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Quattro, Roberto and Apolly

Note: You only need to convince Char on one scenario. Also, you will get one additional Rick Dias as an added bonus.

  • 1) On scenario 1 (Dark Clouds) or on scenario 4 (Reef Airspace), convince Char with Amuro.
  • 2) On scenario 18 (Into Space), they will join you.

Kayra Su, Sayla Mass and Re-GZ

Note: If you don't meet those requirements, Sayla Mass will leave your team on scenario 18 (Into Space)

  • 1) Amuro must not convince Char On scenario 1 (Dark Clouds) or on scenario 4 (Reef Airspace).
  • 2) On scenario 18 (Into Space), Kayra Su will join you with the Re-GZ. Also, Sayla Mass will not leave your team.

Katz and G-Defensor

  • 1) Amuro must not convince Char On scenario 1 (Dark Clouds) or on scenario 4 (Reef Airspace).
  • 2) On scenario 3 (G3) of any route, have Amuro convince Emma.
  • 3) Have Emma join you on scenario 5 (Von Braun) or scenario 6 (Atmospheric Entry).
  • 4) He will join you on turn 3 in scenario 19 (In the Middle of Silence).

Emma and Gundam Mk-II

Note: Emma will not join you if you choose to return to Earth after fighting the DC.

  • 1) On scenario 3 (G3) of any route, have Amuro convince Emma.
  • 2) On scenario 5 (Von Braun) Emma will automatically join you, but on scenario 6 (Atmospheric Entry), you need to convince her with Amuro or Kamille.

Keith and Guncannon

Note: If you don't get Keith you will still be able to use him on scenario 10 (Land of Hot Sands), but he will not join you.

  • Keith will automatically join you on scenario 8 (Gundam Pillage).

Nemo and Z'Gok-E

  • You will automatically get those suits if you complete scenario 10 (Land of Hot Sands).


  • If you take the scenario 8 (Gundam Pillage) route, you will automatically get the GP01, but if you take the scenario 10 (Land of Hot Sands) route, you will need to wait for the medea to appear before finishing the scenario and then protect it until the end of the scenario.

Dijeh SE-R

  • On scenario 12 (Seaside Panic), you must wait for Four to show up in it before finishing the scenario, you will get the Dijeh SE-R after the scenario.

Bernie and Zaku II

  • 1) On scenario 18 (Into Space), have Chris attack Bernie.
  • 2) Do not finish the scenario 19 (In the Middle of Silence) before Bernie arrives as enemy reinforcements. Then, have Chris convince Bernie.


  • You must go to Luna Two after the scenario 20 (Suspicion), otherwise, she will betray you on scenario 40 (The Shadow of Brocken).


  • You will automatically get this suit on scenario 22 (Pursuit Battle).

Gelgoog M

  • You will automatically get the Gelgoog M on scenario 24 (Fierce Battle at Side 1).

Saving Gato

Note: Gato will not join you, he only helps you in one scenario.

  • On scenario 24 (Fierce Battle at Side 1), if you protect Gato from the DC until he manages to flee from the battlefield, Gato will come back in scenario 29 (The Nightmare of Solomon) to nuke the DC forces.


  • You will automatically get the Jegan on scenario 25 (Fierce Battle at Side 1).


  • On scenario 27 (Shangri-La), move Amuro to the building one square north-east of the rightmost bridge and Quess will join you.


Note: You can only convince Four on scenario 47B (La Vie en Rose) if your turn count is lower than 350.

  • On scenario 32 (Terror! Mobile Big Zam) or scenario 47B (La Vie en Rose), have Kamille convince Four. Then, destroy the Psyco Gundam.

Sleggar's heroic sacrifice

Note: By doing this, you will lose Sleggar, but not his mobile suit.

  • On scenario 32 (Terror! Mobile Big Zam), if you deploy Sleggar and keep him alive until the Big Zam shows up as enemy reinforcements, he will charge the Big Zam and self-destruct, killing the Big Zam in one hit, but Sleggar will die in the process. Warning: The game will freeze if you deployed Sleggar in the Re-GZ.

Ryune and Valsione

  • On scenario 33 (Ryuune, and Valsione), protect Ryune until the DC forces have been completely eliminated. Afterwards, an event will trigger and Ryune will start attacking your units. Defeat her and she will join you after the scenario.

Kochouki and Mecha Kochouki

  • On scenario 34 (Storm of Januro), have any Getter pilot convince her twice.

God Voice

  • Complete scenario 37 (Bermuda Triangle) and Raideen will get this new attack.

Cecily and Vigna Ghina

  • On scenario 42 (Matilda Rescue Operation), have Seabook convince Cecily.


  • On scenario 43 (Sister!), have Duke convince Maria.

Puru and Quebeley Mk-II

  • On scenario 43 (Sister!), do not finish the scenario before Puru appears. Then, have Judau convince Puru.

Puru 2 and Jagd Doga

Note: When you convince Puru 2, she will join you with the Psyco Gundam Mk-II, but you will lose the Psyco Gundam Mk-II after the scenario.

  • 1) On scenario 43 (Sister!), have Judau convince Puru.
  • 2) On scenario 46 (Puru and Puru Two), have Puru attack Puru 2, then have Judau convince her, and then have Puru convince her.


  • On scenario 44 (In Extreme Sorrow), attack Naida with Duke, then convince her with Duke before you kill Ashura. Naida will then join as a NPC unit. Protect her until the end of the scenario and you will recieve the Sazabi after the scenario.

Gato and Neue Ziel

  • Gato will join you automatically on scenario 48B (Moonlight).

Chara Soon and Geymalk

  • On scenario 49 (Space Swirl), have Judau convince Chara Soon before you kill Illia.