Another Century's Episode 3: The Final/Upgrade Carryover

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Units that require a secret to unlock (either at all or before the unit they carry over to) are marked in blue while units that need to be purchased first at unit scouting menu are marked in green.. Upgraded unit will be available once the former mech reaches either 1/3 or 2/3 amount of experience gauge depending on the unit.

Former Mech Carries over to Minimum Required Experience
Billbine Billbine (Camouflage Color) 1/3
VF-1A (Hikaru) VF-1A(S) (Hikaru) 2/3
VF-1A (Max) VF-1A(S) (Max) 2/3
VF-1S (Fokker) VF-1S(S) (Fokker) 2/3
VF-1S (Hikaru) VF-1S(S) (Hikaru) 2/3
VF-1S (Max) VF-1S(S) (Max) 2/3
Gundam DX Gundam DX (G-Falcon) 1/3
Nanajin Red Nanajin 1/3
Freedom Gundam Freedom Gundam (Meteor) 2/3
Justice Gundam Justice Gundam (Meteor) 2/3
Nu Gundam Nu Gundam HWS 1/3
Gundam Full Armor Gundam 2/3
Yuu Brain Nelly Brain 2/3