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From the third section onwards, you can put characters in teams in the intermission menu. Keep in mind that they can not be split up during the chapter.

For the most part, teams are treated as just being the character in front with a few extra bells and whistles. You can switch who's in front or select from both characters' spirit menus, but the bulk of the back character's use is in battle. There they can attack with whatever team attack they have (disregarding the usual attack range), cover the person in front with Support Defense, enable Combination attacks if they have one with the front character, provide Friendship bonuses, and enable the use of Full Power Mode after it is unlocked in Stage 42. Similar to the sources for the third section, Imperishable Night and Subterranean Animism, the player is the only one who can form teams. As such there are no ALL attacks or anything of the like to consider.

Teams play havoc with combining characters. If any of the combining characters are in a team with a character not part of the fusion, the trio will not be able to combine. So Sunny/Luna and a solo Star would be able to combine, but not Sunny/Luna and Star/Daiyousei.

Unlike in FMW Dream, Hisoutensoku can now be put onto a team with others (without the use of glicthes and exploits) and thus has use of Full Power Mode.


You can press Start while selecting any team to choose their name. You can either write in your own, go with a default template, or select a special name if the team has one (or two). Some special names are listed below, though more are yet to be translated:

Team Name 1 Team Name 2 Character 1 Character 2
Illusionary Barrier Team Reimu Yukari
Equal Human and Oni Lazing Around the Shrine Reimu Suika
Shrine Maiden Documentary Exorcism of the Newspaper Solicitor Reimu Aya
Trichromatic Lotus Butterfly Reimu Marisa
Illusionary Shrine Maiden Team Reimu Sanae
Scarlet Barrier Reimu Remilia
Strange and Bright Nature Deity Reimu Sunny
Aria of Forbidden Magic Team Marisa Alice
Catalogue of Forbidden Tomes I'm not holding anything~ Marisa Patchouli
Bonds of Friendship Team Marisa Nitori
Magic Apprenticeship Team Marisa Mima
Magicannon User Team Marisa Yuuka
Magical Girl Kirisame Flan Marisa Flandre
Magical Science Academia Nitori Patchouli
Hina Doll of Friendship Nitori Hina
Aquatic Impact Nitori Suwako
Seven-Colored Flower Team Alice Yuuka
Magic Fingers Alice Nitori
Seven-Colored, Seven Day Witches Alice Patchouli
Fantasy Maiden Brains Alice Keine
Visionary Scarlet Devil Team Sakuya Remilia
Scarlet Servant Team Faultless Fist and Knife Sakuya Meiling
No Matter How Many Lives You Have High Speed Answer Sakuya Komachi
Flower Blooming Under the Moon Sakuya Yuuka
Red Eyes of the Full Moon Sakuya Reisen
Rainbow Young Ladies Meiling Flandre
Harvest Warriors Meiling Minoriko
Shield and Wall Meiling Momiji
The Great Moving Library I'm in your debt♪ Patchouli Koakuma
The Devil's House Patchouli Remilia
Unmotivated Library Patchouli Komachi
Bookworm Patchouli Wriggle
Satellite Himawari Patchouli Yuuka
Scarlets Remilia Flandre
Queen of the Night Who Has Beaten the Sun Remilia Rumia
Twin Oni of the Scarlet Fog Remilia Suika
Safflower of Fresh Blood Remilia Yuuka
Fellowship of Mad Darkness Flandre Rumia
Destruction and Rebirth Flandre Mokou
Dream Servant Team Kurumi Elly
Likes Ants Ant Observation Squad Kurumi Wriggle
Fellowship of the Dark Night Gluttonous Ribbon Kurumi Rumia
Mana Circulation Team Kurumi Koakuma
Twin Death Scythes Elly Komachi
Netherworld Dweller Team Youmu Yuyuko
GUN×SWORD Youmu Reisen
Eye×Sword Youmu Momiji
Cutting the Gordion Knot Youmu Sakuya
Line of Grit Youmu Shou
Yuyuko Suika
First Villager Discovery Yuyuko Aya
Dichromatic Ghostly Butterfly Yukari Yuyuko
The Ultimate Master and Servant Yukari Ran
Chen Yakumo...? Yukari Chen
Sages of the Earth and Moon Yukari Eirin
Youkai Domination Youkai's Shiki and Shiki's Shiki Ran Chen
A Cornered Rat Will Accept a Cat Chen Nazrin
Ice Crystal Team Friendship of a Certain Winter Day Letty Cirno
Sleep and Awakening Spring is Number One Letty Lily White
Decline and Death Letty Shizuha
Harvest and Rest Letty Minoriko
Divine Wind of Moriya Team One With the Wind Sanae Kanako
Moriya Bloodline Team Sanae Suwako
Modern Girls Sanae Hatate
Miracle Magic Star Sanae Marisa
Uniform Girls Sanae Reisen
Twin Gods of Suwa Gods of the Kotatsu Kanako Suwako
Miss Ribbit Won't Lose to Ice Suwako Cirno
Sacred Mountain Tengu Team Aya Momiji
Double Spoiler Aya Hatate
Charge into the Headwind Aya Kanako
The Winds of Youkai Mountain Aya Sanae
Grilled Chicken Elimination Alliance Aya Mystia
Petals in the Wind Aya Yuuka
Faith of the Sacred Mountain Momiji Sanae
Aki Sisters Shizuha Minoriko
A Spring Day in Autumn Shizuha Lily White
Fall and Fall Shizuha Momiji
Tranquil Leaves Shizuha Lunasa
Golden Autumn Shizuha Shou
Season of Sowing Seeds Minoriko Lily White
Recklessness is Courage Cirno Marisa
The Great Fairy Wars Cirno Sunny
The Strongest Apology Cirno Luna
The Strongest Star Cirno Star
The Strongest Darkness Cirno Rumia
Two Birds With One Stone Cirno Mystia
Profoundly Thoughtless Cirno Yuyuko
The Light of the Sun and Moon Sunny Luna
The Light of the Stars and Sun Sunny Star
Sunny Milk's Scarlet Fog Incident Sunny Flandre
Sunflower Sunny Yuuka
Happy Sunny Sunny Merlin
The Light of the Moon and Stars Luna Star
Melodious Star Star Lyrica
Lake Fairy Team Daiyousei Cirno
Cure Sunny Daiyousei Sunny
Cure Child Daiyousei Luna
Cure Sapphire Daiyousei Star
Cure Darkness Daiyousei Rumia
Cure Nightbug Daiyousei Wriggle
Cure Chorus Daiyousei Mystia
Cure Spring Daiyousei Lily White
Nazzy Daiyousei Nazrin
Big Little Daiyousei Koakuma
Cure Miracle Daiyousei Sanae
Melody of the Sun and Moon Lunasa Merlin
Ensemble of the Moon and Stars Lunasa Lyrica
Silent Moon Lunasa Luna
Lunar Crescent Lunasa Patchouli
Tone of the Sun and Stars Merlin Lyrica
Think Positive! Merlin Parsee
Twinkling Stars and Sounds Lyrica Marisa
Piano Lesson Lyrica Mystia
Now You've Done It Rabbit Lyrica Tewi
Brass and Vocals Mystia Merlin
Strings and Vocals Mystia Lunasa
Miko Miko Reimu Mystia Reimu
Twin Nightbirds Mystia Rumia
Shooting Stars of the Earth Wriggle Marisa
Night Dance of Firefly and Sparrow Food Chain Wriggle Mystia
Twilight Lamp Wriggle Rumia
Resting Within the Soil Wriggle Letty
Waking From Hibernation Wriggle Lily White
Waterside Youkai Wriggle Nitori
Summer Fireflies and the Flying Flame Wriggle Mokou
Banquet of Youkai Bugs Connected by the Thread of Discord Wriggle Yamame
Ooh & Eek Wriggle Remilia
The Engraver's History Mokou Keine
Hourai Doll Endless Destiny Mokou Kaguya
Criminals from the Moon Kaguya Eirin
Moon Princess and Moon Inaba Kaguya Reisen
Moon Princess and Earth Inaba Kaguya Tewi
Rulers of Time Kaguya Sakuya
Doctors of the Bamboo Thicket Reisen Eirin
White Rabbits of the Eternal Night Team Inaba of the Earth, Inaba of the Moon Reisen Tewi
Girls in Their Prime Reisen Hatate
Entrance to the Underworld Kisume Yamame
Will o' Wisp and Ground Cherry Kisume Rumia
A Visit at the Oni Hour Wants to Tease You Yuugi Parsee
Veterans of the Old Mountain Four Devas of Strength and Skill Yuugi Suika
Afterglow of a Ruined Temple Team Shou Nazrin
Silent Star Shou Star
Tiger & Dragon Shou Meiling
Tiger & Bunny Shou Reisen
Golden Beast Team Shou Ran
Tiger & Cat Shou Chen
Stagnant Spirits Mima Yuyuko
Flower and Bug Yuuka Wriggle
Envoys of the Past Yuuka Mima
White Skunk Cabbage Yuuka Youmu
The Lost Smile Yuuka Yukari
Flower Rock Yuuka Merlin