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Upgrade Carryover

Former Mech Carries over to
Gundam Stamen (Dendrobium) Neue Ziel OR Gerbera Tetra OR Val Varo (secret units)
ZZ Gundam Doben Wolf OR Geymalk (secret units)
Quebeley Mk.2 Haman`s Quebeley OR Queen Mantha OR Mass Produced Quebeleys (secret units)
Nu Gundam Hi-Nu Gundam (secret unit)
Strike Gundam Strike Rouge, Freedom Gundam, Buster Gundam
Freedom Gundam Justice Gundam
Buster Gundam Duel Gundam (secret unit)
Moebius Zero Skygraspers (both units)
Mazinger Z Mazinkaiser
Getter Robo G Shin Getter
Gaogaigar (Gaofighgar) Genesic Gaogaigar & J-Ark
VF-17 Nightmare (three units) VF-19 Excalibur (secret units)
Battle 7 VF-22S Sturmvogel II (both units)
R-Blade Custom SRX Banpreios
Vegalion Altairlion (Selena route only)
Wildfalken Wildwurger (Cobray route only)
Mass Production Nu Gundam (Cobray's) Werkbau (Cobray route only)


In all those cases (except Cobray's Nu Gundam) you get to keep the former machine(s).

Mass Produced Quebeleys` upgrades carry over directly from each Quebeley Mk.2 (there are two of them). Same with Nightmare and Excalibur VFs.

In some routes you get Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter-1 before Mazinger Z and Getter Dragon, in this case upgrades carry over from Kaiser and Shin to Z and Dragon.

There are units who share upgrades between them (so when you upgrade one another automatically upgrades too), Dragon Sisters and Dragon Brothers from Gaogaigar.