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Tag Tension Command is a new system introduced for this game, which allows your Teams to perform special actions when the Tag Tension is full.

Tag Tension

Tag Tension increases when either of the following conditions are met:

  • A unit within the Team destroys 2 or more enemy units.
  • A pilot within the Team levels up.

Tag Tension can also increase by default via the following methods:

  • Deploying a team where both unit's main pilot are "Ace" status will increase Tag Tension by 1 at start of stage.
  • Purchasing the System TEU (システムTEU) in the D-Trader shop, giving All Teams gain +1 Tag Tension and all Units gain +5 Will at the beginning of the stage

Tag Command

Japanese English Description
マルチアクション Multi-action Gains an additional move after you destroy an enemy Team. (Note: This will be 'used' before awakening is used)
ボーナスPP Bonus PP PP earned in the next battle are doubled.
ボーナスチップ Bonus Chip Z-Chips earned in the next battle are doubled.
SPチャージ SP Charge The main Pilots for the Team recovers 25 SP.
マキシマムブレイク Maximum Break Allows the Team to perform Maximum Break.

Maximum Break

When the Tag Tension is full, you can have the Team perform a Maximum Break attack which concentrates on one enemy unit:


  • Damage dealt by the Main and Sub Units are multiplied by 1.2
  • Any Support Defense, Defensive Skills, and Defensive Abilities are negated
  • The weapons used by the Sub unit are not restricted in any way