Combination Squadron Mechander Robo

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Combination Squadron Mechander Robo
Other Names Gasshin Sentai Mechander Robo
Mechander Robo
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 35
Original Airing Date/Release March 3, 1977 - December 29, 1977
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Compact 3


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 The Congistar Corps Invade Japan! Mechander Robo, Omega Missile, Saucer
2 Mysterious Warrior Jimmy Orion Sinkiller
3 Jimmy's Deadly Decision to Power In
4 Look! That's the Aerial Fortress City Head Robot
5 Protect the Transport Fleet With Your Life!
6 Sortie!! Air Carrier King Diamond
7 The Congista Corps' Hawaii Annihilation Strategy
8 Strike! Omega Missile
9 The South China Sea's Last Battle
10 Danger! Mechander Max Mechander Max
11 Final Blow! Mechander Fencer Gear Robot
12 The Mysterious Big Hurricane
13 Rescue the Phantom Atlantic Fleet!
14 Operation Tokyo Black Hole
15 Sortie! Combination Tricar
16 Mechander Robo's Close Call
17 Destroy the Omega Missile! Synchronous Satellite, Kuragerar
18 Secret Base Attacked!
19 Break Into the Demonic Persian Gulf!
20 Counterattack! Singapore Resuce Operation
21 Shoot That Giant Robot!
22 The End of the Stadium Base
23 Sleep Forever, Mother Dragon Driller
24 4-Person Combination Mechander Robo
25 Expose the Mysterious Trick Strategy!
26 Do-Or-Die Space War
27 Infiltration! Aerial Fortress City Grape Robo
28 Don't Turn Back! Jimmy Orion
29 The Target of Attack is the Enemy Mobile Forces
30 The Mysterious Land Route Strategy
31 Death Match! Synchronous Satellite Destruction Plan
32 Medusa Dies in the South Sea
33 Proceed! The Earth Force Counterattack
34 The End of Imperator Ozmel
35 Mechander Robo Forever (Clip Show)

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Combination Squadron Mechander Robo's story and/or units have appeared in the following series:

Character Appearances

Unit Appearances

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
トライアタック!メカンダーロボ Tri-Attack! Mechander Robo Games