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Secret Characters

Marguerite (Stage 49)

By completing the conditions, Marguerite will join you on stage 49, with her unit, Pearl Nail.

  • During the route split that occupies stages 34 to 36, Marguerite will appear. Shoot her down with Crowe.
  • On Stage 42 Earth route or Stage 43 Space route Convince her with Crowe, she will retreat. Or, defeat her with Crowe, and it will also count.
  • On Stage 49, Marguerite will join you once she or Schwar is defeated if the above conditions are fulfilled.

Secret Units

Scopedog TC - ISS (Stage 39)

By completing the conditions on and by stage 39, a Scopedog will be awarded.

  • During the prologue Monad battle on stage 39, have each of the Barcouf squad members kill at least one enemy.
  • Have Chirico destroy Ipsilon (Bloodsucker). He will run at 8000 HP. If someone else destroys him by assisting Chirico, via the Support Attack ability, it will count as Chirico destroying him, and you will still get the Scopedog as long as the other steps were completed.
  • Chirico must have 70+ kills by the end of the stage.

Tornado Pack (Stage 45)

Alto will automatically equip the Tornado Pack after emerging from the Vajra Nest in stage 45 if the secret's conditions are fulfilled, Armored Pack otherwise, either which will become usable in the intermission onwards.

  • After stage 33, choose the Celestial Being route.
  • In the middle of stage 34, you will be given an option on which Macross girl to let into Alto's cockpit: Ranka (ランカ) or Sheryl (シェリル).
  • At the beginning of stage 37, you will be given another option on which girl Alto asks to sing. Choose the same one as before.
  • Alto must have 70 kills before he enters the Vajra nest during stage 45.

SP Booster (Stage 49)

If Holland has 50 kills by the time he leaves the playable roster (stage 33), Holland will rejoin the player on Stage 49 with the SP Booster-equipped Terminus 303. Otherwise, the SP Booster will be destroyed, and he will rejoin the player with the basic Terminus 303.

Secret Items

Auto Repair Machine (Stage 13)

On stage 13, put Crow onto the square at the bottom right of the Radar station in the top right of the map (from top right of the map, 11 squares left and 9 down). Mail's father Cielo Beater (from SRW Z) will give you an Auto-Repair Machine part, granting 10% HP Regen. The Brasta does not need to land.

Super Repair Kit (Stage 30)

On stage 30, move Crow (Brasta) to the square Zenitori was (from bottom left, 13 squares right and 6 up.)

Yggdrasil Drive (Stage 33)

Obtained after Stage 33 「天を突く命」's if Suzaku has defeated 40 enemies. Will not be gotten if you use the Patrol sub-order to get the last kills necessary.

Super Alloy Z (Stage 41)

On stage 41, move Kouji to the Kabuto House (兜家, the middle one of the 3 houses surrounded by forest). You will receive the Super Alloy Z after a conversation with Inspector Ankokuji (暗黒寺)

Hero's Seal 「勇者の印」 (Stage 41)

By fulfilling conditions, a Hero's Seal will be awarded after Stage 41, "Marg's Life".


  • In stage 31, convince Marg with Takeru (GodMars), then defeat him with Takeru.
  • In stage 41, defeat Marg with Takeru (GodMars).
  • In Stage 41, you also have to have Takeru (GodMars) fight Roze/Rose, though he doesn't have to kill her. Skipping on his dialogue with her will prevent you from getting the seal.

Second Haro (Stage 48)

At the end of stage 48, if Lockon Stratos has acquired 70 kills or more, a Haro part will be awarded.


Allelujah's Awakening

In the first part of stage 48 "Daybreak's Bell", have Allelujah fight Soma Peries in the GN-X with neither unit getting destroyed. Allelujah will awaken, resulting in a superior Ace Bonus, changed Spirits, including Valour being upped to Soul for the same cost, and several lowering in cost significantly, and changes to Kyrios' Trans-AM attack. These benefits will dissapate once Soma is defeated, and/or the stage ends.

If these events do not occur, Allelujah will still be awakened on the second part of the stage, but there will be no notification of this occurring. The benefits will still disappear after the stage ends.

New Ace Bonus: +20% Accuracy, +20% Evade

New Spirit list: Focus 10SP, Guts 10SP, Accel 15SP, Sense 10SP, Faith 30SP, Soul 40SP

Different Enemy Pilot

On stage 48 "Daybreak's Bell", a GN-X piloted by the generic Union Pilot can be piloted by Joshua Edwards if you do not destroy him in stage 20. This cannot be done if you want to get the SR Point on stage 20.