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At the beginning of chapter 41, the player unlocks the ability to fully upgrade characters. As most of the unique bonuses that would have gone to Ace and Full Upgrade Bonuses are Personal Skills in this game, FMW only provides ten (twelve in D) generic bonuses to choose from. They are, from top to bottom and left to right:

  • Max HP +2000
  • Max MP +100
  • Mobility +20
  • Armor +300
  • Normal / focused movement +1 (FMW D only)
  • Barrier MP Costs -50%
  • Accuracy rate +20%
  • Critical rate +20%
  • Weapon range +1 (FMW D only)
  • Weapon power +200.
  • Change unit's Sky rating to S.
  • Change unit's Land/Water ratings to S.

Max WP Bonus

In FMW D, if any unit reaches Wife level 10, it gains all of the following bonuses immediately:

  • Unit gets one extra action
  • EXP, PP, Points obtained +50%
  • Max SP +100
  • Max Power +30

Additionally, any 2 of the following can be applied, from top to bottom:

  • Item slot +1 (does not exceed 4)
  • Final damage +10%
  • Weapon range +2 (except MAPs), movement +2, focused movement +1
  • Unit restores 50% MP and ammunition on every turn
  • Unit restores 20% SP on every turn


  • As you probably expected, higher Cost units require more Points to FUB.
  • Max WP Bonus costs 1000 WP; a best run can only give 1140 WP. At least 48 WP bonuses are required in a run for Max WP Bonus to be usable.