Another Century's Episode 3: The Final/Gameplay Tips And Strategies

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Favorite System

In ACE3, Favorite System is decided by the most frequently used unit from a series. Series marked as favorite is marked with A sign (from ACE logo) at unit selection menu and grants faster experience gain as well as 25% discount on upgrade and repair costs.

Special Idle Animations

Certain units have special animations when left idle for certain period. For example, King Gainer and other Overman units will perform the infamous monkey dance and ∀ Gundam will hang up laundry.

BGM Change

At hangar menu press □ when Faye asks to begin sortie to choose a series BGM for your selected unit.

I-Frames During Unit Docking/Undocking Animation

Freedom Gundam (Meteor), Justice Gundam (Meteor) and Gundam DX (G-Falcon) have I-Frames during their animation of docking/undocking with Meteor Unit or the G-Falcon for DX. Freedom Gundam's Himat Full Burst doesn't share ammo count with Meteor's Full Burst attack as well, so one can quickly clear an entire area from enemies by firing Meteor's Full Burst then undock to fire Himat Full Burst or the other way around.

Wingman and Unit Experience

Unlike ACE2, wingman unit does gain experience point as player unit normally does, therefore assigning less preferred units as wingmen is a much more efficient method to fill their experience bar.