Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu

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Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu
ガイキング Legend of Daiku-Maryu
Other Names Gaiking LoDM
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 39
Original Airing Date/Release November 12, 2005 - September 24, 2006
First Appearance Super Robot Wars K


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 The Arrival of Daiku-Maryu! Gaiking, Daiku Maryu, Protekus
2 I Am the Chosen Warrior!? Stinger
3 The Start of a Journey... Farewell, Mom! Serpent, Zelgaia
4 Let's Go! Operation Enter Darius!
5 We're the Bad Guys?! Galgolas
6 What Will We Do?! Launching is Impossible!
7 Clash! An Honorable Duel Crab Bunker, Nouza Doruman
8 The Smallest Strongest Enemy in History Bitora
9 Face the Future and Fire! Domega
10 Lulu's Crisis! Terror on the Sea Floor
11 Violent Tremors!! General Nouza Attacks!
12 Life-or-Death Gamble?! The Forbidden Comeback Technique Cain Zerunga
13 Shock! The Captain is Father?!
14 Amusement Park Battle! Rosa's Day Off
15 A Dangerous Fugitive! A Clue about Father!
16 Break Through the Cordon! Lee and the Female Panther Nouza Bareon
17 Friend or Foe?! A Dangerous New Force Kill Jaguar
18 Super Weapon! The Trump Card of Darius Granepus
19 The New Emperor's Trap! Gaiking's Execution!!
20 Mini Mini Machines! The Big Treasure Hunt Race!
21 100% Accurate Fortune Telling! Lulu Hits the Mark!!
22 Burn, Three Idiots! Stolen Gaiking!!
23 Sakon Escapes?! The Silent Attack of an Assassination Squad
24 Pink Hippos that Trot across the Battlefield!! Who's the Idol?
25 Crewmembers Fallen to Hell! You're the Idol!
26 Prelude to a Nightmare! Revival of Daichi-Maryu!! Vulking, Daichi Maryu
27 Black Past Uncovered! Garis's Mask of Sadness Tenkuu Maryu
28 Sin and Punishment and the Cursed Child! Tenku-Maryu of Love and Hate! Raiking
29 Deadly Full Course Attack! Saspazi Laughs Last!!
30 The Successor is 13 Years Old! It's an All-Out War, Captain Lulu! Superior Stinger
31 Look! Praise! Kneel! Arrival of the Wild God Great!! Gaiking the Great, Magic Flame Super Magic Dragon Dvorak
32 No Weapons, No Bullets, Yes Best Friend! Just the Two of Us in a Battle on the Surface!! Kaikink
33 Goodbye, Innocence! Light the Flame in the Wild Boy's Heart!
34 NEX's True Intention! An Angel's Kiss for the City of Wolves...
35 Huge Massacre! Huge Development!! God, the Capital is Sinking... Garean
36 Reunion, the Father who Betrayed! But I love you so much!!
37 My Son Magic Flame Super Demon Dragon Final Dvorak
38 Everyone, Blaze Up Giant King Darius XVIII
39 Your Earth, Your Future

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu's story and/or units have appeared in the following series:

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BGM used

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Gaiking Games

炎の巨人・ガイキング合体! Honoo Kyojin: Gaiking Gattai! Flaming Titan: Gaiking Combination! Games

その名はガイキング・ザ・グレート Sono Na wa Gaiking the Great It's Name is Gaiking the Great Games

ドヴォルザーク <新世界より> Dvorak (Shin Sekai yori) Dvorvak's New World Symphony (4th Movement: Allegro con fuoco) Games