Expelled from Paradise

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Expelled From Paradise
Other Names
Series Info
Broadcasting Type Movie
Episodes 1
Original Airing Date/Release November 15, 2014
First Appearance Super Robot Wars T


After the Nano Hazard, a catastrophe that devastated Earth, most of humanity abandoned the planet and transferred their minds into a cyberspace known as DEVA. In AD 2400, a mysterious hacker infiltrates DEVA's mainframe. System Security Third Officer Angela Balzac is sent to Earth by the council to investigate. Angela makes contact with her contact Dingo, and the two set out to solve the mystery of the hacker incident.

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

  • Main Characters
    • Angela Balzac
    • Dingo
    • Frontier Setter
  • Diva
    • Alonzo Percy

Unit Appearances

  • Arhan
  • New Arhan

BGM used

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