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Act 1

At Shin'i Headquarters Takumi Atsuta and Haruna Mochizuki where meeting with their Boss, a talking Calico cat named Mike. Haruna gave a brief summery of the event that transpired in Misaki city, after Mike asked about it. Mike has received reports from Shin'i agents that the balance within Misaki city has deteriorated. As Takumi asked about why they were called in, Mike replies that Misaki city is becoming "hallowed ground". Along with this their has been a string of murders, Takumi and Haruna are being sent in to locate Akiha Tohno, the town guardian and confirm what has occurred.

Episode 1: Beginning: To The Dark Alley...

After arriving in Misaki Takumi and Haruna they are both given the creeps by the stagnation tainting the city. They find an alley especially tainted by the stagnation and encounter a group of evil spirits. With this Takumi and Haruna has confirmed the legitimacy of the report and decide to splite up. Haruna will head to the Tohno mansion and meet with Akiha Tohno, while Takumi will patrol around the city to find more places tainted by the stagnation.

Haruna's Route Episode 2: Night of the New Moon..

Rin Tohsaka is in Misaki, apparently looking for a first class puppet master. Lost in thought over how difficult it's been looking for this puppet master, she is approached by Shiki Nanaya. When Rin asks him who he is he reply's with "i'm a homicidal maniac", with Rin accuse him of being behind the string of murders. Nanaya admits to being responsible for some of them, and tell's her to blame her own bad luck for encountering him. Haruna arrives and tells Nanaya off about pointing a knife at someone, Nanaya muses over having two victims and attacks. After Nanaya retreats Haruna asks who he was, with Rin tells her he introduced himself as a homicidal maniac. Haruna assumes he's the infamous murderer, with Rin saying he denied being responsible for some of them. Haruna want to quickly capture him, well Rin argues that he's ordinary cutthroat since he commands evil spirits. Haruna asks Rin how she knows about evil spirits, with Rin explaining how she heard it from another guardian. Haruna and Rin introduces themselves, and explains the reason why their in Shiki. Just then a pillar of light suddenly erupted near the Tohno Mansion, with Rin recognizing it.

Haruna's Route Episode 3: ...Are You My Master?

Inside the Underground Kingdom (a.k.a. the Tohno Mansion basement) Kohaku is busy scheming, with plans to mass produce Mecha Hisui. Outside of the Mansion Satsuki is planing to sneak in, while inside Hisui is busily tidying things up. Just then a sword appeared inside of the Underground Kingdom, curiosity gets the better of Kohaku and she touches the sword and Saber appears in front of her. Saber asks Kohaku if she is her master with Kohaku no understanding the situation, to Saber's dismay they conclude that she was summoned unintentionally, again. As Hisui was wondering what the unusal sound was Satsuki entered the property, while in the Underground Kingdom Saber explains to Kohaku what's happening. Saber explains that she is what's called a Servant, a high ranking familiar and explains the connection between Servants and Masters. While Hisui was looking for the entrance to the Underground Kingdom she is found by Satsuki, she is then knocked out and kidnapped. Inside the Underground Kingdom Mecha Hisui detects an intruder and goes to pursue them, Kohaku is unsure what is happen and fallows Mecha Hisui with Saber in tow. Outside the Mansion Satsuki is confronted by Mecha Hisui, Kohaku and Saber arrives finding Hisui being held captive by Satsuki. Saber tries to catch Satsuki she is stop by Caster, Satsuki then escapes with Hisui while Mecha Hisui pursues them. Saber questions Caster why she's here and the other Servants, with Kohaku saying that they should focused of rescuing Hisui. Just them Haruna and Rin arrives at the Tohno Mansion, and help them fight against Caster. Kohaku and Saber purses Caster as Rin realize that Kohaku is a Master, she and Haruna then fallow after them.

Haruna's Route Episode 4: The Beast of Chaos

Inside an abandoned factory Nrvnqsr is meeting Caster, they both confirm that the Serpent Dead Apostle, "the other child", the True Ancestor, and "the boy how seek death" are present in Misaki. Nanaya returns and says that the others will arrive soon. Though they are indifferent towards one another, as they are working together to reach their own ends. Namaya wants to kill his other half, Caster wants to find "that man" (a.k.a. her former Master Kuzuki), and Nrvnqsr wants to kill the True Ancestor. In the streets of Misaki Saber asks Kohaku if she is all right, Kohaku reply's that since she is able to track Mecha Hisui as as she is tracking Satsuki properly their is no problem. The signal from Mecha Hisui is suddenly lost and Misaki leads them where it was, they find Mecha Hisui broken in the Park. A White Wolf (Raikiri) appears in front of the group, and Haruna confirms that the wolf is a youkai. Haruna and Rin explains to Kohaku that Haruna's group, Shin'i collectively call all beings with unique abilities like magic or ESP as youkai. Raikiri howls and calls evil spirits as reinforcements, after Raikiri is defeated Nrvnqsr Chaos appears in front of the group. Rin is shocked to see one of the Twenty Seven Apostles there, and Rin explains to Kohaku that they are a group of the most powerful vampires ever. Saber decides to face Nrvnqsr, as she is the only one in the group capable of facing Nrvnqsr. After Raikiri runs away Phantasmoon (a.k.a. Arcueid the True Ancestor) appears, and joins the battle against Nrvnqsr. After Nrvnqsr is defeated and runs away Kohaku explains to Phantasmoon the present circumstances, with Phantasmoon saying she say someone carrying a maid an abandoned factory. The group rushes over to the abandoned factory, and learn the enemy is using it as a base. Kohaku thanks Haruna and Rin for their help, and they start introducing themselves Kohaku is confused when Rin mentions the Holy Grail War and Rin pities Saber with her luck with Masters. Kohaku recognizes Haruna from the Mochizuki group, and Haruma explains she meet Rin on her way to visit the Tohno Mansion. Then they saw light erupt from the mansion and rushed over, with Rin saying they should get on with the rescue mission.

Takumi's Route Episode 2: Encounter With a Youkai

In the streets of Misaki Shiki Tohno can feel the stagnation in the air, it's just like the Tatari but with actual victims. He says that this month four people has gone missing, along with two corpses being found drained of blood. Shiki is also wondering were Arcueid and Ciel are, as the latter would threaten him to stay out of it. He also aware that his sister Akiha Tohno goes out at night, while on the way home he is confronted by Raikiri. Takumi is nearby and can feel how strong the stagnation is, it worse then the rumors and thinks it's more like a distortion. As Shiki is fighting Raikiri Takumi arrives to help him, Takumi recognized Shiki which leave him taken aback. After the battle Takumi is amazed by Shiki's eyes (that let's a person see death), while Shiki asks Takumi who he is. As Shiki glares at him Takumi introduces himself, a youkai from Shin'i sent to investigate the disturbances in city. Shiki is confused about Takumi is saying, while Takumi is dumbfounded over how clueless Shiki is and how overprotective Akiha is. Takumi explains to Shiki that to Shin'i all belongs that possess unique abilities, such as magic or ESP are collectively call youkai. Shiki is also considered a youkai, since he has the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. This classification isn't limited to people, as animals, plants, and insects with unique abilities are also considered youkai. When Shiki ask about the dog from earlier Takumi confirms that it was a youkai, and that sorcery and alchemy would also fall under unique abilities. Shiki concludes that Sion Eltnam Atlasia is also a youkai, with Takumi replying that she a half-youkai. Shiki is surprised that Takumi knows about Sion, with Takumi replying that he as read the documents that Shin'i has on Misaki.

Takumi's Route Episode 3: The Beast of Chaos

In the Park Takumi explains that Shin'i is an organization of youkai that deals with youkai, Shin'i helps those that are having trouble dealing with their powers. Shin'i would help someone to control their power after it awakens, or respond to incidents caused by an awakening. Takumi tells Shiki that he was sent in an investigate Misaki, as to why the balance in the region is falling apart. Shiki asks if Takumi came with someone, and he replies that his partner Haruna went ahead to meet with Akiha at the Tohno mansion. Just then they sense a strong presence and Shiki is shocked to find Nrvnqsr, since he was the one who killed him in the first place. Nrvnqsr was out looking for Arcueid but found them, when asked as to how he's still alive he replies that he exists outside of rumors. Takumi confirms that Nrvnqsr has come back from the dead, and since he needs his strength to fight Arcueid he decides to feed on them. Nrvnqsr is then interrupted by Phantasmoon, and not wanting to fight her now Nrvnqsr retreats. Phantasmoon is surprised to see Shiki with another guy, usually he would be with some weird girl. Phantasmoon is concerned about Takumi since he fought Nrvnqsr, and threatens him not to go after Shiki. It's explained to Phantasmoon who Takuni is and why he's their, but Phantasmoon has no clue what Shin'i is. Takumi says that's no surprising, since Shin'i only operates in Japan and has only been active since a decade ago. Phantasmoon asks Takumi what's he's investigating and thinks she'll kill him later if he became a nuisance, with Shiki asking Phantasmoon if she is thinking something unpleasant. Shiki asks Phantasmoon why she haven't come to the mansion lately, with Phantasmoon replying that she was hunting Dead Apostles (vampires). Phantasmoon had no idea that was Nrvnqsr responsible, and alive for that matter. Phantasmoon and Shiki could both feel it, just like six month ago the night of Tatari that were caused by Warachia. Phantasmoon leaves to hunt more Dead Apostles, as she leaves she mentioned that she say Akira. After Phantasmoon left Takumi suggest that they look for Akira, and Shiki goes along with him.

Takumi's Route Episode 4: The Kidnapped Maid

Inside an abandoned factory Nrvnqsr is meeting Caster, they both confirm that the Serpent Dead Apostle, "the other child", the True Ancestor, and "the boy how seek death" are present in Misaki. Nanaya returns and says that the others will arrive soon. Though they are indifferent towards one another, as they are working together to reach their own ends. Namaya wants to kill his other half, Caster wants to find "that man" (a.k.a. her former Master Kuzuki), and Nrvnqsr wants to kill the True Ancestor. Akira is in a back alley and is fuming about the constant increase of evil spirits from the stagnation, Akira then decides to take a look at the park. In the park Akira finds Satsuki with an unconscious Hisui, Satsuki refuses to return Hisui and apologizes. Takumi and Shiki arrive at the seen, Shiki is surprised to see Satsuki while Tasumi goes over what he knows about her in his head. Akira asks why Shiki is here and Shiki is confused on what is going on, Takumi says they should focus on dealing with Satsuki. Shiki questions Satsuki why she abducted Hisui, with her replying with apologies. Caster arrives, and tells Satsuki to go on ahead as she keeps them busy. Akira and Shiki calls out to Satsuki as she makes her escape, while Takumi warns them that the cloaked woman isn't human. After Caster escapes they chase after her, Takumi asks Shiki whats out their with him replying theirs just an abandoned factory. Shiki wonders if Hisui is really being held within the factory, with Tkumi replying that it's must likely since great power is coming from the factory. Akira asks why Shiki is with another guy and ask who Takumi is, since she can't believe that he and Shiki are friends. Takumi introduces himself and explains he's only met Shiki a short time ago, he says that Shin'i headquarters has received her request and he's one of the youkai they sent. Akira understands and is surprised by their quick response, though it's only natural since this area is of special interest to Shin'i. Akira asks what department he's in, with him replying that he's in the Security Special Task Force 4 under Mike. Akira has an assumption of his partner which Takumi confirms, his partner is Haruna that went ahead to the mansion but it appears they missed each other. Takumi asks Akira if she is friends with Haruma, since he's surprised to find a friend of hers outside of Shin'i. Haruna and Akira originally became friends since they were the only ones in their school with unique abilities, but since she had to stop going to school since of her powers so Akira hasn't seen her in a long time. Shiki can't fallow the conversation, and Akira says he doesn't need to know. Takumi tells him he'll explain later since it'll be dangerous with someone of his powers not knowing what's going on. Just then Takumi notices that someone is outside the factory.

Episode 5: Fight at the Abandoned Factory: Part 1

Takumi's group is in front of the abandoned factory where they confront Satsuki, when Satsuki refuses to to return Hisui Akira states that they will take her back by force. As the battle raged on Haruna's group arrives, with both of Takumi's and Haruna's group being surprised to see the other. Shiki asks Kohaku if she came chasing after Hisui, with she confirms. Akira states that their top priority is to rescue Hisui and orders Kohaku to fall back, just then Raikiri appears and fights against them with Satsuki. After the pair is defeated Nanaya arrives and takes Satsuki away, as he leaves he tells them that Hisui is inside.

Outside the factory Akira is taking with Shiki and he says it feels just like half six months ago, especially with Nanaya around. As Akira is concerned over Shiki, he is resolute that Nanaya is an enemy and that he will defeat him. Akira questions Kohaku why she is here, with Kohaku explaining that she was with Hisui at the mansion when Satsuki broke in and kidnapped Hisui. Kohaku also ask Akira, whih she reply's that she was out on patrol when she say Satsuki and gave chase. Akira wonders how the manison was broken into and Hisui was kidnapped, Akira is starting to think that Kohaku's security system has been worthless. Akira tells Kohaku that after they rescue Hisui she will recive punishment. Takumi is surprised how amazing Akira is, with Haruna saying she hasn't really changed since their days at school. Takumi is reminded of his younger sister Nori, since she is quite similar to Akira. When Haruna ask how they are similar he rely's with their both "power idiots", they only understand overwhelming strength. Saber asks Rin if something is on her mind, with Rin saying it feels like a trap. Rin explains that every opponent they've face has been powerful, if they got serious they couldn't have stopped them from killing them all. They also all retreated after some time, which means they are being baited into the factory. Rin doesn't know why their doing this, but they have no other option then dive right in. Saber is determined to help Kohaku rescue her younger sister, they then fallow the rest of the group inside.

Episode 6: Fight at the Abandoned Factory: Part 2

Inside the factor Nrvnqsr is with Caster and asks where the girl they took, Caster says she's been put in the back room. Nrvnqsr asks Caster if everything is in place, when she confirms so they go to confront them. After entering the factory Rin says they they still need check, although this place would be a perfect hideout. Kohaku calls out of Hisui with no response, Saber tells Kohaku that Hisuki either can't hear her or can't respond. They are confronted by Nrvnqsr and Caster, with Caster saying this is all part of the Holy Grail War. Caster tells the group the Nrvnqsr is her Master, with Saber unable to believe it. Nrvnqsr confesses that he was once a mage, so he dose have the qualification to be Masters. Rin questions what a Dead Apostle would want with the Grail, with Nrvnqsr replying that he has no need to answer her. Akira says she don't come here talk about this nonsense, and Kohaku asks for Hisui release. Nrvnqsr tells them if they want her back they would have to defeat them, during the intense battle Nrvnqsr has Caster activate her trap. This trap surprises them and keeps them from moving, Caster explained to them that the factory is covered in her incantations. Phantasmoon arrives and disarmed Caster's trap, Nrvnqsr escaped and Caster is "killed" by Archer. Haruna ask Rin who was that person in red (Archer) that shows up at the end, with Rin saying she didn't know who he was. Aohaku, Shiki, and Akira are looking for Hisui in the factory, with Akira telling Shiki he will be getting a scolding for going out at night. Phantasmoon finds Hisui, after confirming that Hisui is safe Akira invites them all to her mansion. Haruna wonders why Akira is inviting them to her home, though probably to first thank them for rescuing Hisui and then to talk with them as Miski's guardian. Haruna says that things are far worse then they thought, with Takumi in full agreement since they meet so many powerful people on their first night. Takumi is also concerned about what that woman in the hood named Caster said, about the Holy Grail War. Haruna has no idea what the Grail War is, which upset Takumi and he reminds her that as an agent of Shin'i she should be familiar with important events within Japan. Takumi tells Haruna that both Rin and Saber has experience the Grail War firsthand, and that they should be able to fill her in on the details. Takumi asks what dose she understand about the Grail War, with her reply that Misaki city will become a battlefield.

In an unknown location Nanaya reports to a mysterious woman that it happened as expected, Nanaya is unsure about leaving Caster since she could have been useful. The mysterious woman assures him their are other to take her place, which he says is true considering her powers. The mysterious woman also seems to be waiting for Haruna.