Energetic Explosion Ganbaruger

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Energy Bomb Ganbaruger
Other Names Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 47
Original Airing Date/Release April 1, 1992 - February 24, 1993
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Neo


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Robots Discovered! Ganbaruger
2 Great Discovery of Superpowers!
3 Our Secret Will be Discovered!
4 Duel! Violin Battle
5 The Cake Ran Away!?
6 Flying Teacher Home-Visit
7 The Town Became a Sandbox!
8 Crisis! Ganbaruger
9 Superpower Miracle Baseball
10 Squid and Octopus Brothers' Visit!
11 Yousuke is a Scared Human!!
12 Aosora Town is Starting to Walk Around!?
13 The Password is Ribbit!
14 Hell-whale Flies Through the Air
15 Come Forth! Revolger Revolger, Yoroider
16 Rikiya Vs. Ganbaruger
17 Fear! Demon World Pitfall
18 A Dare to the Demon World
19 Hurry! Ramen Reversal
20 Showdown with a Banana
21 Gokuark's Revival! Demon King Dokuark
22 Birth! Gekiryuger Gekiryuger
23 Close-Call Great Combination Great Ganbaruger, Dokan
24 Clash! Manga Panic
25 Surprise! Invisible Man
26 The Hellbeast is a Cook!
27 Appear! Shinobi Ganbar
28 Troubled Miracle Athletic Meet
29 Magnetic-attractking!
30 Universe-sized Great Struggle!
31 Time slip: Aosora Town
32 Airy Balloon Bus
33 Kasumi vs Ganbaruger
34 Hell is Mystified!? School Play
35 Persevere! Catering Alone
36 Too Many Kotaro's!?
37 Kotatsu Deadheat
38 Yaminorius of Justice!?
39 Santa is the Town's Great Robber!
40 The Hero Hates Rice Cakes!?
41 The Beloved Person is the Sorcerer
42 Surprisingly Tough Enemy! Great Magic
43 Perfect Date Strategy
44 Demon World's Great Secret!
45 Three Great Demons, Reborn! Demon King Seiark, Demon King Retsuark
46 We Are the Energetic Explosion!
47 The Final Great Decisive Battle!

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Energy Bomb Ganbaruger's story and/or units have appeared in the following series:

Character Appearances

Unit Appearances

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
元気爆発ガンバルガー Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger Energy Bomb Ganbaruger Games

ガンバルガー・ミラクル合体 Ganbaruger Miracle Gattai Ganbaruger Miracle Combination Games

ガンバルガー必殺技 Ganbaruger Hissatsuwaza Ganbaruger Sure-Killing Technique Games