Getter Robo High

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Getter Robo High
Other Names Getter Robo Hai
Getter Robo Pai
Getter Robot High
Series Info
Magazine Kindai Mahjong
Volumes 3
Serialization Date December 15, 2016 - December 29, 2018
First Appearance Super Robot Wars X-Omega


In the year 2020, decades after the war for the survival of humanity, a base has suddenly appeared in the Atlantic Ocean. The name of the base: "The Empire of Atlantis". The elite of Atlantis, made up of human-beast hybrids, control a gigantic weapon called the High Beast, which is armored with an Orichalcum that prevents any kind of attack. It quickly ruled over the world. Meanwhile, Dr. Shifukan, who has been researching the Getter Line, realizes a way to defeat the High Beast's Orichalcum, and develops a humanoid weapon with this ability, the Getter Robo. The only way to defeat the perfect Orichalcum is to play mahjong! Banko Benimaru, Takeo Midorikawa, and Tsutsuno Byakuya are chosen to be Getter pilots, and throw themselves into the battle to protect the Earth.

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

  • Banko Benimaru
  • Takeo Midorikawa
  • Tsutsuno Byakuya

Unit Appearances

  • Getter Honghu