Super Robot Wars/Z3/Upgrade Carryover

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Former Mech Carries over to At what Stage Keep Old Mech?
M9 Gernsback (Sousuke) ARX-7 Arbalest 8 Yes
Leo (Hero) Wing Zero Custom 13 (Space Route) No
Leo (Duo) Deathscythe Hell 13 (Space Route) No
Black Getter Shin Getter 34 Yes
ARX-7 Arbalest Bonta-kun 42 Yes
00 Raiser 00 Qan[T] 49 Yes
VF-25F Messiah F · TP YF-29 Durandal F · SP 49 Yes
Gurren-Lagann Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren 58 Yes

Following units do not carry over

Former Mech Does not carry over to
Re-Zel (Riddhe) Delta Plus
Re-Zel (Kamille) Zeta Gundam
Re-GZ (BWS) (Amuro) Nu-Gundam