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Tasuku Shinguji is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series, voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi. In Original Generation canon, he pilots the Giganscudo Duro.


Tasuku appears in the following games:

  • Super Robot Wars Alpha - Selectable protagonist, with own unique storyline, or secondary character, if selected as such by the player
  • Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation - Playable character
  • Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 - Playable character
  • Super Robot Wars Original Generations - Playable character
  • Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden - Playable character

Tasuku also appears in the animated Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars.

Theme Music

  • Vanishing Trooper - Used when piloting the Huckebein MK II in Alpha
  • Ace Attacker - Used when piloting the Huckebein MK III in Alpha
  • Koutetsu no Cockpit (The Steel Cockpit) - Used when piloting the Grungust Type-2 in Alpha
  • Ware ni Teki Nashi (None Can Oppose Me) - Used when piloting the RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh in Alpha
  • Gan-Gan-Gigan - Default theme in Original Generation Gaiden

Personality And Traits

A happy-go-lucky kind of person, 18-year-old Tasuku Shinguji is always ready to test his combat abilities, while throwing in a joke, without hesitation, if asked. He has quite the eye for the female cast members -- an incurable flirt, so to speak. His habits are not in the least curbed, even after taking Leona Garstein as his girlfriend. Tasuku is known to even flirt with female enemy pilots in the middle of battle (in fact, when Leona was working under the Divine Crusaders, he refers to her as "that cool hottie"). Underneath this guise, though, Tasuku is a skilled mechanic, having personally transformed Leona's Guarlion Custom into the new Siegerlion, as well as upgrading the Giganscudo into the Giganscudo Duro. He doesn't shy away from performing feats of bravery when needed, such as piloting the Giganscudo and taking the full force of Sanger Zonvolt's Colossal Blade, while defending the Hiryu Custom.

A running gag in the canonical storyline is that Tasuku is not the most physically fit person. His condition is described either as "having the constitution of a wet noodle" (low stamina) to "always tripping up on his own feet" (clumsiness), which is ironic due to the Giganscudo's remarkable defense. Also, Tasuku seems to be at the submitting end in his relationship to Leona, as evidenced by her constant threats of torture and pain, usually due to his flirting.

As an alternate protagonist from Super Robot Wars Alpha, Tasuku is a Psychodriver. While he is not given any specific Psychodriver-related equipment for his mechs, he is capable of piloting units equipped with T-Link weaponry, which non-Psychodrivers are unable to use. Tasuku can also regularly sense when things are out of balance or unexpected events are about to occur, another Psychodriver trait.


Tasuku Shinguiji appears as a mechanic onboard the Hiryu Custom battleship. Originally, he intended to become a pilot, but because he failed the physical examination, he was demoted and placed in a regular mechanic's position. When the Divine Crusaders War breaks out, the United Colony Corps attacks the nearby Hiryu Custom, on orders from Maier von Branstein. When Sanger Zonvolt attacks the ship, Tasuku hijacks the hidden Giganscudo inside the ship, in order to stop Sanger. After this, he is appointed the primary pilot of the Giganscudo, and assigned to Katina Tarask's Octo Squad, mainly because there weren't enough pilots onboard, but also because Tasuku wanted to use the Giganscudo to fulfill its purpose to protect people, unlike how it was abused during the Hope Incident. Tasuku utilizes the Giganscudo for the rest of the Divine Crusaders War and the L5 Campaign.

In the animated Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars, Tasuku starts out as a member of Katina Tarask's Octo Squad, piloting a standard Gespenst MK II.

In Original Generation 2, Tasuku, upon being given parts for the Giganscudo's upgrade by Dr. Marion Radom, he immediately works to roll out the new Giganscudo Duro. The new machine is completed just in time, as the Neo Divine Crusaders declare war on the Earth Federation government. Tasuku participates in the second Divine Crusaders War, and fight the Shadow-Mirror, Inspectors and the Einst.