Energy Bomb Ganbaruger

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Energy Bomb Ganbaruger
Other Names Ganbaruger
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 47
Original Airing Date/Release April 1, 1992 - February 24, 1993
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Neo


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Super Robot Wars Appearances

Energy Bomb Ganbaruger's story and/or units have appeared in the following series:

Character Appearances

Unit Appearances

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
元気爆発ガンバルガー Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger Energy Bomb Ganbaruger
ガンバルガー・ミラクル合体 Ganbaruger Miracle Gattai Ganbaruger Miracle Combination
ガンバルガー必殺技 Ganbaruger Hissatsuwaza Ganbaruger Sure-Killing Technique