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Kira Yamato - キラ・ヤマト
Other Names Kira Hibiki
Series Info
Featured In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
Personal Info
Voice Actor Soichiro Hoshi
Age 15-16 (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
18 (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)
Gender Male
Species Human
Nationality Heliopolis
Orb Union
Relationships Cagali Yula Athha (Sister)
Flay Allster (Love Interest)
Lacus Clyne (Love Interest)
Professional Info
Profession Mobile Suit Pilot
Rank/Position Ensign (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
Ensign -> Admiral [Orb] (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)
White Uniform [ZAFT] (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)  
Affiliation Clyne Faction
OMNI Enforcer
Orb Union

Kira Yamato (キラ・ヤマト Kira Yamato) is the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and is a recurring character in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Initially a student in a neutral colony, he is dragged into conflict during a ZAFT raid on a facility containing the Earth Alliance's Gundam-type mobile suits.



Kira Yamato, unlike most of the protagonists from the Universal Century timeline, is not antisocial. He is actually a very kind guy with a good group of friends, although that changes quickly during Mobile Suit Gundam SEED upon discovery that he is a Coordinator and enlists with the Earth Alliance's army, OMNI Enforcer. Due to the conflicts resulting from Naturals and Coordinators, Kira falls victim to the obvious racism that still remains within the Earth Alliance, alienating him from his friends and the Archangel Crew. While his friends are able to vouch for his safety and reliability, Kira struggles internally to not only find peace to settle the conflict between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, but also to find possibilities for Coordinators and Naturals to coexist just like his times on Heliopolis. This leaves him open to manipulation until he furthers his resolve and with his newly acquired SEED abilities, is able to create peace through his own hands. With this resolve he also is able to exhibit mercy upon his enemies by disabling their mobile suits through severing their limbs or destroying their weapons with ease.

In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Kira has more or less settled down in Orb, but with new leaders taking over and more conflicts arising, Kira takes upon his role as a neutral peacekeeper. He opposes all sides of the conflict much to the anger of those involved. While his appearances may seem annoying, his neutrality allows him to be much more insightful of the current state of affairs around him with little bias, almost seeing though Gilbert Durandal's grand scheme where his counterpart, Athrun Zala, fails to notice before it was too late.

Appearances In Super Robot Wars

Kira is an extremely strong pilot in Super Robot Wars, almost broken enough to give the name Jesus Yamato a whole new meaning within the game. He has natural boosts in stats due to his SEED pilot skill and his stats are oriented for long-ranged combat. This combined with the Freedom or the Strike Freedom will make Kira a force to be reckoned with. The Strike Freedom is also known for being used to mow down hordes of units due to the DRAGOON System map attack having post-movement properties that does not inflict damage to friendlies inside its attack radius.

While he makes a great addition to a player's current team, he may initially cause frustration as a third-party NPC that has a tendency to steal kills if players encounter his SEED Destiny persona.

Unit Appearances

Kira will first sortie out in these units or will eventually receive them as an upgrade. Players may also encounter him as an enemy as well.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
    • Aile Strike Gundam
    • Freedom Gundam
    • Freedom Gundam (Meteor Pack)
    • Launcher Strike Gundam
    • Strike Gundam
    • Strike Gundam (No Phase Shift Armor)
    • Sword Strike Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
    • Strike Freedom Gundam
    • Strike Freedom Gundam (Meteor Pack)
  • Other designs from games and manga
    • Strike Gundam Integrated Weapons Striker Pack

Timeline Appearances

Super Robot Wars Alpha 3

Super Robot Wars J

Super Robot Wars W

Z Timeline


Super Robot Wars K

Super Robot Wars L

Z2 Hakai-Hen

Z2.2 Saisei-Hen

Super Robot Wars UX

Z3 Jigoku-Hen

Z3.2 Tengoku-Hen

Super Robot Wars BX

Super Robot Wars X-Ω

Super Robot Wars V

Super Robot Wars DD


  • He is sometimes mocked by Gundam fans as Jesus Yamato for being overly kind and his seemingly inhuman ability to pilot mobile suits when compared to characters from previous Gundam series. Memes related to this will often have Kira's head photoshopped onto an image of Jesus.