 Fly, Paladin! Defeat the Powerful Dooms!!
42 Gratches` Decision. The Destruction of Eldogia!?
43 Transform, Magidora! Welcome in Ryu Wizard!!
44 The Destiny of the Ryu Users. The Controlled Dark Knight!!
45 Galden`s Resolve. Bakuretsumaru`s Class Change!!
46 Protect Earth Tear! The Journey the Heroes Partook!
47 Gesshin`s Final Gamble! Protect the Earth Blade!
48 The Howl of the White Wolf! Blazing Shinebaram!
49 Brother and Sister Within the Light! Derringer`s Desperate Shot of a Lifetime!
50 Stand up, Adeu! Earth Tear`s Greatest Crisis!!
51 A Miraculous Turn of Events!? Come forth, Ryu Users!!
52 Shine, Paladin! Adeu`s New Journey!!

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BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
Good-Bye Tears Games

Run 〜今日が変わるMagic〜 Run 〜Kyō ga Kawaru Magic〜 Run ~Day-Changing Magic~ Games

Theme of Ryu Knight Zephyr Games

Theme of Ryu Paladin Lord Zephyr Games