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Other Names
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 26
Original Airing Date/Release April 1, 1999 - September 30, 1999
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Compact 3


Keita Aono is a high school student who discovers he is actually a Dual Kind, a special kind of human. He joins Akamatsu Industries alongside fellow Dual Kind Hinoki Sai as pilots for the Neuronoid mecha Kakuseijin. Together, they investigate cases related to the virus Algernon and a mysterious monster known only as "Betterman".

Set in the same universe as The King of Braves GaoGaiGar.

Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Darkness Kakuseijin No.1, Dodeka Chika-Chan, Betterman Nebula
2 Voice
3 Sky
4 Awaken
5 Hell Tyran
6 Echo Behemoth
7 Forte Betterman Forte
8 Poison
9 Aqua
10 Worms
11 Nebula
12 Dragon Carryant, Heracles, Icarus
13 Nectar Betterman Lume
14 Soul King Behemoth
15 Shadow
16 Revelation Premier Model No.1, Deux Model No.2, Trois Model No.3
17 Dream
18 Hunger
19 Mirror
20 Trap Brahman, Kankel
21 Death
22 Life Blossom
23 Offering
24 Departure
25 Memory
26 Nothingness Betterman Ortus

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Betterman's units and/or story has appeared in the following series:

Character Appearances

The following characters have appeared in a Super Robot Wars as either a playable character, an enemy, or are involved in the background story as a supporting ally/enemy. The characters are sorted by faction.

  • Akamatsu Industries
    • Keita Aono
    • Hinoki Sai
    • Asami Miyako
    • Shou Yanagi
    • Kaede Kurenai
    • Sakura Akamatsu
    • Shigeru Akamatsu
  • Somniums
    • Lamia/Betterman
    • Seeme
  • Other
    • Dodeka Chika-Chan
    • Chandi
    • Preto
    • Dr. Umezaki
    • UMA
    • Yakusugi
    • Mugito Mamon/Brahman
    • Mario
    • Kankel

Unit Appearances

The following units have appeared in a Super Robot Wars as either a playable unit, NPC, or enemy. The units are sorted by faction.

  • Akamatsu Industries
    • Kakuseijin 1-Gou (Accept)
    • Kakuseijin 1-Gou (Active)
    • Kakuseijin 1-Gou (Accept w/Grianoid)
    • Kakuseijin 1-Gou (Active w/Grianoid)
    • Tyran (Accept)
    • Tyran (Active)
    • Tyran (Accept w/Grianoid)
    • Tyran (Active w/Grianoid)
  • Somnium
    • Betterman Forte
    • Betterman Lume
    • Betterman Nebula
    • Betterman Oltus
  • Other
    • Dodeka Chika-Chan
    • Behemoth
    • Carryant
    • Premier Shokigata 1-Gou
    • Deux Shokigata 2-Gou
    • Trois Shokigata 3-Gou
    • Heracles
    • Icarus
    • Medusa
    • King Behemoth
    • Blossom
    • Brahman
    • Kankel

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romaji) English Translation Links
鎮 -requiem- Chin -requiem- Requiem Games

嵐 -turbo- Kaze -turbo- Turbo Games