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Continuous Targeting Penalty

When a unit is continuously attacked by enemy units on their phase, its dodge rate will decay at a rate of 5% per encounter. This penalty caps out at 200% and resets at the end of the phase or when the unit gets hit. This penalty applies to both enemy and allied units. (i.e. on your phase, continuously targeting the same enemy will make their dodge rate decay. On the enemy's phase, continuous attacks on the same unit by the enemy will cause that unit's dodge rate to decay.) Only Quattro Bajeena with his Ace Bonus and Tetsujin #28 are immune to this penalty.

Placement Bonus/Penalty

When a unit is surrounded on 2 sides by enemies, it will receive a 5% increase in damage taken. When surrounded on all 4 sides, it will receive a 10% increase in damage taken. This modifier applies to both enemy and allied units. Only Tetsujin #28 is immune to this penalty.

Ikaruga's captain (Ikaruga)

The mothership Ikaruga will normally have Zero as its captain. If, however, you deploy Zero in his personal mech Shinkirou, sub-pilot Ougi will take over as captain.

Song System (Nekki Basara)

Basara has in lieu of attacks a list of songs that he plays during combat which provides certain buffs/effects to the target(s).

Song Energy is unique to Basara, maxing out at 45000.

  • For every 2 points in Basara's "Song Soul" stat, Basara will start with 100 more Sound Energy.
  • At the start of every turn, Basara gains 2000 Song Energy.
  • For every point of morale Basara gains, he gains 100 Song Energy.
  • For every single target song Basara plays, he gains 5500 Song Energy. This is offset by the song's cost.
  • For every MAP song Basara plays, he gains 500 Song Energy. This is offset by the song's cost.
  • The damage and effects of Basara's songs improve with every 5000 Song Energy increment.

  • Planet Dance: Restores HP. Maxes out at 5500 Healing base.
  • Totsugeki Love Heart: Raises morale. Maxes out at 15 morale base.
  • My Friends: Restores SP. Maxes out at 15 SP base.
  • Try Again: Boosts all stats, with Hit/Evasion/Defense being boosted by double the amount. Lasts for the entire duration of the map, but multiple applications do not stack (a stronger Try Again will always override the weaker one). Maxes out at 15 Melee|Ranged|Skill, and 30 Evade|Defense|Hit base.
  • Dynamite Explosion: Gives the effect of Cheer and Bless to the target(s). Also gives Accel and Alert at higher Song Energy levels. Also gives Hot Blood if Basara casts it beforehand.

While normally useless against most enemies, Basara's songs do have effects against the Vajra and DAMONs in particular. Against both, Basara's songs will lower morale. When a Vajra unit's morale falls below 120, they "retreat" but it counts as a kill. Vajra "killed" in this fashion will still give EXP, PP and kill counts. PP gained in this way are 2x the normal amount. Against DAMONs, Basara's songs have the additional effect of actually damaging them, meaning you CAN kill them with songs. The morale lowering aspect of Basara's songs maxes out at -10 morale base per song.

  • Using Hot Blood before singing doubles the effects (both the buffing aspect and damaging/morale lowering aspects) of the song.

Satellite System (Gundam X, Gundam DX, Gundam DX+G-Falcon)

The Satellite Cannon is only usable on stages where the moon is visible (you can see if the moon is visible or not by opening the command menu). It charges for one shot every third turn, starting from turn 4. It does not get additional ammo if it wasn't fired when another charge should have been completed. Gundam DX+G-Falcon charges for two shots at once. Both regular and MAP version of attacks share the same ammo pool.

Element System (Aquarion)

When the main pilot's morale reaches 130, it aligns the stats of all pilots with the highest values of all amongst them. For example, if Pilot A's Melee stat is lower than Pilot B's, Pilot A's Melee is raised to match Pilot B's, and vice versa. The shared stat will not be used as the base for boosts such as Try Again or Zero's Commands, as they will only modify the base stats of the current pilot.

Zero System (Wing Zero, Epyon)

Wing Gundam Zero's Zero System increases the pilot's stats gradually as the pilot's morale/will increases. It activates at 130 morale/will (or 110 with Heero's Ace Bonus). Fully upgrading Wing Zero also improves the effects of Zero System.

The following table illustrates the morale to stat gain ratio (numbers in parenthesis show stat boosts after FUB)

Morale/Will Melee, Ranged Skill Defense, Dodge, Hit
110 +2 (+4) +5 (+10) +3 (+6)
115 +3 (+5) +7 (+12) +5 (+8)
120 +4 (+6) +10 (+15) +6 (+9)
125 +5 (+7) +12 (+17) +8 (+11)
130 +6 (+8) +15 (+20) +10 (+13)
135 +7 (+9) +17 (+22) +11 (+14)
140 +8 (+10) +20 (+25) +13 (+16)
145 +9 (+11) +22 (+27) +15 (+18)
150 +10 (+12) +25 (+30) +16 (+19)
155 +11 (+13) +27 (+32) +18 (+21)
160 +12 (+14) +30 (+35) +20 (+23)
165 +13 (+15) +32 (+37) +21 (+24)
170 +14 (+16) +35 (+40) +23 (+26)

Overskill (Overmen)

When the Overman pilot's morale reaches 130, if the pilot has the Oversense skill at the required level, their Overman's unique Overskill activates.

Unit Name Oversense Lvl Required Effect
King Gainer L4 Unit's Movement range increases by 1, mobility and accuracy are raised by 10 + pilot's Oversense level x2. Additionally, 30% chance of Afterimage effect.
King Gainer L4 Improved version gained when you FUB King Gainer. Movement range increases by 2 & 50% chance of Afterimage effect. The other effect stays the same.
Emperanza L3 Spirit command "Accelerate" used every turn. Additionally, damage reduction of Photon Mat is increased by 200.
Dominator L4 Mobility is raised by 10 + pilot's Oversense level x2. Additionally, 50% chance of Afterimage effect.