Haunting Legend Acrobunch

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Haunting Legend Acrobunch
Other Names Acrobunch in Devil-Land
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 24
Original Airing Date/Release May 5, 1982 – December 24, 1982
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Compact 3


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Searching for a Large Treasure Acrobunch, Combat UFO, Diranos
2 The Snowy & Icy Mountain's Mysterious Light
3 The Underground Sanctuary's Curse
4 The Mysterious Ocean Floor God Statue
5 The Treasure of the Large Congo Jungle
6 The Destruction of Atlantis Slamick
7 The Phantom of the Megalithic Themple
8 The Maiden of Enme Ya
9 Howl, Griffon Kerados
10 The Festival of Faeries
11 The Sabah Royal Palace's Disappointed Love
12 The Distant Aegean Area
13 The Mysterious Large Treasure of Quaschika
14 The Illusion of Babylon
15 The Legend of the Arctic Ocean
16 Splendid Revenge
17 The Mysterious Angkor Wat
18 Mt. Shari's War Cry
19 Battle of the Gobi Desert
20 Death Match! Love's Illusion
21 The Decisive Battle of St. Shambhala
22 Challenge! Hunter of Dreams (Finale Part 1)
23 Quaschika's Mysterious Appearance (Finale Part 2)
24 Dreams From Far Away (Finale Part 3)

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Units from this series appeared in:

Character List

Hiro Randou

Jun Randou

Kurogunki Guroiji

Miki Randou

Reika Randou

Ryou Randou

Shirogunki Shira

Tatsuya Randou

Unit List




Sentou UFO


BGM Used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
夢の狩人 Yume no Kariudo Dream Hunters Games