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WARNING: This anime has not been officially released in English. The names of the show, characters, and robots may not have a universally accepted or official translation for their names and the names used will either come from a fan translation or the whims of the editors.

Bio Armor Liger
Other Names Juushin Liger
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 43
Original Airing Date/Release March 11, 1989 - January 27, 1990
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Neo


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 The Raging Bio Armor, Liger appears! Liger
2 Old Enemy, Demon Dragon King Doluga!!
3 Be Careful of Satan's Shadow!!
4 Aim the Flaming Arrow, Liger!!
5 Bare your Fangs, Doluga Dragon
6 Break through Hell's Trap!!
7 Grab the Stone! Empress Zala's Curse
8 Swallow your Tears! Shoot your Friend!!
9 The Rose's Magic, The Lion's Smile
10 Farewell, Chiro! Sorrowful Demon Dragon Warrior
11 Rampant! Traitorous Doll Army!
12 Roar! The Angry Liger Slash
13 The Carefree Dragon Mini Knight Appears!
14 The New Demon General, Doll Commando
15 The Girl who Loved the Demon Dragon Warrior
16 The God that Abandoned our Castle
17 Danger, Liger! The Pegasus Shrieks
18 He's Strong! Heavy Battle Horse Vegaruder!
19 Yui and Mai's Mixed-up Battle!
20 Enraged Blade! The Wings of Friendship
21 Mini Knight's Favorite is Dragon Knight!
22 The Fear of the Revived Legend
23 The Sailor Uniform and Beast God Liger
24 Drago's Blood Calls out the Devil's Tomb
25 Drago's fangs Strike Down!
26 Demon Dragon King Doluga Files to the South Pole!
27 The Girl who Dances to the Death Melody
28 Now Stand Up, Thunder Liger!
29 Take Down Metal Knight!
30 The Soldier that Brings Love
31 Fight! With our Robot
32 Ryu Dolk's Meeting with Fate
33 Yui, Mai, Assassination Orders
34 Save Mai! Drago Empire's Fight!
35 Zala's Retaliation Towards the Traitors
36 Doll Satan's Love of Flowing Blood
37 Drago's Curse of the Demonic Triangle Zone
38 Two Yuis!? Mai's Courage
39 Yui's Sad Decision
40 Rush into the Magic Castle
41 Archfiend's Revival, Part I
42 Archfiend's Revival, Part II
43 The Time-Crossing Battle of the Gods

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Bio Armor Liger's units and/or story has appeared in the following series:

Character Appearances

Unit Appearances

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
怒りの獣神 Ikari no Juushin Juushin's Rage Games

奇跡の獣神 Kiseki no Juushin Juushin's Miracle Games