Super Robot Wars/OGs/Pilot Skills

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Skill Japanese PP Cost Description
Potential 底力 20 (+5) When HP is low, Hit/Evade/Crit/Armor stats will be raised
Offensive Support 援護攻撃 50 (+10) Allows the pilot to provide offensive support to an adjacent ally
Defensive Support 援護防御 50 (+10) Allows the pilot to provide defensive support to an adjacent ally
Counter カウンター 20 (+5) Allows the pilot to attack first when targeted by the enemy
In-fight インファイト 20 (+5) Inceases the damage dealt by melee weapons; Increase unit movement.
Gunfight ガンファイト 20 (+5) Inceases the range and damage dealt by ranged weapons
SP Up SPアップ 30 (+5) Increases a pilots maximum Spirit Points (+6 to MAX SP)
Command 指揮官 30 (+10) Increases nearby ally's Hit/Evade stats
SP Regenerate SP回復 80 Restores 10 Spirit Points every turn
Mental (Focus) 集中力 80 Reduces the SP cost for Spirit Commands to 80%
Hit&Away ヒット&アウェイ 70 Enables movement after attacking
Attacker アタッカー 80 Increases offensive power by 20% when the pilot's Will is more then 130
Revenge リベンジ 40 Increases damage dealt by counterattacks by 20%
Predict 見切り 90 +10 to Dodge, Skill & Hit on 130 morale
EN Save Eセーブ 80 E-Save (70% EN usage)
Ammo Save Bセーブ 80 B-Save (1.5 times Ammo)
Learning ラーニング 100 when in team as sub, same exp and PP gain as main.
Resolve 闘争心 50 Will+5 at beginning of stage
High Spirits 戦意高揚 60 Will+2 every turn
Will+ (Evade) 気力+(回避) 60 Will+1 when unit evades attack
Will+ (Hit) 気力+(命中) 65 Will+1 when unit hits enemy
Will+ (Damaged) 気力+(ダメージ) 60 Will+2 when unit is damaged by enemy
Will+ (Destroyed) 気力+(撃破) 65 Will+1 when enemy is destroyed
Assist Attack 連携攻撃 75 Sup.Atk at 100% damage
Focused Attack 集束攻撃 75 Main -> Sub/ Sub -> Main damage penalty reduced by 20%.
Guard ガード 85 Takes 80% Damage when Will is more then 130
Will Limit Break 気力限界突破 100 Break Will Limit (MAX = 170)
Mechanic 修理技能 65 When Repair command is used, the HP regenerated will be 1.2 times the normal amount.
Resupply 補給技能 70 Allows the pilot to replenish other units after moving.
EXP UP EXPアップ 100 1.2 times EXP gain.

Pilot Personal Skills:

Skill Japanese PP Cost Description
Telekinetic Power 念動力 None Bonus to Hit & Evade stats.
Genius 天才 None +20 to Hit/Evade/Critical Hit Rates stats.
Lucky ラッキー None On activation Hit/Evade/Critical Rate become 100%.
Fortune 強運 None Receives 20% more credit when destroying enemy units.
Foresight 予知 None When pilot's morale is 130 or more, +30 final evade during enemy phase.