Invincible Robot Trider G7

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Invincible Robot Trider G7
Other Names
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 50 (TV)
Original Airing Date/Release February 2, 1980 – January 24, 1981
First Appearance Shin Super Robot Wars


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Good Luck, Young President! Trider G7, Zudoul
2 Being a President is Hard
3 Money's Not Important, But Spirit Is!
4 Lullaby of the Man, Watta
5 Ah, My Fateful Rival
6 I Love Space School
7 Danger! Flower Chief
8 Man-to-Man Flower Fall
9 I'm a Small President
10 A Man's Innocence! Mr. Daimon
11 Ah, The Secret Test Plan
12 Run Shinkichi! Aim for the Goal
13 Am I Earth's Super Star?
14 It's A Shellfish That I've Picked Up
15 My Sister Sachiko is the Best
16 Parent's Association's Big Uproar
17 A Date I Dreamed Of
18 Watta, A Perfect Astronomer
19 What Does the Pancake Taste Like?
20 Impressed! Time For A Bonus
21 My Father is A Space Carpenter
22 I'm Enthusiastic, Ikue-Chan
23 A Date with A Dentist
24 The Day the Cabbage Ran Out
25 If You're A Man, Take It!
26 Time for the Summer Festival
27 A Letter From Nice Shuttle
28 A Starry-Skied Campfire
29 Don't Cry! Chief
30 Mr. Daimon the Demon Coach
31 Grandma Okane's Battle Record
32 Ah, Director. Part-Time Job of Manly Tears
33 Girls Like Sweet Potatoes Queen Atenas
34 A Passionate Fever
35 We Are Boy Detectives
36 The Town In Which The Sun Goes Down
37 Picnic on Mars!? A Taste of Mackerel
38 The Director's First Son
39 Trider's Secret
40 A Passing Typhoon, Riot!!
41 Go For It! Scrapheap Robo
42 Where Are You Going, Akira?
43 Super Robot Showdown
44 Sixth-Grade Teacher, Mr. Daimon
45 Ah, A Long-Awaited Vacation in Hawaii
46 Ms. Mieko's Determination
47 Watta's Birthday
48 Here is The Man, Mr. Daimon
49 The Dangerous Big Job Zarkon
50 Jump Out! Great President!!

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

  • Watta Takeo
  • Umemaro Kakikouji
  • Tetsuo Atsui
  • Touhachirou Kinoshita
  • Ikue Sunabara

Unit Appearances

  • Trider G7
  • Shuttle

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
トライダーG7のテーマ Trider G7 no Tēma Theme of Trider G7 Games