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This is a list of the trophies for Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin III - PRIDE OF JUSTICE

タイトル Name Description
PRIDE OF JUSTICE Pride of Justice Acquire every trophy in the game.
南宗家の書庫 Minami Soza's Library Complete the Key Word Dictionary, CG Gallery, Music Player, and Scenario Chart.
ウェンディフル回転 Wendy's full revolution Fully upgrade at least 10 mechs belonging to the Antiras Squadron.
やり込み派 Wagered Faction Reach the ending of all three routes.
強化パーツ収集家 Reinforced Part Collector Collect 25 types of secret parts.
スキルの探求者 Skill Seeker Unlock all 51 pilot skills.
無双機神 Machine Warrior Shoot down 5 enemies with one mech in Possesion.
撃墜王誕生 Birth of the Shooting King Shoot down 100 enemies with one character.
一撃入魂! Fighting Spirit! Inflict more than 100,000 damage with one attack.
武器収集家 Weapons Collector Create 20 new weapons through weapon upgrade.
至高の癒し Supreme Healing Use a wide area repair device to repair 5 ally mechs at one time.
ラ・ギアスに疾る風 Winds of La Gias Have the Cybuster move more than 10 squares in one movement.
過去、思い出、そして明日へ Past, Memories, and Tomorrow Reach the ending of the Bagonia route.
トゥルー・プライド True Pride Reach the ending of the Langran route.
あなたがいるから Because you are here Reach the ending of the Shutedonias route.
惜しまず使おうポゼッション Possession to spare Have three different mech invoke Possession in one stage.
アンティラス隊再始動 Antiras Squad reborn Complete the Prologue.
休息の時 Time to rest View a shutdown skit by saving and quitting mid-battle.
一撃必殺! Ichigeki Hissatsu! Shoot down an enemy with a singe attack.
デモンタイプで問題ない!? No problem with the Demon type!?*1 Shoot down an enemy with one of Gaen's summoned Demons.
俺の後ろに立つな Don't stand behind me Shoot down an enemy attacking from behind you with a counterattack.
闘志を燃やして Fighting Spirit Ablaze Have an ally pilots will reach 50.
捉えられぬもの Something that cannot be caught Have Trace avoid 5 enemy attacks in a row.
ポゼッション、発動! Possession, Activate! Activate an Elemental Lord's Possession.
勇気を胸に Courage in your heart Have an ally pilot learn Courage as their sixth spirit command.
そうか、そんなに……か Okay, I get it... Shoot down Mudeka with Rosalie.
ステルスゲンちゃん Stealth-Gen Do not let Gennacy attack or be attacked even once in a single stage.
勘違いしないでよね! Don't get me wrong! Have Lemia shoot down an enemy by performing a Support Attack with Yang Long.
精霊の相性 Spirit Compatibility Shoot down an enemy with an ally mech that has an elemental advantage.
敵を食らい尽くす牙 Fangs that consume the enemy Have Fang shoot down 10 enemies in one stage.
修理お姉さん、大活躍 Big sister's repairs, complete Have Tytti use the repair command 5 times in one stage.
草萌えて 春の祭典 馨しく Kusagani Spring Festival Use Diablo’s “Spring Celebration” attack with the effects of “Cheer” and “Bless” applied.
財布ラッシュ!? Cyflash!?*2 Use Cybuster’s “Cyflash” attack with the effects of “Valor” and “Luck” applied.
な~んちゃって! Naaaanchatte! Hear Mio’s “Nanchatte” voice clip when using Zamzeed’s "Resonance Quake" attack.
双子のエース Twin Ace Have Nico and Rico shoot down an enemy with their combination attack.
いい刺激♪ Nice stimulation♪ Have Saphine take damage 3 times in one turn.
  • 1: In Japanese,デモンタイプで問題ない is pronounced Demontaipu de mondainai.
  • 2: In Japanese, 財布ラッシュ!?, which means "Wallet rush!?" is pronounced the same way as Cyflash.