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Age: 1313 years.
Class: Demon (Prince, Overlord)
Japanese Voice Actor: Kaori Mizuhashi
English Voice Actor: Barbara Goodson

Laharl is the main character of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and is the son of King Krichevskoy. However, after awakening from a two year slumber, he discovers that his father is dead and almost all of his vassals are gone (most of them are, in fact, trying to take Laharl's place, rather than trying to serve him). As the rightful heir to the throne, Laharl sets out to take back the throne and proclaim himself as the true Overlord of the Netherworld.

Laharl is incredibly arrogant and always tries to prove that he is the strongest demon in the Netherworld. He does, however, possess incredible power for his appearance, which, despite his age, is still that of a small human child (his large hair antennae and billowing scarf are meant to mask this fact). Unfortunately, he has a weakness (as in, he literally gets hurt by) towards optimistic sayings (especially anything concerning the word 'love') and women with sexy bodies. Even after Laharl is crowned the new Overlord half way through the game, he is still referred to as "Prince" by Etna and all those who still remain in the Overlord's Castle.


Age: 1470 years
Class: Demon (Vassal in Disgaea/Beauty Queen in Disgaea 2)
Japanese Voice Actor: Tomoe Hanba
English Voice Actor: Amanda Winn Lee (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness), Michelle Ruff (Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and the Disgaea anime)

Etna is one of the few vassals who remain in the Overlord's Castle after King Krichevskoy's death. In the beginning, she attempts to wake up Laharl when they meet through 'unique' methods (from drills and morning stars to gatling guns, swords and jackhammers). From then on, Etna becomes Laharl's closest vassal, though not necessarily most trustworthy vassal, aiding him in his rise to power. She is the only vassal from Laharl's original servants who goes out on the battlefield for him (with an exception in one battle during the episode "Laharl's Challenge" where several vassals who were planning to defeat Laharl to become the overlord actually come to his aid to save him from very powerful enemy who claims to be an overlord from an "alternate netherworld" and who also claims to have fought with Laharl's father.).

Etna acts carefree, but is also very devious. Often it is hard to tell for whom she really is working. She holds deep respect and loyalty towards King Krichevskoy, Laharl's father. Etna is often known for ending an episode with an odd "preview" to the next episode, all of which have her in the starring role. Often these previews parody famous TV shows.

In all but the 'Flonne Tragedy' and 'Good' ending, Laharl gives up his position as Overlord to Etna. In one ending, she even murders Laharl and Flonne to get the throne.

In the PSP port of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, there is an alternate mode in the game called Etna Mode. In this mode, rather than awakening Laharl, Etna accidentally kills him and sets out to become Beauty Queen Ultimate Overlord Etna.


Age: 1509 years
Class: Angel (Angel Trainee)/ Fallen Angel
Nickname: Love Freak
Japanese Voice Actor: Yuko Sasamoto
English Voice Actor: Sandy Fox

Flonne is an Angel Trainee who hails from the land of Celestia, where the Angels reside, sent on a mission to the Netherworld by Seraph Lamington to assassinate Overlord Krichevskoy. Some time after her arrival, however, she comes to find that King Krichevskoy has been dead for over two years.

Flonne is the most innocent and naive of the three main characters in Disgaea, with traits of both an otaku (she loves the tokusatsu genre, and has a costume that resembles a purple godzilla) and a ditz. She is deeply devoted to both Seraph Lamington and to the concept of 'love' and wishes to spread the latter to others, earning the title 'Love Freak' from Laharl. She, perturbed by Laharl's rejection of everything to do with love, decides to change her mission to follow him and observe if demons truly are incapable of it.


Age: Unknown
Class: Mid Boss (Aristocrat/Baron)
Nickname(s): Dark Adonis (Beauty Danshaku. Lit. Count of Beauty), Mid Boss (given by Laharl)
English Voice Actor: Grant George
Japanese Voice Actor: Chihiro Suzuki

It is unknown where he came from, but the demon known as Vyers was the recent leader in the battle for the throne until Laharl awakened from his slumber. Vyers often refers to himself as the Dark Adonis; however, Laharl, deeming Vyers unworthy of any real title, brands him with the name 'Mid Boss', which sticks for the rest of the game.

Speaking in a cultured tone seasoned with French, Mid Boss is very conceited and confident in his own abilities. However, whenever he is about to lose, he either comes up with an excuse or leaves battle wrapped in bandages. Because he lost to Laharl, Mid Boss sees Laharl as a rival even though Laharl doesn't even see anything in Mid Boss. Oddly enough, he isn't above helping his rivals either.

Mid Boss is also something of an actor. Even for the player it's usually hard to tell when he's playing a role and when he's being himself. There's a great deal more to him than meets the eye. He is also good at heart, as proved when he held Flonne's necklace(which harms the wicked) with impunity.

Captain Gordon

Age: 35 years
Class: Human (37th Defender of Earth)
English Voice Actor: Michael McConnohie
Japanese Voice Actor: Chihiro Suzuki

The 37th among a long line of heroes, Captain Gordon is sent to the Netherworld under orders from the Earth Defense Force to defeat the Overlord of the Netherworld and to prevent a possible invasion. Along with his sidekick Jennifer and the All-Purpose Robot Thursday, Gordon rushes headlong into the Netherworld to protect the Earth once again.

Gordon has a great sense of justice, but is dim-witted (Etna once remarks that he looks "About as smart as a rock"). He is also blind to the true intentions of others, and never realizes when he's being tricked until it's too late. However, his sense of justice constantly motivates him even in the darkest hours. Gordon is a parody of space heroes such as Flash Gordon).


Age: 27 years
Class: Human (Sidekick)

With every hero comes a sidekick that makes up for the hero's flaws. Jennifer fulfills the role as Captain Gordon's beautiful sidekick. She accompanies Gordon on his mission to defeat the Overlord and prevent his alleged invasion of Earth.

Jennifer is a rather sexy woman (much to Laharl's dismay) and often jokes around in a very flirtatious manner. In the anime her breasts would always be bouncing up and down. She was also afraid of the Netherworld once, thinking that demons were nothing but monsters that would hurt innocent people, especially women and children, until she saw the child-like appearances of Laharl and Etna. Despite her appearance, however, her intelligence and technical knowledge surpasses most scientists. In fact, she was the one who created the All-Purpose Robot Thursday at the age five and even earned her Ph. D at the age of ten. Of all the characters in the game, she is the one who supports Gordon the most.


Creation: 22 (Built by Jennifer at the age of 5)
Class: Super Robot
English Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook

Since being built by Jennifer at the age of 5, Thursday the All Purpose Robot has always been by her side. Working together with both her and Gordon, he has become a powerful force on their team. When Gordon is sent out to defeat the Overlord, Thursday willingly joins his struggle.

Despite being a robot, Thursday seems to have a heart. Even if he is severely damaged and on the verge breaking down, Thursday continues to fight alongside Gordon and bring about justice. He also seems to be very calm when dealing with various obstacles and can be very sarcastic at times. Thursday usually begins or ends his sentences with 'blip beep'. His name is likely a pun on 'man Friday', from Robinson Crusoe, due to their multi-purpose roles.


Age: 29 years (at time of death)
Class: Human (Rival), Prinny (Rival/Defender of Earth)
Voice Actor: Jamieson Price

Kurtis, Defender of Earth

Another human from Earth, Kurtis works under General Carter and the Earth Defense Force like Gordon. However, he views himself as more worthy of the title of Defender of Earth than Gordon. Although it may be coincidence, he has facial features(most notably his pointed nose)in common with Don Joaquin, the original defender of earth, suggesting a sort of ancestral pride that may fuel his desire to be the defender.

Kurtis suffered a traumatic experience which cost him over 70% of his body in addition to his wife and daughter. Because of this, Kurtis became a cyborg and began to resent Gordon, taking several of his missons. Kurtis is also a brilliant scientist, whose intelligence and technical knowledge rival Jennifer's. However, Kurtis conducts much more fearful research in comparison to hers. He also tends to be rather sarcastic, especially to Gordon.

Prinny Kurtis

Kurtis becomes a prinny after sacrificing himself. As a prinny, he becomes green to match his previous hair color, and stores some of his old cyber parts in his pouch, allowing him to use most of his abilities. His face shows more emotion than a regular prinny. His eyes are given an angry expression while his beak is slightly longer, also showing anger. At the end of Disgaea, he was shown to pass on at the Red Moon, allowing his soul to be reborn.

Seraph Lamington

Age: 9147
Class: Angel (Seraph)
Japanese Voice Actor: Majima Junji
English Voice Actor: Jamieson Price

Seraph Lamington is the leader of Celestia, the world of the angels. He seems to be the polar opposite of Overlord Laharl as he acts much more mature and calm. He never raises his voice, and never harbors any vindictive thoughts or emotions, accepting yelling and threats stoically.

While others think that his somewhat emotionless attitude makes him oblivious to his surroundings, Lamington is far from it. Even if one is performing dastardly deeds, he is well aware of it and allows fate to hand over punishments. As the most powerful angel in Celestia, Seraph Lamington has many unique powers, one of which allows him to turn even the most powerful beings into a harmless flower.

Archangel Vulcanus

Age: 3649
Class: Angel (Archangel)
English Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook

Unlike Flonne, Vulcanus is a full-fledged angel of Celestia (whereas Flonne is a trainee), and extremely high in rank. He is an archangel, who serves Seraph Lamington as the second-in-command. However, unlike Flonne and Lamington, his ideals and methods are much more extreme. His hot temper contrasts Lamington's stoic nature, often calling Lamington's name and scolding him for letting things go. He holds demons in contempt and believes that humans are too stupid to live without the guidance of angels. He believes that angels are the only source of good as opposed to Flonne's ideals that every being has love in their hearts. Despite being an angel, Vulcanus isn't above getting dirty. In fact, Vulcanus can and will go to the level of demons and lie, cheat, and eliminate anything (demon or not) that may interfere with his goals. In the end, he confronts Lamington, and his deceptions are revealed. He is transformed into a flower as punishment for his sins (he is later seen in the credits taking lessons about love from Flonne which implies he was changed back.) In the anime, his punishment is to be turned into a frog for 1000 years.

General Carter

Age: Unknown
Class: Human English Voice Actor: Bob Papenbrook

General Carter is the adoptive father of Jennifer and the acting leader of Earth. Under the guidance of Archangel Vulcanus, he sends Gordon, Jennifer, and Thursday to act as a beacon for the Earth forces to invade the Netherworld for colonization. After the invasion fails, he flees back to Earth. He later is shown to take classes about love from Flonne.

In an alternate situation, Laharl invades Earth in the hope of taking it over. Carter transforms into "Astro Carter" to battle him and his cohorts. He is then killed by Laharl who proceeds to take over the Earth.

Big Sis Prinny

Age: Unknown
Class: Prinny

This prinny is a sort of mother-figure to the other prinnies, set apart from the others by her pink color and the absence of the word 'dood' when she speaks. At a later point in Disgaea, she is revealed to be Laharl's mother, who was turned into a Prinny for the highest sin—suicide, though it was to save another's life.


Originally, Maderas was a vassal for King Krichevskoy, only to be exiled after stealing Krichevskoy's black pretzels. Maderas is one of the many demons competing for the throne. His biggest edge is that he stole Etna's memories, dangling the promise of their return over her head so she would work for him. Using Etna, he arranged Laharl's initial poisoning. After the poison failed, he designed a plan to kill Laharl by exploiting his weaknesses, which involved using his demon henchman to either yell out highly optimistic things, (I.E. Eternal love, world peace,) or bring out Succubi and their attractive bodies. Laharl is susceptible to both, it even affecting his strength in-game. Though this fails, and he is defeated by him later on. After being spared by Etna, he decides to work under her as her vassal.

In an alternative situation, if the player had killed one hundred allies before beating Maderas, Etna can choose to kill him. If she chooses not to, the typical sequence is initiated. If Etna does kill Maderas, Flonne would try to stop Etna, Etna easily distracts Flonne and kills Flonne. Later, she starts to plan to also kill Laharl and becoming the Heroine, after that the game ends with Etna as the "Demon Lord" or "Beauty Queen".


Hoggmeiser is the former vassal of the late King Krichevskoy. Upon Krichevskoy's death, Hoggmeiser stole huge amounts of treasure from the Overlord's castle, and built his own mansion with that fortune. Laharl and his group meet Hoggmeiser when Laharl decides to rob "the richest demon around." After numerous battles in Hoggmeiser's mansion, Hoggmeiser's own son puts himself between Laharl and Hoggmeiser. Laharl decides not to kill Hoggmeiser, and, touched by Laharl's kindness, Hoggmeiser joins his group without the player's consent.

In an alternative situation, if the player had killed fifty allies before beating the Lavish Hall in Episode 3, Laharl will be able to choose to kill Hoggmeiser. If he chooses not to, the typical sequence with Hoggmeiser's son is initiated. If he does choose to kill Hoggmeiser, Flonne then attempts to stop Laharl, and the game ends, with it heavily implied that Laharl killed Flonne.

The Prism Rangers

The Prism Rangers are a parody of the super sentai genre, and are one of the many who answered Laharl's challenge on his path to becoming overlord. Though they call themselves the Prism Rangers, they only have three of the seven colors in Disgaea, and five of the seven in the second game. In the first game, Flonne asks them how why they only had 3 colors where the Red Prism Ranger replied "Isn't it obvious? We don't have any friends!" since they barely have enough colors to be part of a rainbow, and the rangers also mention that by taking the role of a hero, they must live a lonely existence without friends.


Aramis is a resident child in Laharl's kingdom whom Etna manipulates to make Laharl prove himself worthy of ruling. He owns many pet zombies. His favorite among them is a special combination of many parts, which, inexplicably, instills fear in Laharl. After the ordeal, Aramis enters service as Laharl's vassal.


Plenair is not playable, but is a well-known character in spite of this fact. She is simply the character you must speak to in order to summon a session of the Dark Assembly.

Demon Overlord: Priere

Priere is the main character of of La Pucelle: Tactics, who makes appearances in the Disgaea series as well. She's a human who ascended(or descended, depending on how you look at it) to become a Demon Overlord. Priere is from an alternate world than Gordon or Adell (her world is the same world the Marl Kingdom games took place in), with its own Netherworld.

Her name is spelled Prier(French for "to pray") in La Pucelle, but as Priere("prayer") in Disgaea.

La Pucelle: Tactics

A sixteen-year-old apprentice Demon Hunter. Priere's heart is in the right place, but she's also impatient, selfish, and has a short and explosive temper. Priere usually carries a baton, but more often uses her muscular legs in combat (she can knock down a thick lead door in one kick). She has a younger brother, named Culotte, whom she cares for very much, even though she bosses him around a lot.

In La Pucelle, the player can see a hidden "fake" ending by traveling to the deepest depths of the Dark World and defeat the Demon Overlord... Priere ends up becoming the new Overlord herself! Her Disgaea appearances follow up from this ending.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

In Disgaea, Priere is the Overlord of an Alternate Netherworld, Fighting through the Alternate Netherworld and defeating Prier in battle makes her join the player's army.


Marjoly is the antagonist of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, and like Priere, appears as a bonus boss in the Disgaea games. She comes from the same world as Priere, but from a much farther time.

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

The most beautiful witch in the world (self proclaimed). A very sexy witch with powerful magic. Due to her clumsiness, she isn't your typical psychotic megalomaniac bent on ruling the world. In the game, she invades the Marl Kingdom's capital of Mothergreen after a member of the royal family supposedly assaulted one of her minions. She falls in love with Prince Ferdinand Marl E, the person she was looking for, but accidentally turned him to stone. A girl named Cornet faced Marjoly and her servants to rescue him.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Marjoly is accessible in a hidden stage titled Beauty Castle (here, Etna makes a few crude comments on her attire and excessive amount of makeup). Defeating Marjoly in this stage makes her a playable character.


Baal is a legendary Overlord that was sealed by King Krichevskoy a number of years before the start of the storyline of Disgaea, resulting in Krichevskoy becoming fatally weakened. He was later killed by Laharl after being released from his seal. Baal is a recurring boss in Nippon Ichi games.