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When a pilot reaches 50 kills, he/she obtains the Ace ranking, indicated by a silver 'A' beside their kill counter. Ace Pilots start with a +5 morale/will each map.

If an ace pilot reaches 100 kills, he/she will gain a gold 'A' and a +10 morale/will start.

The three pilots with the highest kill counts will be a Top Ace, they also get a +5 morale/will bonus.

Without the aid of equip parts, a pilot can be deployed with 115 morale/will each map if he has over 100 kills (Gold Ace) and is within the players top three pilots (Top Ace)

A feature in OGs is when a pilot initially becomes an Ace at 50 kills, he/she will also gain an Ace Bonus

  • Note: All modifiers are applied after the final calculation.

Original Generation

Pilot Japanese Ace Bonus
Daitetsu ダイテツ Final Damage Taken -10%
Tetsuya (Sub) テツヤ SP +20 (From game data; Cannot be aced)
Tetsuya (Captain) テツヤ Final Damage +10% for all weapons with range over 1
Lefina レフィーナ Command Effect +5%
Sean ショーン SP +20 (From game data; Cannot be aced)
Ryusei リュウセイ Final Damage for TK (念動) weapons + 10%
Rai ライ Final Accuracy +10%, Final Evasion +10%
Aya アヤ Accuracy +10%, SP +20
Ingram イングラム Critical Rate +20%, SP +10
Viletta ヴィレッタ Critical Rate +20%, SP +10
Kyosuke キョウスケ Counter +10%, Melee Damage +10%
Excellen エクセレン Final Support Attack Damage +10%, Final Support Defense Damage -10%
Bullet ブリット Accuracy +10%, Critical Rate +10%
Kusuha クスハ Final Support Defense Damage -10%, EXP +10%
Ryoto リョウト Final Damage +5%, Final Damage Taken -5%
Rio リオ Money +10%, EXP +10%
Tasuku タスク Lucky Activation +10%, "Luck" (幸運) cost reduced to 15SP
Leona レオナ Accuracy +10%, Evasion +10%
Masaki マサキ Final Damage +5%, Final Accuracy +10%
Lune リューネ Final Damage +10%
Kai カイ Command Effect +5%, Critical Rate +10%
Guilliam ギリアム Evasion +15%
Sanger ゼンガー Final Melee Damage +10%
Elzam エルザム Final Shooting Damage +10%
Irm イルム "Love" (愛) cost reduced to 45SP
Ring リン Accuracy +10%, Evasion +10%, Critical Rate +10%
Giado ジャーダ Evasion +10%, Final Damage Taken -10%
Garnet ガーネット EXP +10%, "Bless" (祝福) cost reduced to 20SP
Latooni ラトゥーニ EXP +20%
Katina カチーナ Accuracy +10%, Final Damage Taken -10%
Radha ラーダ Evasion +10%, SP +20
Russel ラッセル Final Support Defense Damage -20%

Original Generation 2 / 2.5 Pilots returning from Original Generation 1 will have the same Ace Bonuses in Original Generation 2 / 2.5

Pilot Japanese Ace Bonus
Raul ラウル Evasion +10%, Critical Rate +10%
Fiona フィオナ Enable (Move Again)'s Cost is reduced to 50SP.
Ibis アイビス Movement +1
Srey スレイ Final Counter Damage +10%
Tsugumi ツグミ Final Accuracy +10%, SP +20
Lamia ラミア Final Shooting Damage +5%, Final Accuracy +10%
Mai マイ Final Accuracy +10%, SP +20
Arado アラド Final Melee Damage +5%, Credits +10%
Seolla ゼオラ Final Shooting Damage +5%, EXP +10%
Eita エイタ SP +20 (From game data; Cannot be aced)
Yuuki ユウキ Evasion +10%, Critical rate +10%
Rilcarla リルカーラ Accuracy +10%, Kills +10%
Ratsel レーツェル Shooting Attack +10%
Shine シャイン Credits +20%
Alchimie アルフィミィ Final Support Attack Damage +10%, Final Support Defense Damage -10%
Ouka オウカ Final Counter Damage +10%
Wodan ウォーダン Final Melee Damage +10%
Axel アクセル Final Accuracy +20%
Lee リー Final Counter Damage +10%, Final Damage Taken -10%
Kouta コウタ Final Counter Damage +15%
Folka フォルカ Critical Rate +30%, Final Melee Damage +5%
Fernand フェルナンド Final Melee Damage +10%
Rishu リシュウ Critical Rate +40%
Shuu シュウ Final Damage +20% for all weapons with range over 1