Super Robot Wars/Masou Kishin III/Spirits

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English Japanese Target SP Description
Focus 集中 Self 10 Accuracy and evasion rates are increased by 30% for one full turn phase.
Sure Hit 必中 Self 12 Accuracy is increased to 100% for one full turn phase.
Attune 感応 One Ally 13 Accuracy is increased to 100% for one full turn phase.
Flash ひらめき Self 14 Guaranteed evasion against the next attack.
Intuition 直感 Self 15 Grants the effects of Sure Hit and Flash.
Hide 隠れ身 Self 15 The user cannot be attacked or counterattacked.
Fortitude 不屈 Self 16 The next time damage is taken, it will be reduced to 10.
Iron Wall 鉄壁 Self 40 The unit's Armor stat is tripled for one full turn phase.
Accelerate 加速 Self 6 The unit's movement range is increased by 3 the next time it moves.
Breakthrough 突破 Self 10 Until the next turn, ignores Zone of Control.
Mercy 手加減 Self 4 If your next attack would have destroyed the enemy unit, its HP will be reduced to 10, instead. Only works if the attacker's Level is higher than the defender's.
Snipe 狙撃 Self 12 +2 to weapons range except for MAP and weapons with 1 range.
Assault 突撃 Self 24 All of the unit's weapons are enabled for post-movement use on your next move. Does not apply to Map weapons.
Hot Blood 熱血 Self 36 Next attack deals 2x damage.
Soul Self 48 Next attack deals 2.5x damage.
Support 後援 One Ally 22 Doubles the amount of PP gained for the next battle.
Cheer 応援 One Ally 24 Doubles the amount of experience gained for the next battle.
Bless 祝福 One Ally 26 Doubles the amount of money gained for the next battle.
Luck 幸運 Self 30 Doubles the amount of experience and money gained for the next battle.
Yell 気合 Self 20 Increases Will by 10.
Exhaust 脱力 One Enemy 25 Reduces one enemy's Will by 10.
Encourage 激励 One Ally 45 Increases an ally's Will by 10.
Courage 勇気 Self 55 Grants the effects of Hot Blood, Sure Hit, Accelerate, Yell, and Fortitude.
Intense Training 練功 One Ally 34 Restores half of one ally's Prana.
Resupply 補給 One Ally 36 Fully restores one unit's MG and ammo, but the target pilot loses 10 Will.
Trust 信頼 One Ally 17 Restores 30% of one allied unit's HP.
Friendship 友情 One Ally 23 Fully restores one allied unit's HP.
Guts 根性 Self 10 Restores 30% of the unit's HP.
Super Guts ド根性 Self 18 Fully restores the unit's HP.
Love All Allies 60 Fully restores the HP of all allied units.