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I feel like we could use a page like this to standardize the edits we make and ask for help rather than make fall into a cycle of overwriting each others edits in the future. This will fall outside the checklist stuff since this will mostly involve the nitpicky stuff.

To make this page actually useful:

  • Avoid calling out other fellow editors. They're trying to contribute too!
  • You can run editing polls to see what the majority would prefer in your edits and get some input. Don't bother trying to cheat the vote counts since we all have access to past revisions...

Questions from A Gundam


So I am wondering is the OG character from SRW Z spelled Xine or Ziene


Vote count : 0


Vote count: 0

Questions from Piloy/Naransolongo Boldbayer


Since we've gathered the info for the F final mod in a neat little google doc i was wondering if we should make it a page now. It would save a whole lotta time and maybe allow people to discover the mod without us raving in the discord about it

Pages for Z-MSV and M-MSV?

Make pages for Z-MSV and M-MSV to list the units that appear?